Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith walkthrough

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Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith walkthrough

Post by Elwa on 18th April 2009, 20:18

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Written by: Elwa

Table of Contents

2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Attacks
5. Point System Guide
A) Skills Point System
B) Experience Point System
C) Lost Skill Point System
6. Combat Guide
7. Walkthrough
01 - Rescue Over Coruscant
02 - An Explosive Development
03 - Peril In The Elevators
04 - Settling The Score
05 - It's Not Over Yet
06 - The General's Right Hand
07 - Investigating Utapau
08 - The Cavalry Arrives
09 - Showdown With Grievous
10 - The Dark Side Of The Force
11 - The Hunt Begins
12 - The Final Lesson
13 - Attack Of The Clones
14 - Assassination On Mustafar
15 - Aftermath In The Temple
16 - A Friendship In Flames
17 - Revenge Of The Sith
8. Bonus Missions
01 - The General's Protectors
02 - Grievous On The Run
03 - Mustafar Lava Challenge
04 - Size Matters Not
05 - Episode IV Death Star
9. Last Words
10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
11. Contact and Copyright Information

1. Updates

05/05/05 - Began the FAQ/Walkthrough
05/06/05 - Added Level 01 through Level 05
05/08/05 - Added Level 06 through Level 08
05/09/05 - Added Level 09 through Level 10
05/10/05 - Added Level 11 through Level 12
05/12/05 - Finished Main Levels
05/14/05 - Added Combat Guide thanks to somethingtofear
05/16/05 - Started adding missed Secrets
05/20/05 - Finished the Bonus Missions and gave this FAQ a complete circle!

2. Introduction

Believe it or not, at the time of writing this FAQ, I had seen, for the first
time in my life, my first Star War movies only 2 weeks ago. So if I seem like
a slight newb, that is probably why. =) This is my first real attempt at a full
FAQ/Walkthrough, so if you have any comments or suggestions please email me,
they would be greatly appreciated. I really do hope this FAQ helps you during
your game.

And yes, that is my shoddily done ASCII at the top of the page, its one of my
first ones, give me a break >_> You all know the name of the game anyways.

Also this movie is part of a series so there will be spoilers. So please, do not
read ahead if you do not know what is going to happen.

**Please stop emailing me asking where the rest of the FAQ is. The truth is I'm
writing this FAQ as I play the game. So it takes a bit of time to get through it
seeing as I have to play, pause, write, play, pause, write etc. I'll do my best
to finish it ASAP. Please just give me time. Thank you.**

3. Controls

Left Analog Stick (LAS) Move/Navigate Menus
Right Analog Stick Force Target
X Jump
Square Fast Attack
Triangle Strong Attack
O Critical Attack/Interact with objects
L1 Button Block/Strafe
L2 Button Saber throw
R1 Button Push/Grasp
R2 Button Stun/Lightning
Select Not used
Start Pause
Directional Buttons Navigate Menus

4. Attacks
Basic Moves
Saber Strikes - The Square, Circle, Triangle and X Buttons each perform basic
Saber attacks, press the Square Button for a fast attack with not much
power, the O Button for a slow but potentially lethal attack, and the
Triangle Button for a balance of speed and power.
Block - As a Jedi with the ability to predict incoming blaster fire, you will
automatically deflect some enemy shots. However, to deal with more
powerful close range attacks, press and hold the L1 Button to block.
This will also completely repel weaker blaster bolts.
Strafe - While blocking, you will automatically face the most immediate threat.
Continue blocking and move the Left Analog Stick to strafe around the

Basic Combos
Standing Rapid Slash Combo: Square, Square, Square
Standing Rapid Back Strike: Square, Square, Triangle
Standing Rapid Jung Slash: Square, Triangle, Triangle
Rapid Slash Combo: Move the LAS toward enemy and press Square,
Square, Square

Force Action Icons
Force Jump Icon - A glowing blue icon on the ground is your signal to use it
to jump to a new path. Go onto the icon and press and hold X, releasing
it will launch you up in the air, and you will automatically head for
your landing point.
Force Focus Icon - A glowing yellow icon means you'll need to use the Force to
move something out of your way, or move something into your way. (Such
as bridging gaps). Step into the icon and press and hold R1, a cutscene
will show the new path.

Force Powers
Force powers are useful in dealing with a large amount of enemies or even a
single enemy, if you wanted to have some fun.

To use Force Powers, you need to target an enemy. Use the Right Analog Stick
to target an enemy, you will know they are targeted by the blue glow surrounding
them. By moving the Right Analog Stick you can shift targets.

The Force Powers can be upgraded to improve range, power, and number of enemies
you will be able to hit. You are given the chance to upgrade your powers at the
end of any level using your newly gained Experience points. You need to fully
fill up the bar before you'll notice a difference in your skills.

Force Push: Pressing R1 will make your character send out a wide wave of
energy, knocking back/down multiple enemies and will cause them
a little bit of damage.
Force Grasp: By pressing and holding the R1 Button to lift the targetted
enemy in the air, you can then move the LAS to aim the enemy
in any direction you want and releasing R1 will toss them.
You can throw enemies and objects, and tossing them makes the
target take damage along with any other enemy it hits. Great
when dealing with large groups of enemies.
Force Stun: Pressing and holding the R2 Button will stun enemy droids.
It works best if the droids are clustered in groups, otherwise
you'll only hit one or two and it'll just be a waste of your
force power. If you hold it down long enough the enemy will be
stunned for a little while, and you can either finish them off
or move on to other enemies. If not held down long enough, the
droid will not remain stunned. If you use it on weak-minded
humans, you can trick them into fighting for you for a bit.
Force Lightning: After upgrading the Force Stun, Anakin will eventually gain
the Force Lightning ability, which will replace Force Stun.
To electrocute enemies, press and hold R2, it stuns them and
damages them. Use it until the enemy is either dead or you
deplete your Force Meter.
Saber Throw: You'll need to use this ability alot in the beginning of the
levels. Press the L2 Button to throw the lightsaber. The longer
L2 is held, the farther the lightsaber will go. It is like a
boomerang and will come back to you. You'll hardly use this in
fights, except when dealing with the cannons, but it does come
in handy for clearing paths.
Force Heal: Pressing and holding the R3 and L3 buttons (Push the RAS and LAS
into the controller) to heal yourself using the Force.
It takes alot of Force and drains the meter very quickly, use
it sparingly.
Force Speed: Double tapping the LAS in a direction gives a temporary speed
boost. Using combos while using Force Speed you can do some
serious damage. The Force Speed cannot be upgraded.

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Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith walkthrough

Post by Elwa on 18th April 2009, 20:18

5. Point System Guide

-Copied with permission from


Killing enemies will increase your skill points. When you reach a skill rating
above "Fair", your experience points will be multiplied:

Fair - 1x (base) :: Good - 1.5x :: Impressive - 2x :: Masterful - 3x.

The list below depicts the earned points earned of killing the listed enemies.
Use your skill meter multiplyer to determine how many real experience points you

A) Skills Point System

The following is the amount of points you earn versus the Attack you attempted.

Attack Points Earned
Light Attack (hit) 10
Light Attack (blocked) 5
Enhanced Light Attack (hit) 15
Strong Attack (hit) 20
Strong Attack (blocked) 10
Enhanced Strong Attack (hit) 25
Critical Attack (hit) 30
Critical Attack (blocked) 15
Enhanced Critical Attack (hit) 35
Deflected Projectile (hit) 15
Deflected Projectile (blocked) 5
Thrown Object (hit) 25
Force Attack (hit) 15
Force Attack (blocked) 10

B) Experience Point System

Killed Enemy Points Earned
Battledroid 200
Battledroid Captain 300
Battledroid Sniper 300
Super Battledroid 400
Buzz Droid 200
Buzz Droid Dispenser 400
Crab Droid 3000
Destroyer Droid 500
Flying Battledroid 500
Blue Grapple Droid 600
Red Grapple Droid 800
Clone Trooper 300
Clone Sniper 400
Clone Heavy Gunner 500
Clone Blaze Trooper 700
Clone AT-ST Walker 900
Clone Assassin 1000
Count Dooku 20000
Grievious Bodyguard 1250
General Grievous 20000
Jedi Sniper 600
Jedi Knight 800
Jedi Brute 1000
Neimoidian Guard 350
Neimoidian Scout 500
Neimoidian Brute 1000
Padawan 400
Mace Windu 22500
Serra 10000
Cin Drallig 15000
Anakin 25000
Small Turret 750
Banking Clan Cruiser 5000
Jedi Starfighter 1000
Clone Truck Cannon 1000
Defeated Clone Truck 2000
Clone Gunship 7500
Neimoidian Shuttle 7500

C) Lost Skill Point System
If you are idle when attacking your enemey, you will lose skill points. Skill
points decline at a rate porportional to time passed.

Time Lapse Points Lost
1-10 seconds 10
11-20 seconds 20
21-30 seconds 30
31+ seconds 40

6. Combat Guide
-Written by somethingtofear-

Defensive Shunt

Command: Analog Stick AWAY from opponent + L1
Description: This is the basic defensive move that is similar to a guard impact
(SC2). Precise timing is to be used for this maneuver, mainly just before the
enemy is about to strike you with an attack. The end result, upon success, will
have both fighters lock sabers low and to the right of the shunt initiator. The
shunt initiator will then swing his saber up and to the left, bringining the
opponents in front of it to leave them upon for a close range backhand strike or

Offensive Shunt

Command: Analog Stick TOWARDS opponent + L1
Description: This is a more offensive type of shunt that has considerably more
risk involved compared to the Defensive Shunt. It is to be used in the same
manner as the Defensive Shunt, as far as timing goes. Both players will hit
their sabers together in a very, very short kind of lock-up and then the shunt
initiator has two options: Square and Triangle. In essence, both attacks are
the same, but the difference in the two is that the attack, which is a simple
spin kick, can be ducked under if the opponent presses the same button that the
shunt initiator used to activate the kick.

Dodge Counter

Command: Sidestep (Left Analog in certain direction + L1 + X) + Square OR
Description: This is THE MOVE you want to use if you want to break up someone's
combo...unless you're Grevious (sp?) with his ridiculously fast start-up time
SquareX3. This move is done by pressing Square or Triangle while doing a
sidestep, resulting in a very quick horizontal swipe of your lightsaber. This
move DOES NOT work when doing an advancing step or retreating step.

Saber Lock

Command: Triangle at the time your opponent attacks you with a heavy attack.
Description: Now, I'm not totally sure if you can only do this with heavy
attacks. You might be able to do it with quick attacks too, but I know it works
for heavy attacks. This will cause both players to lock their lightsabers
together. To win this lock-up, both players must press Square and Triangle
simultaneously (that means at the same time) rapidly. The one winning this
little scuffle will appear to be pushing the other player back and down a bit.
The winner of the lock-up gets to score a free preset combo on his opponent
after the lock-up ends.


Command: Hold the attack button down for a certain, individual command of a
Examples with Anakin--
Direction+Square, Square, [ Triangle, Triangle ]
Square, Square, [ Square ]
Direction+Square, Triangle, [ Square ]
Direction+Square, Square, [ Away+Square ]
The commands that are in brackets ( [ ] ) are the motions in the move that can
be chargeable and I know are chargeable to my knowledge. Not all moves are
chargeable, but generally the last attack of almost any combo can be. In order
for a worded description...

Direction+Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle
Comment: Two variations to this combo actually, the first three attacks are all
you need if you charge the third strike. This will result in two quick slashes
and then instead of the average speed twin slash, Anakin will delay for a
second, his lightsaber apparently getting thicker/brighter as a bluish mist-like
color forms around him. This indicates a charged attack that will break through
an opponents guard. The second variation has the first three commands go at
regular speed but has the final uppercut charge up.

