The Chamber of Secrets

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The Chamber of Secrets

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Walkthrough written by: Elwa
For: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Platform: Playstation2

CS=Cut scene
TB=Treasure box
FWAWC=Famous witch and wizard card


1 Getting Started
2 Walkthrough the Burrow
3 Knockturn Alley
4 Diagon Alley
5 The Whomping Willow
6 Hogwarts First Night
7 Hogwarts First Day
8 Hogwarts Second Night
9 Hogwarts Second Day
10 Hogwarts Third Night
11 Hogwarts Third day
12 Hogwarts Forth Night
13 Hogwarts Forth Day
14 Hogwarts Fifth Night
15 Hogwarts Fifth Day
16 Hogwarts Sixth Night
17 Mini Games
18 Spells
19 FAQ
10 Side Quests

1 Getting started

Harry Potter is a great game for the PS2. The aim of it is to complete multiple
tasks and challenges. This FAQ will take you right the way through it, and have
info on to do those tasks and challenges and other things to.

NOTE: This FAQ contains loads of spoilers!

2 Walkthrough

The Burrow

You start at a cut scene where the car lands at the burrow (the name of the
House) and Mrs Weasly starts talking to the kids (Harry, Ron, Fred & George)to
tell them to de-gnome the garden. When the cut scene ends you end up in a
garden. Look around for a glass jar lock it on with R1, fully charge you're
Flipendo and smash it. Another cut scene will follow you will have to go in the
barn. Yet another cut scene will follow and after you will have to look up and
lock-on the gnomes. Once you've done that charge your Flipendo and hit them of
the balcony.

Boss: The Washing Machine

This is so simple to defeat. Lock-on and keep moving around and when the door's
open cast an uncharged flipendo. Keep doing this until it is defeated.

Boss: Gnomes

Cast an uncharged Flipendo at the gnome then pick it up using x. Press x again
to swing it around and let go of x when the arrow is on green.

NOTE: If you swing around and hit the targets the scarecrow and the haystack
You will get a FWAWC. Also if you beat Fred's score 125 then you will also get a

3 Knockturn Alley

First you appear in a shop called Borgin & Burkes. Search the cupboards and
shelves for items then go in the black door and a CS will follow. After it you
will have to go and get the book as shown in the CS. The hand will attack you if
you start running near it so creep by half tilting the left analogue stick only
very slightly. Once you have found it equip Lumos and go through to the back of
the cupboard where the CS was. Use Lumos in the dark area to reveal a secret
passage. Push it and go through it.

Boss: Imp

Lock-on the Imp and cast an uncharged Flipendo at it. Look out for the Vases.

Climb up the wall by running against it then more Imps will appear. Cast
Flipendo at them like before and run up to the two cages to drop them in.
Pick up the FWAWC and climb onto to the cage and up the wall. Smash the jar on
the bookcase to the right then carry on going to the right and you will find a
TB. Press x at it to open it you will get an owl treat. Go to the far left and
you will come across a stick in the shape of a number seven. Use the "Call
Hedwig" option, read the message and press x. Next use the "Feed Hedwig" option
and it will bring a ladder down for you. Climb up the ladder, use Lumos to
reveal cracks in the floor and avoid them. When you reach the end of the room go
to the left to obtain a FWAWC. Go back and crawl through the crawling space in
the wall. When you have gone through it open the door, go through it then go
down the steps. Once you've done that keep going upwards until you reach some
boxes. Go up against the wall next to them then keep going left until you've
past the boxes. Go forward until you reach a box by itself. Press x on it and
pull it by using the left analogue stick to reveal a yellow button. You will
come across a lot of these in the game. Push it using x then go back to the
steps. Go through the other door (Not the one on the steps) and open the TB to
get a FWAWC. Push the yellow button in the room then go left, up and open the

4 Diagon Alley

Once you've gone through that door you will appear in Diagon Alley. Go forward
and a CS will show how Ginny lost her things. Go inside Flourish & Blotts (The
shop you're standing outside of) and buy you're book then search the book shelf
for Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans using x. Go outside and smash barrels using
a perfect Flipendo. Pick up the Sickle (The silver coin) go down the steps and
into the shop. Go left then use Lumos to reveal a secret passage. Press x, open
the TB to get the FWAWC.

Lost item 1: Ginnys Quill inside Gambol & Japes

Go down the steps inside the shop and through the door way. The man tells you to
cast a perfect Flipendo on the Magical measurer. When you have, crawl through
the crawling space it revealed. Smash all the barrels in the room to get Sickles
then get Ginny's Quill. Go out into the main part of the shop then buy some
Stink Pellets. After that, go out of the shop. Go back up the steps, then go
left and strait up. Then go into the shop.