Square, Square, Square
Comment: Fairly fast for a lightsaber charge attack (you'll understand in a
moment.) This is quick, and packs a nice little punch on the end if you charge

Direction+Square, Triangle, Square
Comment: A fast and noticable ending to a rather slow start-up combo. After the
windmill slashes, Anakin will glow blue and strike forward with a charged,
unblockable a kick that goes quiet fast.

Direction+Square, Square, Away+Square
Comment: Very similar to the aformentioned combo, this one is faster, more
reliable, and will generally connect with all three strikes, so it may also
have more damage potential. The backflip kick on the end gets a nice little
charge to it.

It appears that punches(haven't seen any other than launchers) and especially
kicks go very fast during a charge, which makes them very useful in a duel to
disturb your opponents defense without leaving yourself open to a Dodge Counter
if you were trying to go for a, say, SquareX3-Triangle (it's slow as hell, but

7. Walkthrough
The fires of the Clone Wars are burning throughout every corner of the galaxy.
Guided by the Sith and under the direct leadership of Count Dooku, the
Confederacy of Independent Systems has dealt one crippling blow after another
to the Republic. Recalled from a battlefront in the Outer Rim, Obi-Wan Kenobi
and Anakin Skywalker return to Coruscant to find the planet under seige. Seeking
to drive the Republic into further chaos, the malicious cyborg General Grievous
has infiltrated the capital and abducted Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. As the
Separatist army flees Coruscant with its prize, Obi-Wan and Anakin lead an
urgent rescue mission to free the captive Chancellor. The fate of the galaxy
rides with them; failure could mean an end to the war... and to the Republic


A long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Star Wars

Episode III

War! The republic is crumbling
under attacks by the ruthless
Sith Lord, Count Dooku.
There are heroes on both sides.
Evil is everywhere.

In a stunning move, the
fiendish droid leader General
Grevious, has swept into the
Republic capital and kidnapped
Chancellor Palpatine leader of
the galactic senate.

As the Seperatist droid army
attempts to flee the besieged
capital with their valuable
hostage, two Jedi Knights lead
a desperate mission to rescue
captive Chancellor.

01 - Rescue Over Coruscant
Anakin Skywalker returns from the Outer Rim to thwart General Grievous'
kidnapping plot, together with Obi-Wan Kenobi the two Jedi raid the seperatist
flagship to locate and retrieve Chancellor Palpatine.

Jedi: Anakin
Location: Cruiser
Secrets: 3 (Health Increase, Force Increase, Saber Crystal)

1. Escape the Cruiser Hangar
2. Defeat Enemies while R2-D2 Extends Catwalk
3. Use the Force to clear wreckage
4. Shutdown lock-out protocol
5. Defeat enemies while R2-D2 disables force fields

Make your way to the left, fending off the enemies as you go. There will be a
force field blocking the pathway leading up, so hang around in that area for a
little bit, fighting off the droids that keep coming for you. A cutscene will
show R2-D2 trying to extend the catwalk, you need to keep the droids off of him
for a minute or two.

Once R2-D2 is successful, the catwalk will extend and you will start out on the
middle of the catwalk.

After continuing down the path Obi-Wan will say you need to use the force to
move a ship blocking the pathway. Move into the Force Focus icon and press and
hold R1, you will move the plane with a nice little explosion. Backtrack a bit
in order to find a secret, a Health Boost. Now keep heading forwards. Cross the
catwalk and you'll get another cutscene. R2-D2 will try to take down the
shields, but will get denied... harshly. So you'll need to help R2-D2 out.
Firstly you should jump down into the pit and grab the Force powerup behind the

You'll see the control console you need to access in front of you and you'll
also see several enemies come to join you, so when you regain control, start

Step in front of the console and press O, R2-D2 will get shot by the droids
while trying to override the lockout and Obi-Wan will call for help. Join him.
After destroying the 2 larger droids, you will be asked to Force Jump back to
Obi-Wan, so get hopping. Get to the blue icon and press and hold X to force
jump back up to Obi-Wans level. When you get there, take out the 3 enemies above
you and go to the next Force Jump icon, press and hold X, and release it to get
up to the platform where 3 enemy sniper droids are shooting down at you. Dispose
of them and you will be joined by 2 Grapple Droids. Fight them but be careful
because they can deflect alot of hits.
While R2 tries to deactivate the final console force grab a droid and smash it
into the BIG green fuel-tank-ish-type-thing to the north east of the arena. This
is done after you have gone up to the ledge to deal with the droid snipers. You
get a saber crystal. R2-D2 will try to shut down the shields again and it will
cause more enemies to join you. After the skirmish, with the reinforcements,
R2-D2 will manage to get the shields down. You will then leave for the next
area, leaving R2 behind to watch after the ships.

Now is your chance to upgrade your skills and save.

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Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith walkthrough

Post by Elwa on 18th April 2009, 20:19

02 - An Explosive Development
As the battle rages above Coruscant, Obi-Wan continues the quest to find
the Supreme Chancellor aboard the seperatist cruiser with help from Anakin
Skywalker. But the Jedi are unaware that their every move is being tracked on
the ship's command bridge by the leader of the Droid Forces, General Grievous.

Jedi: Obi-Wan
Location: Cruiser
Secrets: 4
Concept Art
5 Concept Art Images
Challenge Mission
Cruiser Cargo Hold

1. Escape Cruiser Generator Chambers
2. Disable malfunctioning power node
3. Shutdown electrical pylons
4. Use the Force to bridge the gap
5. Gain access to Service Depot
6. Disrupt power to the electrical pylons

At the beginning of the mission, Obi-Wan will express his concern.

Oh well, take out the first 2 Grapple Droids and then the next 2 Grapple Droids.
A few small ones will come after you, watch their fire. Make your way across the
catwalk fighting off the small battle droids and one more big Grapple Droid.
Once you get to the landing area you will be greeted by 2 more smaller droids.
Take them out and get to the malfunctioning generator.

Face it and press L2, you will do a lightsaber throw and take out the generator
making the area passable. Go forward passing the chainlink catwalk and repeat
the process, take out the 2 small droids, take out the generator and pass the
newly cleared path. As you make your way forward a Grapple Droid will jump up on
the catwalk to join you, take him out and continue on your way. (When fighting,
do not fight your way backwards, because after you pass you will be confronted
with another Grapple Droid, so just head forwards and make him follow you).

Use the terminal (Press O) to extend the catwalk again. Cross it after dealing
with yet another Grapple Droid.

You'll get to a pathway blocked by 4 electrical pylons. Use the lightsaber throw
to get them out of your way. If you cant take them out, move a bit closer.

After seeing a nice little scene with a Grapple Droid, Battle Droids will be
coming for you so lookout. Lookout for the blaster, which will fire several
shots at you. You need to deflect their shots back at them. So hit L1 as soon as
you are about to get hit. After destroying the blaster (or getting hit numerous
times) you'll move to the next room with more Battle Droids. Go up to the
catwalk and make your way left. A little ways down the catwalk you'll come
across yet even more droids. Dispose of them. You will also need to deal with a
few Grapple Droids.

After your skirmish you will be asked to use the force in order to bridge the
gap. Step into the force focus icon and get to work.

After you hold the way for Anakin, he will hold the way for you. As you cross
more droids will be coming at you, so get ready to fight. 2 Battle Droids and a
Grapple Droid will be your opponents. After that, continue heading on your way.
A Grapple Droid will pop up, so take him out as well. You will be asked to get
into the service depot, a Grapple Droid will attack you from behind. After
helping Anakin get rid of him, press O in front of the door to open it by
plunging your lightsaber into the door.

After getting through the door, you will be asked to go for the power conduit,
so get moving after you take out the 5 or 6 Batte Droids and the Grapple Droid.
(After the battle, cross back into the middle of the floor for a secret bonus.)

Then head to the little green box on the left side of the door. Slash it with
your lightsaber and after the door opens, head on through. You will need to do
another lightsaber plunge on the door. Once done, you will reach a checkpoint.

As you cross the catwalk it will give way beneath you, Anakin will jump down to
help you fight the Grapple Droids. After dealing with them a force jump icon
will appear, so jump up and head forwards.

You will now be in control of Anakin. So fight the 4 critter droids and move on.
You will encounter several more critter droids, so swipe them and keep moving.
Perform a lightsaber throw at the generator and keep moving. You will be faced
with a large solid door, no lightsaber plunging for you. So head to the force
focus icon and open the doors.

Use the terminal and you will then be confronted with a blaster. My advice:
Jump up and do a lightsaber throw. Quick and clean. After dealing with the
Grapple Droid head upwards to the doors and another blaster cannon. Do another
lightsaber throw and use the terminal console to open the doors. Across the
catwalk you will be confronted by a whole mess of enemies, including critters,
battle droids, and grapple droids. so make sure you take them out as quick as
you can. As you continue on the catwalk you'll be fighting alot of enemies so
keep on your guard. They wont just attack from the front, some will come from

Use the terminal and you'll extend a catwalk guarded by electrical pylons, so do
a few lightsaber throws and keep moving. The easiest way to get rid of the
Grapple Droids is just to force them backwards into the electrical fields.

After exiting the catwalk you will jump up to a hatch and leave the area,
completing this mission.

Enjoy your unlockables and upgrade your Jedi.

03 - Peril In The Elevators
Anakin continues to Palpatine's location on the cruiser's upper levels,
assisted by Obi-Wan, determined to retreive the Chancellor from Grievou's
clutches. Continued pursuit from the ship's patrolling doids threatens the Jedi,
while R2-D2 attempts to aid the Jedi in their ascent.

Jedi: Obi-Wan
Location: Cruiser
Secrets: 4 (Force Surge Max Force Increase)
Concept Art
2 Concept Art Images

1. Take Elevator to Cruiser Throne Room
2. Defeat Destroyer Droids
3. Enter Elevator
4. Reunite with Obi-Wan
5. Locate controls and disable Force Field.

When you start out you'll be facing 2 Destroyers. They have protective shields
surrounding them so they're invulnerable to your attack. So use force stun on
them to temporarily disable their shields. Then you can fight them. On the left
side of the door there are 2 covered hatches. Hit the second one to recieve a
secret, Force Surge Max Force Increase. As you see a short cutscene you will
also see more Destroyers join you. Obi-Wan will cover you if you can just open
the door. So you can either help Obi-Wan destroy some Destroyers or try to get
the door open ASAP. Either way is fine, but if you Saber cut the door be quick
about it, you will still get hit by the Destroyers fire. Once through the door
you will see a cutscene of enemy droids landing on top of the elevator. You
will reach a checkpoint and you will be in charge of guarding the top of the
elevator against a small wave of critter type droids.

You will then jump to a second elevator where you will have to defend it against
a new type of enemy, Flying Droids. Plus a few Grapple Droids. The Grapple
Droids may be a challenge given the small fighting space, but fighting if you
push them back into the elevator wall, they are easily destroyed. After another
wave or two you will rejoin Obi-Wan at a checkpoint.

You will need to get to the controls and disable a force field after being cut
off by some ray shields. Go forward and on the right hand side there is a door
that needs to be Saber cut. Go to the glowing red panel in the room and press
O to disable the shields. You may need to deal with a few critters on the way.

When you disable the shields a cannon will come out of the ceiling, so do the
jump and lightsaber throw on it and head back to the elevators. You can either
fight the Grapple Droids or make a break for it. Once on the elevator get ready
for another wave of enemies. Obi-Wan will make this really easy for you. He will
either Force Grab the enemies making it easier for you to come in with the cheap
shots or he will distract them allowing you some free hits. Lightsaber throws
are a great way to make quick work of these guys. Once you have successfully
made it off the elevator you are done.

04 - Settling The Score
With some help from R2-D2, Anakin leads Obi-Wan to their final
destination and the Jedi are poised to liberate the Chancellor. The only
thing blocking their path is a stately former Jedi named Count Dooku,
who is now the Sith Lord known as Darth Tyranus.

Jedi: Anakin
Location: Cruiser
Secrets: 2
Count Dooku
Duel Arena
Throne Room Main Chamber
Throne Room Upper Balcony

1. Defeat Count Dooku (Darth Tyrannus)
2. Rescue Chancellor Palpatine

Ah your first boss battle. Good luck to you, you'll probably need it. Count
Dooku, as you can imagine, is no pushover. This battle will take some skill and
timing. First thing to remember is to almost always have L1 held down, you need
to defend yourself against whatever you can, Count Dookus attacks are
devastating, even with Obi-Wan by your side, this is a battle easily lost.

You dont have to keep your distance, it will do little good because Obi-Wan will
for the most part, be right behind you, and following him is Count Dooku. Let
Obi-Wan field most of the attacks, he wont do much damage to Count Dooku, but
he does keep you from getting hurt. So try to keep Obi-Wan between you and

A good attack to use is X + Triangle. You'll jump and hit the ground with your
lightsaber, if Count Dooku is in the way he will get damaged. This attack is not
easily blocked, (if even possible).

Make good use of your combos, if you need to pause and look at the Combat Chart
for a few new combo ideas, do it. You will not win this fight with basic
attacks. After putting a small dent in Count Dookus health, Obi-Wan will become
"indisposed" and you will have to face him yourself. Now you'll need to get
defensive and aggressive. You will get into a few saberlocks, so make sure you
win. And keep on the move, dont let Dooku get too close to you, run away as hes
attacking, and then rush in for a few hits while hes vulnerable. Use lightsaber
throws if you get in trouble. It drains your force, but it will keep Count Dooku
at bay. Another way to make this battle easier, is while fighting in the second
area, run to the ends, let Dooku follow you. Then use Force Grasp, and press O.
It will throw him into the explosive parts of the wall. I used this and it took
him out in no time flat and we were moving on to the next area. But make sure
you have the health to do it repeatedly. If you're short on health you'll just
drain your Force leaving you unable to use Force Heal.

If you ever get lightsaber locked (when both attacks hit at the same time, the
lightsabers will lock together in an X and it then becomes a test of strength),
hit Square and Triangle repeatedly. If you win it will give you a few good hits.
If not, Count Dooku will probably elbow you in the face and get in his own
free hits. After damaging Count Dooku some more, you will now move to a new
battle area. This time Count Dooku will have some Grapple Droids helping him
out. Make sure you run away if they get too close. They're not much of a problem
compared to Dookus attacks, but they can keep you distracted long enough for
Dooku to finish you off himself. So destroy them if necessary, if not, focus on
Dooku. If you manage to get a Grapple Droid over the railing though, you'll see
a nice little cutscene.

Once doing a little bit more damage to Dooku you will get to yet another battle
area. This time in front of Chancellor Palpatine. Same strategy as before,
keep your distance until he attacks, then swoop in for a few free hits.
Doing a rush attack (double tap the LAS towards Dooku and strike him), is also
a good way to deplete his health. You'll get several small hits in.

Once finished with him, enjoy your cutscene from the movie.

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Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith walkthrough

Post by Elwa on 18th April 2009, 20:19

05 - It's Not Over Yet
There is a sinister mood as Palpatine witnesses Anakin's flirtation with
the dark side while getting revenge on Count Dooku. The young Jedi must now lead
the Chancellor and Obi-Wan toward the cruiser's hangar. But the furious combat
outside begins to take its toll on the separatist flagship and R2-D2 will again
need to aid in the rescue.

Jedi: Anakin
Location: Cruiser
Secrets: 3 (Saber Crystal)
Concept Art
3 Concept Art Images

1. Reunite with Obi-Wan and Palpatine
2. Escort R2-D2
3. Defeat enemies while R2 disables force fields
4. Locate controls and disable force field
5. Enter gun battery

After being seperated from Obi-Wan and Palpatine you will need to rejoin them,
so make your way downwards fighting off the Battle Droids and Grapple Droids.
A cutscene will clear the path for you so keep moving. Keep moving down the
hallway dealing with the Battle Droids and Destroyers as they keep coming for
you. Anakin will make a comment about their being a Power Cable around
somewhere. You'll see an open doorway up above you, walk in and slash the cables
located on the rear wall to disable the shields.

Back out of the room and you'll see several droids waiting for you. I suggest
you defend, jump up and perform a lightsaber throw on the cannon, and then
quickly dispose of the rest of the droids.

On the right side of the screen, you'll see the force field, and near the top of
the force field is a gray box sticking out of the wall. This is where you need
to do a lightsaber cut. Once you get the covering off, slash at it to disable
the ray shields. You will then catch up with R2-D2 and a new objective.

Backtrack to the way you came, up into the hallway. There will be several
environmental dangers, so avoid the blue shocks coming out of the cables and
carefully make your way through the maze of debris. When you encounter the
cannon and see the droids coming at you, (As you turn the first corner of the
area with the debris) you'll see a gray box sitting to your right. Slash it to
get a level secret: A saber crystal.

Once you get that, go up and deal with your enemies. More will come from the
right, so dont try to fight them up there. They'll stay behind the ray shield
and hit you will you try unsuccessfully to hit them. So let them see you, and
run back down to lure them out, then attack them. Once done with that, do
another saber cut on the gray box on the back wall. Once again, when the cover
is off, slash the cables to get the ray shields down. Get to the next ray
shield, and go into the open room with the dangerous blue volts. Dont try to run
through them, just do a lighstaber throw to hit the cables. Once the ray shield
is down, make your way down the hallway.

Deal with the few droids and make your way to another ray shield that seperates
you from Obi-Wan and Palpatine. It is also a checkpoint area. There are no
cables to cut, so just protect R2-D2 while he disables them. You have to firstly
deal with the cannon, so you know my method: Jump up and perform a lightsaber

The ray shield will be disabled quickly, so take out the remaining droids and
follow Obi-Wan to get a new objective.

Oh no! Another Jedi Knight is in need of assistance! Well dont worry, you have
the chosen one on your side. Get to the gun turret. So make your way there and
press O to get into the gunner seat. Use the LAS to aim, and the Square/R1 and
Triangle/L1 buttons to fire. The gunner seat is near where the large group of
droids are, you can use a lightsaber throw to deal with them in a few shots.

Hit the 3 targets to be treated to a few nice cutscenes. (One of which is pretty

If you have trouble hitting the targets, remember, you cant just aim anywhere in
the green circle, aim it so that your red triangle (Which is your sights) is not
just a red triangle, but a red triangle with a circle around it. That means you
are locked in on the target and your shots will hit.

06 - The General's Right Hand
Their escape foiled, the Jedi and Palpatine are brought before the
dreaded General Grievous, who is flanked by his formidable Droid Bodyguards.
Down but not out, Anakin and Obi-Wan still have a few tricks remaining in their
rescue mission. Hopefully, the Separatist cruiser will stay in orbit long enough
for them to be used.

Jedi: Anakin
Location: Cruiser
Secrets: 2
Concept Art
4 Concept Art Images
Unlocked Challenge Mission
Cruiser Corridors

1. Defeat Grievous Bodyguards

After the cutscene you will be in the middle of an all out battle. There will
not be much walking, just alot of fighting. You'll be facing Battle Droids who
will be dispatched easily, and several of Grievous' Bodyguards, who wont go down
so easily. You will need to use several combos to take them down, because they
will not be stopped with simple attacks.

Do not waste your Force energy on using Force Stun, they are fairly immune to
it, it will hardly last for even a few seconds. Just use several combos, and for
the most part, let Obi-Wan run interference if you need to regain Force or

Do NOT get too close to a Bodyguard for too long. They have several combos which
can deplete a good portion of your health within a few seconds, so dash in, hit
them with whatever you can and jump away. If they start getting too close, use
a lightsaber throw to keep them back.

After destroying a Bodyguard, do not stop attacking it. They will still function
without a lower body and they will crawl after you and jump on you. So just hit
them once more and be done with it.

After a cutscene you will move the battle to a new area, against Grapple Droids,
which you should know how to kill by now, more Grievous' Bodyguards, same
strategy as above, and a few rocket guys (They wont be too much of a bother). If
you start getting too overwhelmed, just let Obi-Wan fight for you. Jump away
into a nice corner and lightsaber throw anyone who gets too close. Keep an eye
on the bottom part of your screen, new enemies will join you by entering from

Another way to keep most of your health is to stay in a corner, but when Obi-Wan
starts getting attacked, start attacking the enemies from behind. They will take
awhile to turn around to face you, by which time you should only need a hit or
two more to finish them off.

Once in the new area, this is your time to heal! Let Obi-Wan deal with the
Bodyguards himself. Run up the stairs to the edge of the area, use Force Heal
to regain your health and wait until you have a nice portion back before jumping
back into the fray. There is a health pickup on the top left side of the area,
but I'd suggest saving that until near the end of the battle, just in case.
On the right side of the environmental hazard there is a secret, pick it up. It
is near the vent that is glowing green.

Once you have gotten rid of most of the enemies (One or two Bodyguards plus a
Grapple Droid remaining still got me to the cutscene), you will be given a nice
clip from the movie. Enjoy.

07 - Investigating Utapau
Obi-Wan and Anakin get the Chancellor safely back to Coruscant, ending
the separatist ploy. With Dooku defeated, the Jedi Council doubles its efforts
to bring General Grievous to justice. Tracking Grievous to the Utapau system,
the council sends Obi-Wan after the Separatist leader, this time without the aid
of Anakin. Already frustrated by the council, Anakin is further dismayed to
learn that Mace Windu suspects Chancellor Palpatine is behind the perpetuation
of the clone wars. The conflicted young Jedi is now stuck on Coruscant, faced
with the growing divide between his friend and mentor, the Chancellor, and the
Jedi Order, without the guidance of Obi-Wan, who begins his daring mission on

Jedi: Obi-Wan
Location: Utapau
Secrets: 3
Concept Art
3 Concept Art Images
Challenge Mission
Control Sphere Survival

1. Infiltrate Control Sphere
2. Shutdown Heat Vents
3. Operate Lift Controls
4. Destroy Separatist Opposition
5. Destroy Force Field Nodes
6. Utilize Separatist Cannon

As you start out you will see a Battle Droid walking away from you. Deal with
him however you wish, you will not remain a secret for long. My suggestion for
dealing with almost ALL of the enemies you encounter on the catwalk is to use
Force Grasp and just fling them over the sides or into railings. Either way will
destroy them. The best part is, when you turn the corner and get spotted by the
Battle Droid who will summon reinforcements, is that the reinforcements come in
a group of 1 Grapple Droid and 2 Battle Droids. The easiest way to take them out
is to use Force Grasp on the Grapple Droid and fling him into the 2 Battle
Droids. It will take 2 flings, but at least its not 4 if you dealt with them
seperately. Do that for the 3 groups of reinforcements and continue on your way.

Destroy the turret, if you have enough Force left just do a lightsaber throw.

Head a little bit to the right to discover a new enemy. A BIGGER Grapple Droid.
He is red, and much more dangerous. He punches the ground unleashing a blast
that goes in a straight line to the intended target. You can deal with him the
same way you do his little brother, but it will take more hits and more damage
on your part. When their arms are clasped together, back off. Wait until they
reach apart to start attacking them. There is an explosive barrel near the
bottom right of the platform if you need to toss it at something. Another
Red Grapple Droid will join you from the doorway... I suggest just bolting
through the door. Dont worry about fighting him unless you want the experience.