Lost item 2: Ginnys Spellotape inside the Leaky Cauldron

Smash the barrels then go to get the Sickle. You will then fall down a trapdoor.
When you're in the room lock away all the Imps and collect the FWAWC they leave
behind. Avoid getting hit by the barrels by going left and right then open the
door and you will come to a boiler room. A pipe will drop and you will have to
shuffle across to the other side. Go to the back of the crate and push it of the
ledge. Drop down to the floor, go to the back of the crate again and push it to
the direction of the steps. Climb up the crate and climb onto the ledge. Go up
the steps and use Lumos to reveal a secret door push this door open to get
Ginny's Spellotape.

Lost item 3: Ginny's Brass scales inside the Magical Menagerie

Go into the shop and smash the barrels. A man will tell you to go away. Go to
the left and open the door. Creep past him and push the yellow button. Go to the
door on the other side of the room and open it. When you're through it get
Ginny's scales open the TB and go out of the shop.

Go to Mrs Weasly and she will give you a FWAWC.After the CS go into Flourish &
Blotts. A CS will follow and Ron will explain that you missed the train. Buy
you're Potion Vial and meet Ron in the Leaky Cauldron courtyard.

5 The Whomping Willow

Go down and avoid the tree stumps. Go to left when you reach the bottom and up
the hill. You will come across a yellow plant called a Puffapod. Pick it up and
throw it elsewhere then shuffle across the ledge avoiding the tree. Run of
forward without of and when you reach the end of the path. Cast a Flipendo at
the creepers (little branches) and crawl through the hole.
When you've crawled through you will be ambushed by Imps. Do the same as before
and you will find an Imp on a tree trunk by itself holding a Puffapod. Cast
Flipendo, open the chest and CS will show that a tree trunk has dropped down.
Climb onto it then go up the ledge to the right. Go to Hedwigs stand and you
will find out how to defeat Gytrashes. After, go down the hill.

Boss: Gytrashes

Charge your Lumos spell then cast it. Move around to the position of the Gytrash
or Gytrashes until a silver light comes up. Stay in that same position to take
of HP. When you have defeated it cast a flipendo at the creepers.

Get past the Imps avoid the Puffapods fill your potion vial then cast Flipendo
at the creepers and crawl through.

Boss: The Whomping Willow

Now you have to verse the thing itself. Keep in the far left side then when it
stops come out and lock on the eye shaped thing on its arm. Its arms will go
berserk but lock on the eye at the centre of its body (the Trunk) Just keep
doing this until it is defeated.

6 Hogwarts: First Night

After the CS run of and follow Ron. When you get to the castle doors open them
then go up the marble staircase, turn right then open the door. Go left then
follow the staircase up to the last floor. Open the door then find a portrait
with a golden arch around it. This is the Griffindor Common room. A CS will
happen then walk up to the portrait and say the password by pressing X. Ron will
ask you to visit Fred and Georges shop. Find the Reading room in the dormitory
and go into it. Get past Percy using one of the mentioned ways
then go up to one of the portraits in the north wall (don't which but it will
say Portrait of Ocalius Spheer then say the password using X)

Choose to buy something if you want but you don't have to. Either if you do or
don't, crawl through the hole again, get past Percy and get back to Ron.

7 Hogwarts: First Day

Go down the steps and in a CS Ron will tell you that you have flying as your
first lesson. Go down to the Entrance hall then open the door next to the
hourglasses. Once you've opened the door you will appear in the Hogwart grounds.
Follow Ron to the flying area and follow the instructions the game gives you.
You will be given the chance to end the day by pressing SELECT go to the tasks
section then press X.

8 Hogwarts: Second Night

You will appear in the Griffindor common room. Go up to Hermione and during the
CS she will tell you that Neville has got stuck behind a tapestry. Go out of the
Common the room and you will find that there is a Prefect looking out. Get past
him and head to the Library on the 2nd floor. This is quite difficult to get
past all these Prefects but cast a spell into some corner of the room to
distract them, then go into the Library. Find the book which is right in front
of you and pick it up. Get past the Prefects again the same way you did last
time. Go to the Entrance hall and wait by the first pillar to your left until
the Prefects disappear then go down the steps and out into the grounds. Go up to
the left of the tunnel in front of you the use L2 to look around the corner
until the Prefect has left the tunnel. Go through it and go up to the door to
the Herbology Greenhouses (If you can't find it then investigate all the doors
until it says Herbology Greenhouses at the bottom of the screen) Go around the
corner until you find some things which look like Puffapods. These are
Horklumps. Lock one of them on at a time then cast Flipendo at them. Hurry up to
pick them up using X then throw them away somewhere. You'll find a crawl space
to crawl into. When you are through it fill you're potion Vial then collect the
FWAWC and go up the steps and read the book. Go out of the Greenhouse the same
way you came in. Then go out of the whole Greenhouse area. Go back through the
tunnel and wait until the Prefect has left then go through the door.

NOTE: I sometimes find that the Prefect doesn't leave. If this happens then just
hurry up and go through the door.

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