Turn the corner to find 5 Battle Droids waiting for you. I suggest just picking
one of them up, and flinging them into their partner. (The first one I flinged
over the railing, it showed a nice scene of him flying alllllll the way down,
and exploding on the mountain). Do the same for the next two. You will now
encounter several Battle Droids and a few Red Grapple Droids. You cannot fling
the Red Grapple Droids, so either throw the barrels or Battle Droids into them,
or just fight them. The fighting is much easier, since all you need to do is use
a Battle Droid to break the railing after throwing him over, and then fighting
the Grapple Droid over the opened edge. Use Force Jump on the end of the catwalk
and fight the 4 Critter Droids. Use the terminal to help transport 2 Battle
Droids and a [gun] Droid (Regular this time) so they can try to destroy you.
(Smart move). Continue down the pathway destroying the 2 Critter Droids coming
for you.

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Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith walkthrough

Post by Elwa on 18th April 2009, 20:20

You now need to shut down the heat vents in order to continue. So just do a
lightsaber throw on the glowing Blue cable directly above you. Quickly destroy
the box for a health pickup and keep moving. Clear the catwalk and use the
terminal, now before the Red Grapple Droid gets his mitts on you, use Force Jump
to get to the next area. The first two heat vents alternate, so time your runs.
The third one is continuous, so use a lightsaber throw on the glowing blue cable
to your left, and continue across. Take out the Grapple Droids and the Flying
Droids and use a lightsaber plunge on the door. Take out the enemies in this
room. I'd suggest going for the enemy in the top right first, and then moving
on to the Grapple Droid. The Grapple Droid shouldnt be dealt with first because
if you time your jumps right, his attack (The ground punch one) will damage his
allies. You can stay here for a little while and Force Heal if its necessary.
(Which is probably a good idea if you dont have close to a full bar of health).

You will now reach a checkpoint, and a dangerous part of the mission. Double tap
the RAS and just make a mad dash for the exit. Normal running wont get you out
of harms way all the time, and you cant exactly fight your way out, so just run.
Once out of the way of the turret, fling the guys out of your way or simply
fight. Either way is easy since they'll probably fall to their deaths before you
can finish them. After making your way past the first cannon you'll come across
a small party of Droids, kill them and you'll notice a shielded door to your
left. Jump up and slash the cables above the door to take the shield out and get
a health pickup.

Time your run from the next cannon. Wait until it fires its shots, then RUN!
Double tap RAS again, because if you try to normally run, one of its three shots
will hit you. When you round the corner after the Battle Droid, destroy the
first box to get the health. Now you can stay here and Force Heal or use Force
Jump to continue. I suggest you heal if you need to, you'll be repeating the
same thing over again in the next part.

So you see the cannon, double tap the RAS to make a dash for it, try not to let
the Battle Droids get in your way, the cannon will do serious damage to you if
you dont run fast enough. Round the corner and deal with the Battle Droids. You
have a new objective, Play with a huge gun. Yay! Use the terminal to extend the
catwalk, run around the right side if you need to pick up some health, head to
the back of the cannon and press O to mount it. You can stay in the cannon for
awhile if you want to gain some experience, but you need to be aware after
awhile they'll send Flying Droids, and after that two turrets will appear from
both your left and right sides to try and get you out of there. So take care of
that and then aim for the blue parts on the left and right side of the door to
disable the shields. Make sure you dont overheat your cannon, if more enemies
appear, you'll be stuck with your pants down. It'll take a few shots to both the
left and right side, but it'll go down eventually. So get out of the cannon and
head for the door. Grab the Large Bacta Tank on your way.

Now you get to fight a Crap Droid! What you need to do is get close to
him and grapple him. (Square + Triangle) and when you are on his back, just
start going nuts with lightsaber attacks. If you get in trouble, start throwing
the explosive barrels at him. You can jump to the sides when he starts to
unleash his laser strike at you. If he charges at you just jump around him. It
takes him awhile to turn around. So you can either Force Heal, run away, attack
him, or throw barrels at him. If you get low on health I suggest running to the
opposite end of the area and Force Healing like mad. Once he is gone, enjoy
the unlockables. (Note - Enjoying the unlockables is optional) Razz

08 - The Cavalry Arrives
After successfully navigating the separatist stronghold, Obi-Wan Kenobi
locates Grievous and must apprehend the General to complete his mission and end
the Clone Wars. However, in order to flush out Grievous, Obi-Wan must face not
only his Bodyguards, but also endless waves of Droid Forces without the help of
his Clone Army.

Jedi: Obi-Wan
Location: Utapau
Secrets: 4
Concept Art
2 Concept Art Images
Challenge Mission
The General's Protectors

1. Capture General Grievous
2. Defeat Grievous Bodyguards
3. Assist Clone Invasion
4. Disable Cannons Firing on Clone Gunships
5. Locate Shield Controls for Control Sphere
6. Destroy Shield Controls with the Force
7. Defeat Crab Droid

When you start out you'll be in a large battle area against 2 Bodyguards and
several Battle Droids. Believe it or not, your first priority should be the
Battle Droids. They're numbers are high and your blocks will be targeted against
the Bodyguards, leaving you open to the Battle Droids fire. So take out the
Droids long enough to leave a bit of time for you to go one on two with the
Bodyguards. Once thats done, you'll be in a new area with a little bit of help.

At the top is a secret, a Saber Crystal. It'll be glowing green so you cant miss
it. Help the Clone soldiers against the Battle Droids and Red Grapple Droids. Be
careful of the explosives around you and dont mistake the Clones for the Droids.
Use lightsaber throws if you see an enemy standing near an explosive. The battle
will rage on for a few minutes, so just go saber happy.

Use either Force Jump icon to get to the platforms and take out the enemies on
them. Use the terminal to disable the cannons but you'll also need to destroy
the power cables on the side of the terminal, then use the Force Jump icon
to get back to the main area, then use the Force Jump icon you didnt use the
first time to repeat the process. Once again use the Force Jump icon to get back
to the main area and assist the Clones for a minute. Theres a bacta tank near
the bottom of the map where the Battle Droids have gathered.

You will have a new mission, take out the oncoming Bodyguards. You will recieve
some Clone Troopers to help you eventually, so while they keep the Bodyguards
busy, destroy the glowing blue things on the left and right side of the area.
That will open up the area you need to get to.

Lightsaber throw the two turrets. Theres a secret near the bottom left area of
the map. Keep on helping the Clone Troopers with the enemy onslaught. In the
middle of the area on the pathway to the open room (Which is blocked by an
invisible wall) there is a Force Focus icon near the end of it. Press R1 while
standing on that icon.

Oh yay! Your Crab friend is back. Well help your Clone Troopers out in this one.
Get rid of the Battle Droids, they are a major nuisance and if they gather up
they can really do damage to you while you are fighting the Crab Droid. While
fighting them stop for the health pickups, and use lightsaber throws on the
glowing blue things around the edges of the battle area. I dont know what it
does, but it must help weaken the Crab Droid. If that doesnt work, use the same
strategy from the previous Crab Droid battle, just use grapples.

Once you've weakened it enough, you are done, and you should have alot of
experience to show for it.

09 - Showdown With Grievous
In the chaos of the Separatists' defeat on Utapau, General Grievous
attempts to escape, racing toward his hidden starship. With help from Commander
Cody, Obi-Wan catches sight of the fleeing droid and mounts a pursuit on the
back of the native lizard, Boga, chasing Grievous toward their final showdown.

Jedi: Obi-Wan
Location: Utapau
Secrets: 2
Concept Art
1 Concept Art Image
General Grievous
Duel Arena
Utapau Sinkhole Control Room
Utapau Sinkhole Landing Platform
Challenge Mission
Grievous On The Run

1. Defeat General Grievous

ALWAYS HAVE L1 PRESSED DOWN! You will not survive if you dont be on your guard
every second of this fight. His combos are dangerous and he blocks almost
anything and everything you throw at him. So keep L1 pressed down and let him
attack you.

**EASY ATTACK** - If you have it unlocked, Press and hold Square, Obi-Wan will
charge up a strike and dash forwards swiping down anything in his way. Do this
to General Grievous and it will flip him in the air and when he lands you can
get in SEVERAL easy hits, and when he gets up, he'll be facing away from you
leaving you the opportunity for even more hits! This can really end the fight

You will not defend all of his attacks, but it will be good enough. Just let him
take his shots at you, and when he stops, start attacking him. You'll get
several minor hits in, but just keep doing that. Block against his attacks
taking a little bit of damage everytime, then when hes recovering, start your
own round of attacks. Keep in mind trying to attack Grievous while hes attacking
you leaves yourself open. So just deflect the hits. If you start to get trapped
in a corner, jump away and Force Heal as much as possible.

The best way to Force Heal is to just jump as far away as possible. General
Grievous is careful about when to attack. He'll walk slowly towards you and
before he gets within striking distance a combo will probably be started,
allowing you more time to jump away and Force Heal.

If you have Force Power left over from healing, you should try using the Focus
Shockwave. (L -> + Hold Triangle). After dealing my own small hits to him, I
used two of those and moved on to the next battle area. You only need to take
a small amount of his health away before moving on.

The next area you move on to will be an outdoor arena. Be careful of his gun,
when he pulls it out, jump away. Your lightsaber will most likely not deflect
the shot, and it can take away a nice chunk of your health.

Whatever you do, stay out of his grappling range. He will bend you like a
pretzel, and take away alot of your health. So dont try to get into any grapple
fights with him, you will lose horribly. So either use another Focus Shockwave
or two to get him down another chunk and move on, or continue to fight him. It
may just be me, but as you move through the areas the General gets a bit easier
to strike.

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Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith walkthrough

Post by Elwa on 18th April 2009, 20:20

After that battle you will now be in a cave. The battle area is much smaller so
do your best to stay out of his grappling range. When General Grievous starts to
crouch and a blue glow surrounds him, get ready to jump away. Wait until the
glow turns red, otherwise General Grievous will just adjust his path. Once it
turns red, JUMP. If he gets too close use Focus Shockwave or a lightsaber throw
or just jump away if possible. From the Generals starting position, a little
bit to the right of him is a secret, Force Surge Max Force Increased. Keep
hacking away at General Grievous to move on to the final battle area.

Oh boy, 4 lightsabers! This could get ugly. Use the same strategy, defend and
run. When you get a chance, Force Grasp the explosive barrel and toss it at
General Grievous. If you manage to hit him, it will make your fight alot
shorter. Keep out of range of his combos and use your Focus Shockwave and Force
Heal as much as you can.

Once you've managed to beat him enjoy the many unlockables you have earned.

10 - The Dark Side Of The Force
Meanwhile on Coruscant, Mace Windu gathers incriminating information
against Palpatine and confronts the Chancellor in his quarters. It's there that
Palpatine reveals his true identity as the Sith Lord that's controlling the
Galactic Senate. Just as Mace is about to strike Palpatine down, a bewildered
Anakin enters the room and sees his friend on the wrong end of what appears to
be a Jedi assassination attempt...

Jedi: Anakin
Location: Coruscant
Secrets: 2
Concept Art
2 Concept Art Images
Mace Windu
Duel Arena
Palpatine's Office
Palpatine's Office Docking Bay

1. Defeat Mace Windu

This is going to be a tough fight, Mace Windu is a tough opponent to beat. You
do have one thing working on your side though, Mace Windu is aggressive unlike
General Grievous. Believe it or not, this works to your advantage. Because of
Mace Windu's aggressive fighting style, it leaves him open for several attacks
while hes attacking you. So your best chance at winning is to always be on the
offensive. Keep hacking away and hacking away at Mace Windu until there is
nothing left. I think the best strategy to beat Mace Windu is to constantly
dodge to the side of him as he attacks. You can get several quick hits in before
he can turn around and defend himself.

When in the first area throw the two objects that are on the left and right of
the room at Mace Windu, while hes stunned charge up an attack and go after him.

When you get into a Saberlock, tap Square and Triangle to break it, chances are
the lock wont last long enough for you to do it, but if it does then do it. If
not, Mace Windu will probably win and will hit you, so after losing the lock
press Square to dodge under the attack and quickly follow up with your own.

Use the Force powers to the best of your advantage. Trying to hit R1 to use
Force Push is a waste of your Force Power, so only use Force Stun. Use it for
a few seconds until your Force Power bar is almost gone and then run in to cause
a bit of damage. Force Heal is going to be tough to pull off since Mace Windu
will almost always be coming at you. So you can also try and Force Heal after
using Force Stun, but you will be left with no power for awhile after that.

Use lightsaber throws if you start to get in trouble, Mace Windu can hardly ever
dodge them. Be very careful of his attacks in the 3rd area, they are extremely
damaging, but the good part is you can see them coming a mile away. If he starts
to wind up, get out of the way. Dash to his side and unleash your own combos.

Apparently, near the middle bottom of the map, in the AIR is a secret. Force
Surge Max Force Increased. I dont know how I got it because I had fought near
the area before and recieved nothing, but when Mace Windu kicked me up into the
air after I had failed a combo, I had recieved a secret. If you can verify this
please email me.

Also, when Mace Windu's health gets very low, he will start to use Force Heal,
do NOT let this happen. He will only do it for a few seconds, but make sure you
do your best to interrupt his healing. If he manages to heal, he will put a nice
chunk of health back into his bar, making your fight even longer.

When Mace Windu starts to get low on health in the final area (Back in
Palpatine's Office), just unleash everything you have, dont worry about
defending unless you are very low on health, if you have enough to launch a
final offensive, go for it. Just mash Square and Triangle alternatively and use
Force Grasp if you need to get some distance between yourself and Mace Windu.

Once you are done you will be rewarded with a scene from the movie and a few

11 - The Hunt Begins
Having made his choice in striking at Mace Windu, Anakin places all of
his trust with Palpatine, who goes to work on Anakin, playing on his fears and
anxieties. The crafty Sith Lord manipulates Anakin into believing that the Jedi
Order betrayed the Republic and him, and that Obi-Wan is equally complicit. The
Chancellor's words are powerful, and they sway the young Jedi. Anakin swears his
allegiance to Palpatine - and to the dark side of the force.
Seduced by his newfound power, the newly christened Darth Vader is sent to the
Jedi Temple on a quest to send the traitorous Jedi to their doom....

Jedi: Anakin
Location: Coruscant
Secrets: 5
Concept Art
7 Concept Art Images
Challenge Mission
The Jedi Strike Back

1. Exterminate Jedi
2. Set Temple Beacon
3. Disengage Library Force Fields
4. Use the Force to Gain Access to Study Hall
5. Shutdown Study Hall Force Fields
6. Use Turret to Destroy Jedi Starfighters

As the level begins you will find yourself facing several Jedi Knights in
combat. Dont worry though, they are easily dealt with, they are nowhere near the
skill level of Anakin. While fighting if you happen to press R2 you will see
that your Force Stun is now replaced with Force Lightning. You will also have
the help of the Clone Troopers, but they really do no good. They'll probably
kill 1 Jedi Knight to your 7. Once the Jedi's are out of the way, a Force Jump
icon will appear on the right side (or top rather) of the library. Use it.

There is a health pickup in the aisle to the left of your landing area. More
Jedi Knights will try to stop you, so deal with them or with the panel first.
If you deal with the panel, dont count on the Clone Troopers giving you any
cover fire. Go left, up, right, down, left to get the panel off quickly. Slash
the cables. Kill the Jedi who activated the field along with any other Jedi's
hanging around and go use the terminal. Go out the door and head straight down
to get to the Force Jump icon. Kill the Jedi who attacks you along with the
2 guarding the door and any others around you, you will automatically enter the
next area.

Deal with the Jedi Knights if you want experience, or let the Clone Troopers
handle it and deal with the Force Focus icon near the top of the area. Clean up
the area of the Jedi Knights, grab the health pickup in that little corner on
the right, and head up the path. Use your lightsaber plunge on the door a little
to the above left of the path. Head through the door to encounter a Jedi with
a double edged lightsaber. The Jedi Brute is not very strong, and he is can
resist your Force Lightning by swinging his lightsaber, so just fight him
normally and you will win easily.

Go through the door to meet up with another Jedi Brute and 2 turrets. Deal with
the turrets first, the Jedi Brute will probably be busy with your Clone Troopers
anyways. Use the terminal and fight the Jedi Brute to leave the room. More Jedi
Knights will be waiting for you, deal with them. As you walk up the stairs you
will see Clone Trooper reinforcements coming to help you, you can also see a
health pickup over there next to them if you need it. Follow the Clone Troopers
to get to the next area. (Take a right as you head up the stairs). You'll see
a Jedi Brute waiting just off screen, if you head in that direction and go all
the way down (A right as you walk into the room), you'll see a secret waiting
for you, Force Surge Max Force Increased.

Deal with the Jedi Brute, grab your secret, and join up with the Clone Troopers.
Use your lightsaber plunge on the door and continue on.

Use the explosive barrel on the Jedi Brute if you wish, and then do a lightsaber
throw at the turret shooting at you. Continue down the bridge fighting the Jedi
as you go. You can also push them off the side if you want to get rid of them
quicker. As you deal with the last Jedi you will see your Clone Troopers getting
ready to blast a path for you. As you defeat the 2 Jedi Brutes a turret will
come down. If you can deal with it quickly enough it wont even be able to get a
single shot off. 2 more Jedi Brutes will come to join you, deal with them and
reach another area automatically. A checkpoint too. Start dealing with all the
Jedi Knights around you. You will need to reach the turret. So fight your way
there. When you get into the turret there will be a Starfighter to your left,
then to your right, then to your left again then to your right. They come out of
the 4 hatches. You can also kill the Jedis if you want to get some quick
experience. A few more will pop up too. If they are on the move just use regular
fire, if they are hovering in place, send a few charged shots their way. After
you destroy about 6 Starfighters, you will be done.

12 - The Final Lesson
Despite Darth Vader's ferocity throughout the temple, the Jedi refuse to
go quietly. The harder the Jedi fight against him, the more convinced of their
corruption and treachery the young Sith Lord becomes, which only fuels his anger
and furthers his descent into the dark side.
Deep within the Jedi temple, an incredibly skilled swordsman and Jedi Master
named Cin Drallig prepares for Vader's coming. But before Cin can act, his most
accomplished apprentice, Serra, confronts Vader on her own. With the fate of the
Jedi Order at stake, these two Jedi are the temple's last hope....

Jedi: Anakin
Location: Coruscant
Secrets: 2
Concept Art
6 Concept Art Images
Cin Drallig
Serra Keto
Duel Arena
Temple Control Room
Temple Outer Terrace

1. Defeat Jedi Apprentice Serra
2. Defeat Jedi Trainer Cin Drallig

This fight is going to be pretty easy, Serra is not even close to the difficulty
of General Grievous or Mace Windu. Simply use a few combos and always be on your
guard. Her grapples are fairly weak, they are usually just takedowns and she
doesnt even bother to take advantage of it. So stick with your combos and keep
L1 held down throughout the fight. Also you shouldnt be taking many hits, so if
you want end this quickly, wait for her to charge towards you and use Force
Lightning on her. You shouldnt need to save much Force Power during this fight
because you shouldnt need to use Force Heal often. Maybe once or twice. So just
continually use Force Lightning on her. The only problem you should have with
Serra is her Force blast thing that will knock you out almost 100% of the time.
So try and hit her before she charges up. If she is absorbing the hits with her
lightsaber, then stop using it and wait for her to put her guard down. If Serras
health starts to get low, start using Force Heal alot. You should try to aim for
a full bar of health before dealing the finishing blow, because now you have to
fight Cin Drallig and he is not too happy with what you have done.

In the 2nd area with Serra, if you destroy the 3 holographic displays you will
recieve a secret, a Saber Crystal.

Cin Drallig is quite dangerous. He is quick, he has several combos, and his
blocking is extremely effective. So try to conserve Force Energy and FORCE HEAL
every chance you get. Try to conserve your Force Power, only use it if you need
to heal or if you need to keep Cin Drallig at bay. Also in the middle of the
floor is the red pillar section that crushed Serra, destroy it (it will take a
few hits) to get a secret, Max Surge Max Health Increase.

To beat Cin Drallig (or at least make it to the next area) Just keep slashing
away at him, he defends against almost everything and Force Lightning is very
weak against him. You are going to have to pull off some major combos, so keep
checking the Combat Chart if you need too. Try to stay out of his range, his
combos are done at super-speed and he can hit you almost a half dozen times
before Anakin can even get his lightsaber up to defend himself. So be very
careful, and if Cin keeps crowding you, use Force Grasp to knock him away, if
you have spare Force Power (as in full or close to full health), use Force
Lightning on him as hes down.

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Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith walkthrough

Post by Elwa on 18th April 2009, 20:21

If you lose this fight you'll have to restart from the Serra fight, so try to
stay healthy and Force Heal as much as possible.

If you start getting in trouble, do either the lightsaber throw or use the
several objects around the room to keep him at bay. Do this sparingly, you will
probably need to Force Heal a few times seeing as Cin Drallig IS a master

Keep slashing away at him, a few times during the fight there may be a cinematic
saberlock (where the game controls fade away and it just focuses on the struggle
between the opponents), so tap Square and Triangle repeatedly, do not let him
win this, it will cause alot of damage to you.

This fight will probably take you a few tries until you can either get lucky
enough to beat him, or until you can block nearly anything he throws at you and
Force Heal whenever the chance comes up. Getting a good start in this fight is
very important, so if you have full health, just start abusing him with your
Force Powers. If not, keep healing. The most important thing is to stay alive
so you wont have to restart it all over again. Good Luck.

13 - Attack Of The Clones
The Separatist armies on Utapau are beaten back, falling under the might
of Obi-Wan Kenobi and his clone army. But Obi-Wan's victory is short-lived as
Clone Commander Cody recieves a secret, coded message directly from Darth
Sidious, implementing *ORDER 66* - A Pre-Programmed directive commanding the
clones to turn on their Jedi Leaders!
Suddenly under fire and running for his life, Obi-Wan must evade his former
allies and find a way back to Coruscant.

Jedi: Obi-Wan
Location: Utapau
Secrets: 4 (Max Health Increase, Max Force Increase, Saber Crystal, Max Health
Concept Art
8 Concept Art Images

1. Escape Clone Ambush
2. Defeat Clone Walkers
3. Use Force To Clear Debris
4. Defeat Clone Gunship
5. Disable Clone Juggernaut Defenses

Fight the Clone Troopers if you want some experience, but they will just keep
coming for a little while, so use the explosives to clear a path or just fight
your way through them to get to the terminal. (Or you can use R2 to mind trick
the Clones into fighting against the other Clones). Once you get to the terminal
use it and continue through the open path. Take care of the turret first, use
a lightsaber throw or toss an explosive at it, try to save another explosive
for the Destroyer. When the Battle Droids come it will be a three way fight
between the Battle Droids, Clone Troopers, and yourself. So use it to your
advantage, unless you want experience, just get the hell out of there. Pick up
the health in the lower right corner of the turret if you need it. From where
the turret use to be there is a panel to the left, lightsaber cut it before more
Clone Troopers come for you. Head into the new area.

Try to avoid hitting the explosive barrels in this room. You'll need them later.
If you really need health then destroy one of the bigger explosives, you can get
a health pickup from them. A large Bacta Tank from the first one and a small one
from the second. Destroy all the Clone Troopers and Battle Droids that come.

This is why you saved the barrels, pick them up and toss them at these beasts.
These guys are pretty difficult to kill, the only vulnerable part is their legs.
So either toss a few explosives their way or get to work on the legs. If the
Clone Walker starts to crouch, their legs will glow blue, get out of the way.
They're about to charge at you. You can also use the Mind Trick (R2) on the
Clone Trooper drivers to get them to stop attacking your for a bit. So the best
way is to Mind Trick one of the Walkers, and then deal with them one at a time.

Once their out of the way, continue on to a checkpoint or head back for the
health pickups that you didnt get before. You will now meet a new enemy, a
Clone Blaze Trooper! Or a clone with a flamethrower, either one. From where you
encounter the Clone Blaze Troopers, walk up the very right side of the path for
a secret, a Max Health Increase. It should be right near the black tube like
thing sticking out of the wall. To defeat the Clone Blaze Troopers all you need
to do is hack away. They barely use their fire attacks and even then they have
poor range and can be easily dodge. So just slash away at them.

Fight the Clone Walker and then use the Force Jump Icon. 4 Clone Blaze Troopers
will come after you, they wont even be a challenge because they come in groups
and a few lightsaber shots will easily take care of them. Or if you are low on
health just run to the door and fling the explosive at them. Then you can use
the lightsaber cut on the door to move on.

No Clones will actually be on your side of the area yet, so just run down the
path and take out the two Battle Droids quickly before heading the rest of the
way down. The Clones will be shooting at you from the other side so dont stay
out in the open too long. If you get hit just hide behind the wall and Force
Heal. Once to the other end, lightsaber cut the the panel. Cut the cables. (If
you look to the background, you can even see the war waging between the Clone
Troopers and the Droid Army, pretty neat).

Run all the way back to where you entered, the ray shield guarding the terminal
is now gone. As you run back, Clone Blaze Troopers will be coming for you. So
you can either fight them as they land or just run to the terminal. I prefer
running to the terminal and then dealing with them on my way back, you spend
less time in the open. There are also a few Clone Troopers waiting on the ledges
for you.

Your first priority in the next room is the turrets. There are Clone Troopers
waiting for you in the corners, and even one on top of the door. They dont shoot
very much at you for some reason, so either ignore them, dispose of them (Not
sure if you can even hit the one on top of the door or not) or just throw the
explosives at them. Cut the 4 cables that are glowing blue on the wall to
disable the ray shield on the terminal so you can use it. After using the
terminal, continue on the way, and if you stop to destroy the big explosive
barrel in the last corner, you'll get a secret, Force Surge: Max Force

Here is a part everyone seems to have trouble with. The battle between Jedi and
Clone Gunship. Good thing its a checkpoint.

Heres a breakdown of the Clone Gunship:

-It has two attacks, laser bursts and rockets.
-It disappears and appears.
-It will fire two volleys of lasers or rockets before leaving.
-Their is a pause inbetween the attacks.
-It alternates lasers/rockets.
-When its about to fire a laser burst you will see green lines forming around
the gunships nose.

Heres how to defeat the Clone Gunship:

-First off, use your Force Power to either
a) Throw them at the Clone Troopers so you can fight in peace
b) Throw them at the Clone Gunship to damage it a little.
I suggest throwing them at the Clone Troopers, they are quite the nuisance.
-Only attack the Gunship when its firing its lasers, not when you're being
attacked by rockets. They are too hard to see coming and nearly impossible to
dodge head on.
-To avoid its lasers AND rockets, run from side to side. I like to run halfway
do a backflip (hit X while pushing the LAS in the opposite direction to do a
backflip) over the lasers and rockets. If you learn to do this properly you
will learn how to dodge ALL of its attacks.
-Save the health pickups leftover from the explosives for emergencies.
-The Gunship fires a burst of lasers, pauses, fires a burst of lasers, pauses,
disappears, appears, fires a burst of rockets, pauses, fires another burst of
rockets and repeats. This pattern is very important.
-Inbetween volleys of LASERS, run up to the edge, do a lightsaber throw at the
gunship. When the nose starts to glow green, start running side to side (with
or without the backflips).
-During the firing of Rockets, keep running, DO NOT try to hit the gunship, it
will do more harm than good. Sure you'll do a little damage, but you'll lose
alot of health.
-DO NOT GET HIT BY ROCKETS! They will take you to the ground, and if you got hit
by the inital rockets, guess what happens when the rest of them come flying?
Yep, they'll hit your limp corpse. So be careful.
-Why did I say use the pickups sparingly? For two reasons.
1) After you get the Clone Gunship to a small chunk of health, it will
go absolutely nuts with attacks.
2) This isnt the end of the level, so the more health you leave the
fight with, the better.
-The Gunship will start going ballistic when you get it down to its last section
of health. It will start firing lasers/rockets/lasers and will barely pause and
will not disappear so you can regenerate Force or Health. I hope you got the
backflip down, because you will run out of room to run as it attacks, so you
will need to doubleback. Keep the same strategy though, only fight when its
done shooting lasers. (Or after its done firing its rockets). You will be
cutting your escape time very thin, so dont miss and run away as soon as you
see an attack coming.

Those simple steps will hopefully make this battle a success for you. So Good

Like I said, its not over yet. Hopefully you managed to get a bit of your health
back before the fight ended, now you have to deal with more Droids and Clones.

As you walk you'll encounter Battle Droids and Clone Troopers and even a turret
all waiting to get you. So deal with them quickly. Fight or throw things at
them, either way will work. If you destroy the explosive barrel to the right of
the turret, you'll recieve another secret, a Saber Crystal. Honestly, I dont see
the point in having a Saber Crystal here, all the enemies blocking your path
should be gone, and the next room only has a Destroyer. By the time you clear
the shield out of your way, your Crystal is gone. Ah well.

Lightsaber cut the door, get rid of the Destroyer. Destroy the big barrel to get
the last secret, Health Surge: Max Health Increased.

Now is a really good time to Force Heal if you need it. Lightsaber cut the panel
to the right of the big barrel you just destroyed, cut the cables, and get ready
for the rest of the fight. When you run into the room you'll see 3 Clone
Troopers and a Destroyer duking it out, luckily they have you now, so they'll
probably all gang up on you. So if you have the health, fight. If not, theres
a health pickup in the lower right of the room.

Continue on to another checkpoint and another warzone. Jedis will be coming
after you left and right and... up. They somehow manage to climb on the tank to
kick your ass. So your first priority is the first turret, its in the middle of
the tank, destroy that first, get rid of a few Clone Troopers, and then go to
the next turret near the end of the tank and perform a lightsaber throw on it
to destroy the 2nd turret.

Congratulations, you are finally done this level and have all the secrets for
it. Now lets never speak of this again.

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Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith walkthrough

Post by Elwa on 18th April 2009, 20:21

14 - Assassination On Mustafar
On Coruscant, the Jedi Order is broken and the Temple is in ruins. With
no one left to oppose him, Darth Sidious is ready to declare the Clone Wars over
and appoint himself Emperor of the Galaxy. The only matter left to attend to is
the remaining Separatist Leaders, who are in hiding in the Mustafar system.
Sidious dispatches Darth Vader to the volcanic world to end their lives with a
final betrayal.

Jedi: Anakin
Location: Mustafar
Secrets: 5 (Max Force Increased, Saber Crystal)
Concept Art
11 Concept Art Images
Challenge Mission
Mustafar Lava Challenge

1. Assassinate Separatist Leaders
2. Lift Magma Gun
3. Disable Force Field
4. Use the Force to Move Magma Hover Platform
5. Destroy Nute Gunray in Neimoidian Shuttle

Deal with the Neimoidian Guards, there will be an initial 3, and then 3 more
that come from the right. Be very careful when fighting these guys, their
weapons will stun you briefly, leaving you open for several more attacks. Very
dangerous when there are more guards laying around.

Perform a lightsaber throw to the little shed like structure on the platform to
recieve a secret, Max Force Increased. Then step into the Force Focus icon and
press R1 to move the platform blocking your path.

Continue on, destroying the other 3 guards waiting for you and then cut the door
open. Take care of the 3 guards who rush towards you and then you will have to
deal with a turret and a destroyer. The best way to do this is to first deal
with the Destroyer by using Force Lightning and then doing a lightsaber toss to
the turret. Use the terminal to open up the door leading to the next area.

You have to deal with a Neimoidian Brute now. His weapon will still stun you,
but hes not that difficult. He can block most of the basic attacks thrown at
him, so what you should do is use combos that involve the Force. Such as the
Area Attacks or Critical Attacks (check your combat chart). After dealing with
him, more Guards will come for you, as well as an enemy on the bridge across
from you shooting at you. (Use Force Grasp to deal with him) and an enemy with
a gun which I cant identify, will be waiting for you at the end with a gun.

More Destroyers and another Sniper type guy will be on the bridge waiting to
get you. Force Grasp the three silver explosive things at them, the middle one
will reveal a Force Jump icon. Use it. Or if you'd rather stay on this side and
deal with the enemies from a safe distance, go right ahead. Just keep using the
Force Powers. If you choose to confront them I'd suggest jumping away as soon as
you land. The first time I did this I got cornered and recieved a nice thrashing
from the 2 Guards and the Brute. Deal with the Guards first, they're stun
weapons are a real nuisance and will leave you as an easy target for the Brute.
Once done, go through the open doorway to encounter another 2 Guards.

As you walk down the path a Neimoidian Brute will climb up the right side of the
catwalk, so deal with him, and deal with the other one that will come to replace
him as the first one dies. Then you can safely lightsaber plunge the door open.

As you reach the checkpoint you will need to deal with another 2 Guards and
another Brute. Try to deal with them as close to the doorway as possible, there
are others waiting for you down the path.

As you walk down the path you will see 2 Battle Droids and 2 turrets trying to
shoot the crap out of you. So use Force Grasp on the 2 Droids and either try to
hit a turret or the other Droid with it. Once done with that, lightsaber toss
the two turrets to recieve a nice Force Jump icon you can use to get to the
other side. So jump across and deal with the 3 Battle Droids that come through
the doorway. Go get the Bacta Tank if you need any health and then use the
terminal to lift the Magma Gun, completing one of your objectives. Use the Force
Jump icon that appears outside the door to jump back to the other catwalk.

Take out the two Guards with guns on the other side and use the Force Jump icon
to get over to where they were standing. You will be attacked by Battle Droids,
Guards, and a turret. Normally I say destroying the turret is a priority, but
in this case, the turret actually helps you. When you get crowded by the Guards
the turret helps weaken them so you can destroy them. So do whichever way you
want. Also there are power cables in the room where the Guards/Droids came out
from, this will disable the turret. -Thanks to Margaret for that bit of

As soon as you land keep L1 held down, there will be several laser bursts fired.
Two Destroyers will be waiting for you, use Force Lightning on them to take
their shields down and then finish them off with a few lightsaber hits. You can
shock them until they're dead though, but that might leave you open for a bit
too long. Keep on running to meet up with 2 Brutes, this can be tough so just
keep hacking away and blocking, and try to backtrack a little. There will be
two large gaps in the walkway due to the lava, so hopefully they'll fall in.
Force Grasp the Guard shooting at you from the other side and toss him away too,
and then use the Force Jump icon. Theres a health pickup to the left of your
landing point.

Run through the doorway and use your lightsaber cut. Head down the hallway and
mow down any Battle Droids you see. When you reach the end you'll encounter 2
Brutes and recieve a new objective. So finish with them and continue on your
way. Destroy the explosive at the very end of the hallway to get a health pickup
and then backtrack the way you came to encounter yet another 2 Brutes.

Enter the newly opened door, grab the health if you need it and slash the cables
to complete one of the objectives. Now run back to continue the mission.

Use Force Grasp to pick up one of the explosives and toss it backwards. You will
clear the path and get a secret, a Saber Crystal. Rush forward and kill as much
as you can before the Crystal runs out. Dont worry about damage, there is a
large Bacta Tank in the room above. So take out the Destroyers, the Guards and
whatever else and then go to the right and slash the two power cables. You will
now be in a closed room with a Brute. So just hack away at him until hes dead.
Use the terminal once he is gone and leave through the door to reach a

A Guard is shooting at you across the gap, so lightsaber throw him and then
use the other terminal to extend a bridge. You will have 2 Brutes (and the other
guard if your first lightsaber throw didnt kill him) to deal with. Also deal
with the Guard shooting at you from across the gap.

Now to get to the next area, you need to do a lightsaber throw towards the blue
power cables. You need to press and HOLD L2 down in order to make your
lightsaber reach the cables. Holding it down makes it go farther. Once you hit
the cable, the wall guarding the terminal will be lowered and you can use it
to achieve another objective, accessing the magma lift controls. 2 Guards will
join you on the platform, but they're not Brutes so be thankful. Deal with them
however you want. Oh wait a minute... once you reach the top you have 2 Brutes
and a turret waiting for you, plus the original 2 Guards. Okay, again I must
say, leave the turret. Stand facing the turret and hold down L1 while throwing
a few slashes every now and then. The turret will help you greatly in weakening
the Brutes. Once thats done you'll see a cutscene and move to a new area.

2 Brutes will climb up the side to attack you, if you can get there before they
can pull themselves up you can weaken them alot with your strikes and then deal
with the oncoming guards much easier. Keep L1 pressed as you move forward, 2
Destroyers will be waiting for you, so use Force Lightning to take their shields
down and then finish them off.

Now you have to fight a few Brutes and several Guards. So try to use combos
that can hit several enemies at once. (Check your combat chart). Your first
few combos will take the Guards out early and leave the Brutes weakened, so keep
at it.

Now you'll move on to the next checkpoint. Kill the first 2 Separatist leaders
and make your way to the back of the room to recieve a cutscene and a new
objective. You now have to destroy Nute Gunray who is hiding in his ship. This
battle is very similar to the one you fought against the Clone Gunship except
much easier. They even told me exactly what to do. Nute Gunray doesnt do much
for his own survival when he yells, "Dont let him throw those barrels!" or "He's
using his lightsaber to damage the ship." [At the very beginning of the battle,
when I hadnt even done *anything* yet].

Breakdown of the battle:
-Guards will come out of the divider between you and Nute Gunrays ship. Destroy
them quickly.
-The ship has two attacks, a continuous laser beam that will pass from either
left to right, or right to left and a 3 fireball burst.
-The laser beam is easily dodgeable, you can see it coming a mile away. Just
jump over it.
-The fireballs work like the laser bursts on the Clone Gunship. You'll be able
to tell when a fireball attack is coming by the red lines that form around the
ships nose.
-The fireballs come in pairs of 3 and spread out, leaving several gaps you can
position yourself in to avoid damage.

-Save the health pickup on the far left for when you really need it.
-The first thing you should do is use Force Grasp to toss the barrels at the
-Stay on the front line.
-Kill the guards that come up out of the ground, this should be easy because you
should be on the front line and you should be able to strike them down before
they can pull themselves up. They stop coming after awhile.
-Once you run out of barrels, start doing lightsaber throws. Keep doing it. You
dont really need to worry about his attacks.
-To dodge fireballs, jump backwards or to the sides.
-To dodge the laser beam, run or jump sideways. Jumping backwards will get you
-When red lines start forming around the ships nose, it means that hes about to
do an attack.
-Wait until the fireballs are about to be released and jump backwards. The
fireballs will crash into the ground directly ahead of you.
Move back to the front after this happens. You will know when the fireballs are
ready because the 3 glowing orbs on the ship will be getting bigger before
stopping and then shooting.
-You can see when the ship is about to do a laser beam attack because it will
move to the far left or the far right and start from there and head across.
This is easily avoidable by simply jumping over it.
-Later when the ships health is very low, it will stop going to the far left or
right and just start aiming directly for you. This only lasts for a few seconds
and is still avoidable.

Alternate Strategies
Due to several emails there is another possible, MUCH easier strategy to this
fight. I cant believe I myself did not notice this during the fight. Simply use
Force Lightning to beat the ship. Thats it. Amazing isnt it?

Thanks to - IAmAntoine, Daniel Hope, Jay Dierling and Xboxstrwrs55

This is the end, enjoy your cutscene.
When the lasers are about to shoot at you if you hold down L1 and rotate the LAS
you will put up a shield and you can deflect the lasers back at the ship for
easy damage. On the Xbox use the Circle and the Control Stick

Thanks to - Paula Boesch
*IMPORTANT - If you wish to make the next level easier, make sure you have the
Focus Shockwave attack. Upgrade your Area Attacks in order to recieve it. It
will help you greatly.*

15 - Aftermath In The Temple
After surviving ORDER 66, Obi-Wan Kenobi endeavors to prevent the Jedi
Order's devastation. Reunited with Yoda aboard Senator Bail Organa's personal
starshiip, the Jedi plan a return to Coruscant, hoping to find clues to their
mysterious and dire situation within the Jedi Temple.

Jedi: Obi-Wan
Location: Coruscant
Secrets: 6 (Saber Crystal, Max Force Increase, Saber Crystal, Max Health
Increase, Saber Crystal, Max Health Increase)
Concept Art
3 Concept Art Images
Challenge Mission
Size Matters Not

1. Shutdown Temple Beacon
2. Aid Yoda in Moving Debris
3. Defeat Library Security Protocol
4. Defeat Clone Gunships
5. Use Clone Turret To Defeat Clone Gunships
6. Defeat Clone Assassins

Yes! A mission with Yoda! But for some reason he doesnt seem to be that
aggressive. He'll leave most of the fighting to you for some reason. Anyways,
kill the waves of Clone Troopers and then follow Yoda to the upper level by
using the Force Jump Icon.

Yoda will do a good job of defending himself, but then again he cant die. So
dont worry about him and worry about yourself. Kill all the Clone Troopers that
come for you. There will be several of them so use combos to take them out
quicker and gain more experience.

When Yoda tells you to follow him, do it. You will cross the pillar and have
to deal with a few enemies along the way. When you get to the other side,
destroy the explosive barrel on the very left of the platform to recieve a
Saber Crystal. Now is your chance to go nuts. Kill as much as you can.

If you head to the right you'll encounter the Clone Blaze Troopers, in this
corner of the area, there will also be a huge explosive. Destroy the explosive
case next to it to get a Max Force Increase. Kill the remaining enemies on the
platform. You will now leave Yoda's side and continue on alone. So keep on your

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Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith walkthrough

Post by Elwa on 18th April 2009, 20:22

Go for the one firing rockets at the farthest end first, he is the one that will
cause the most damage, excluding the waves of Clone Blaze Troopers that are
currently headed for you. Make your way around the platform clearing out anymore
resistance, then jump up onto the platform so you can Force Jump to the next

This is where you meet up with Yoda in a rather large skirmish. Before doing
anything, head to the upper left corner of the area, you will see an explosive
case and a rock. FIRST Force Grasp the rock and toss it away to get a Saber
Crystal, THEN toss the explosive case at the enemies to greatly boost your
experience. Once thats done, as always head for the ones firing the rockets
first, they should be your biggest concern, then take out the clustered
Troopers. A few well place combos should clear out most of the enemies.

Head to the Force Focus icon so you can clear a path for Yoda. As you are
heading down the path you will see a large explosive, destroy it to recieve a
Max Health Increase.

Round the corner to face two turrets. Now for some reason they wont shoot Yoda
and Yoda wont attack them. It must be because hes too short to reach. Anyways,
you can either do two lightsaber throws, or just stand near the door you came in
from with L1 pressed down, you'll reflect the shots back to the turrets,
destroying them. Now be nice and lightsaber cut the door to clear a path for
Master Yoda.

You will now reach a checkpoint and several enemy Clone Troopers. There will be
a large number of them, so try to go for the clusters first. Keep track of who
you are fighting. I tend to mix them up and end up just weakening them all
without finishing them off. That doesnt really do much good since they are still
able to shoot me, so make sure you dont make that mistake. Once done Force Jump
to the upper level of the library.

Head to the left first, going to the right will just get you in trouble and you
will end up having to go back to the left anyways. If you have Focus Shockwave,
now is a really good time to use it. Otherwise just defeat all the enemies
starting with the most dangerous, the Clone Blaze Troopers. Focus Shockwave is
L -> + Hold Triangle.

Do the lightsaber cut on the gray panel on the wall, and if you need to, Force
Heal while in this corner of the area. Head to the right, but before fighting
the enemies hiding behind that wall, use Force Grasp and you will grab something
that you wont be able to see (at least I couldnt), you've just uncovered a Saber
Crystal. So either fight your way to it, (Which makes it pretty much useless) or
rush for it first and then destroy everyone in your way. Once thats done
lightsaber cut the door.

You'll have to defeat several enemies here, most of which being Clone Blaze
Troopers. Fight them like you normally would, Yoda is a great help in this
particular battle. If you happen to force your opponent off the screen and you
can no longer see just what you are hitting, just move towards the windows and
the enemy will enter the screen again. Run to the end and pick up the Max Health
Increase that is hiding in plain sight. Defeat the 2 Clone Blaze Troopers and
the regular Trooper to clear a path to the Clone Turret. Press O while in the
blue circle to mount it.

There is no real strategy to this particular task. You just need to destroy the
gunships with the turret using Square for regular shots and L1 for charged
shots. As soon as you see the ship just start firing, I suggest using Square
because you can also destroy the rockets being fired at you by hitting one with
a shot. So while spraying down the gunships with shots you are bound to get rid
of a few of those pesky rockets. Do that for both ships to complete the

Now you have to deal with Assassins, and if you got hit by one too many rockets,
you probably have little health. These guys are FAST. They can dodge your
lightsaber attacks without even trying. The easiest way to do this, is to use
Focus Shockwave. That plus a few lucky lightsaber hits will take them out in no
time and save you alot of damage. The Assassins hits are fairly inaccurate, if
they start to run towards you, just dash to the side and let them have it. They
will keep attacking in the same direction even if you are on the other side of
them. Try not to die, if you do then you have to restart from the last
checkpoint, which is when you first enter the destroyed library.

If you are low on health, keep jumping away. Split up the Assassins so they are
not both attacking you. Force Grasp if fairly useless, so use Focus Shockwave to
knock one of both of them down, and just go nuts or Force Heal. These guys are
not much stronger than a Clone Blaze Trooper, so it should be a short fight.

Except... 4 more are coming right for you. The best way to do this? Jump to the
corner and let them all rush for you, but before they get within striking
distance, Focus Shockwave them. This wont kill them, it'll just knock them down
or make them stagger backwards. This is your chance, slice and dice whatever is
still standing, you can probably take out one or two if you use your Critical
Attacks (O), then jump away to another corner and Focus Shockwave them again and
do the same thing. This should go fairly easy if you dont let them split up or
attack you all at once. (Yes that is a bit contradictory, but just remember that
its best if they're together if you are using Focus Shockwave, if you are being
attacked however, its best its only by one or two enemies at a time.)

Congratulations, you've just cleared the Temple.

16 - A Friendship In Flames
Learning of Anakin's descent into darkness while inside the Jedi Temple,
Obi-Wan travels to Mustafar for a final confrontation with his old friend and
former Padawan.

Jedi: Obi-Wan
Location: Mustafar
Secrets: 0
Duel Arena
Mustafar Control Room
Mustafar Balcony

1. Defeat Darth Vader

I really wish I knew what to say about this level. At times this can be the
worst fight, and others its like Anakin isnt even trying to win. At first
Anakin doesnt block much of anything. So just keep hacking away at him, but keep
L1 pressed down, he can also do alot of damage if he gets the upper hand, but
like I said, its like he doesnt want it. This is by far, much easier than the
battles against Count Dooku, General Grievous, or even Mace Windu. Even though
Anakin has a much larger health bar than you, it isnt the hardest challenge to
deplete it.

When you first start the battle, just keep L1 pressed and throw any attacks you
can possibly do at Anakin. Be careful of Anakins use of Focus Shockwave, it can
knock you to the ground and he will do a number on you if he decides to take
advantage. He didnt use Force Lightning on me at all, so I assume you are safe
from that specific attack.

Honestly the only strategy I can think up for this battle is to keep the
pressure on Anakin. Keep attacking him, dont let him get away. You dont need to
do that much damage in order to move on to the next area. Their are quite a few
of them.

Use Focus Shockwave and if he starts to pin you down in a corner, dont let him.
His combos are simply devastating and if you get trapped, its very probable you
wont make it to the next area. Use lightsaber throws to keep him at bay, and he
hardly blocks Force Grasp, so make sure that if you have the spare Force Power
you keep flinging him out of your way so you can use Force Heal if you need it.
If Anakin is putting too much pressure on you, jump away, use Focus Shockwave
and then Force Heal as much as you can before he comes for you. Keep in mind
Anakin will NOT get knocked down by Focus Shockwave, he will land on his feet,
but in my fight he would strafe around for a few seconds before coming to attack

Your biggest worry is when you are on the piece of debris on the river of lava.
You are in close quarters and you have absolutely nowhere to jump away to. You
need to make sure Anakin does not get you pinned in a corner. If he does, you
are basically gone. Get him into a corner with constant attacks, if he gets
stuck in a corner you can hit him several times before he can get his lightsaber
up to defend. If you can get him into a corner the last areas fight wont even
last 2 minutes. If you cant force him into a corner, make use of your grapples.

The kick one works especially good because then while hes on the ground you can
swipe at him with your lightsaber and using a critical attack will do a nice
amount of damage.

So aside from that, you shouldnt be having any troubles with this fight. This is
the last level, so now you can sit back, enjoy the final cutscene and your

When I say last level, I dont exactly mean that. Theres a bonus level, Level 17.

17 - Revenge Of The Sith
With the Separatist Leaders on Mustafar now eliminated, Darth Vader
prepares to return to Coruscant only to find his former friend and master,
Obi-Wan Kenobi waiting for him. Accusations fly between the two, and it becomes
clear to the young Sith Lord that Palpatine was right. Obi-Wan, too, has been
tainted by the Jedi's corruption and must also be destroyed.

Jedi: Anakin
Location: Mustafar
Secrets: 0
Darth Vader
Ben Kenobi
Duel Arena
Mustafar Control Ram
Mustafar Lava Platform
Episode IV Death Star
Challenge Mission
Episode IV Death Star

1. Defeat Obi-Wan Kenobi

It is the same as Level 16, except this time you are controlling the newest Sith
Lord, Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader).

This is a really easy fight. Despite the large difference in your health bars.
Anakin is a far better swordsman and can attack much quicker. Coupled with the
fact that he also can use Force Lightning is a guaranteed victory. The same
strategy applies as above, except now you can use Force Lightning. Which I dont
really recommend, its fairly weak and it would be much faster to just beat the
hell out of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

If you must use Force Lightning, first knock Obi-Wan to the ground and then use
it on him.

Also on the 2nd area, just start tossing ALL of the explosives at Obi-Wan,
assuming you dont miss one, you will barely even need to touch him with your
lightsaber to move on. This is probably the quickest area to finish.

Other than that, just go nuts. Anakins lightsaber skills are far better than
Obi-Wans in this battle, so you dont really need many tips to beat it. This is
more of a fun level so everyone can play as Anakin for one last time, it doesnt
seem like a real boss battle.

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Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith walkthrough

Post by Elwa on 18th April 2009, 20:22

8. Bonus Missions
01 - The General's Protectors
General Grievous' Bodyguards are the deadliest of Droids, as the
attacking Clone Army quickly discovers.

Character: Grievous Bodyguard
Location: Utapau

1. Defeat Clone Troopers
2. Defeat Crab Droid

Hmm, I thought the Crab Droid was on Grievous' side?

Anyways you basically use the same controls you would when you are using Anakin
or Obi-Wan Kenobi. Except instead of having grapples, pressing Square and
Triangle together will put you and another bodyguard in a synchronized attack.

The worst thing about being the Bodyguard is that the weapon doesnt stun the
Clone Troopers, and after doing a combo, you pause for quite a bit before being
able to attack again, leaving you especially open to those Clone Blaze Troopers.

So during the fight keep pressing L1 and when you are pressing Square, try to
aim for the clustered soldiers (especially the Clone Blaze Troopers), that is
how you will do the most damage and save your health. If you get in trouble, go
looking for one of the several health pickups, but try not to waste it, you will
need it when you face the Crab Droid. If you get in trouble just jump away (damn
droids cant run), and let your partner deal with it.

Your partner is an amazing ally, he can single-handedly take on the Crab Droid.
So if you're running low on health and out of pickups, let the other Bodyguard
take care of the Crab Droid.

When the Crab Droid starts to clasp his two front claws together, jump away. He
will open the claws and knock you away and take a fair bit out of your health.
If his front end starts to glow red, start jumping, hes about to fire laser
bursts at you. Other than that, this should be a simple mission.

02 - Grievous On The Run
Seeing his plans of conquest on Utapau unravel before him, Grievous
flees toward his hidden starship, cutting down any Clone Trooper foolish enough
to stand in his way.

Character: General Grievous
Location: Utapau

1. None

This is just mindless slaughtering fun! Check your Combat Chart for General
Grievous' attacks. Some of them are especially cool.

Pressing L2 will give you 4 lightsabers! You dont exactly need them, but it sure
looks cool!

Holding Triangle will activate General Grievous' attack in which he spins around
with his lightsabers out, mowing down anyone who gets too close. I'm sure you
remember that attack from your prievous encounters.

Holding R1 will fire his blaster, and holding R1 will charge the shots. So if
you want to turn this into a gun fight, go right ahead. Using your blaster will
cost you Force Power though.

Holding R2 will do his familiar charge up, in which he crouches down with a blue
circle growing around him, when the blue glow expands and flashes once, you'll
know hes ready and you can release R2 to charge the enemy and cut them down.

In the beginning you will just face Clone Troopers and a few Battle Droids, then
later a bigger more difficult Robot type guy will come and attack you. He does
not attack close range, he has a blaster on his arm, so he'll shoot you from
a distance. Make sure you get rid of this guy first, he is the most dangerous.

After a few minutes of this entertaining killing spree, Obi-Wan will show up.

Once again the only difference between this and the boss fight is that now you
are the bad guy, and the good guy has a lot more health than you do. Why couldnt
it be like this for the real fights? Sad

Obi-Wan is a moderate challenge. With your short health bar, Obi-Wans attack are
quite dangerous, but yours are even worse. Just keep hacking away at him, use
your blaster if Obi-Wan is getting too aggressive, or hold down Triangle to use
the Force Clear Out attack.

The Force Clear Out attack is the best attack to use against Obi-Wan. It takes
his health down more than any string of normal moves can do. So if you want to
cut this short, just keep using up your Force Power as soon as you get it.

03 - Mustafar Lava Challenge
On his mission to silence the Separatist Leaders, Darth Vader must
navigate Mustafar's constantly moving platform system in order to reach his

Character: Anakin
Location: Mustafar

1. Navigate Lava Processing Trench
2. Defeat Neimoidian Opposition

Alright so apparently this is a puzzle mission.

If you look at your Combat Chart you will notice Anakin has a greatly reduced
move list. The Basic Moves are still there but all other categories are replaced
with what seems to be your Critical Attack movelist. So get familiar with it
fast should you encounter some opposition.

Now you have to jump carefully, you cannot fall into the lava below or else you
will die instantly. There will be no second chances even with a full health bar.


What this means is that in the regular storyline missions if you got too close
to the edge of a catwalk or platform or something, you wouldnt fall off. An
invisible wall would be preventing that, this is not the case for this level. If
you go too far you will fall. So be careful.


What this means is you cannot go to the edge, jump up and just try to clear the
gap. You need a running start, otherwise you will not make it across. So take a
running start and when you hit the black line on the platform jump. You should
land in the middle of the next platform. So once you get to the next platform,
back up a little, get a running start and do it again for the next platform.

The upcoming one will be moving, so back up and wait for the platform to be
lowered past your platform. (By the time you start running the platform should
be below your platform and still moving downwards). Jump across.

If you miss... you may get lucky and actually clear the platform all together.

Ride it upwards, defeat the Battle Droids and Neimodian Guard, run to the
platform ahead of you and pick it up at the Pipe section in the next part. I
think actually missing the Platform is quicker than hitting it.

I missed it my first time and still landed on the catwalk. When you get on the
catwalk there will be an enemy nearby.

You cant really see him, but he will speak and you will hear the blasts from the
gun, but you wont be able to see the laser beams. So just use Force Grasp and
toss him out of your way. Then a Force Jump icon will appear, so use it.

You will be on a very narrow pipe, you will see a moving platform to the rear of
you. Ignore it and do a hop to the catwalk that is in front (but below) you.

Slash the cables to your right to raise the platform and bridge the gap in the
catwalk. You can use the explosives to throw at the enemies or just throw the
enemies yourself using Force Grasp. Run across the 2 bridged gaps and you'll see
a terminal, use it to get the platforms moving up and down. It will only do it
once so if you miss your chance use the terminal again. You'll get a warm
welcoming party on the catwalk, and it will come from both sides... several
times... from both your catwalk and the one across from you. So destroy them all
and eventually they'll stop coming. (If you want to conserve Force Power, Force
Grasp the enemies across from you and press O, it will slam the Droid into
another Droid or two saving you some time and Force). Once thats done, jump up
and lightsaber throw the 2 cables on both the left and right side of the catwalk
to bridge the gap in the middle. Get a running start and jump to the one in the
middle, and then get another running start to get to the next catwalk.


They'll climb up on the catwalk across from you and then they'll jump to the one
you are on. DO NOT GET PUSHED OFF THE CATWALK. Use your Force Grasp to throw
them around if you have to and then use Force Lightning on the one still

Why? Their catwalk is bigger and has a few railings and walls, so if you get in
trouble, you're less likely to get knocked off. Once you get rid of them, you'll
probably need to stay here and Force Heal for a little while.

Once you're healed, get a running start and jump across to the platform ahead of
you. You can run across the pipes, dont worry about falling in the small gaps
in them. Its safe. So get a nice running start and jump across. The next one
will be moving up and down also, just not in the same pattern as you. So wait
for the right moment, the best time is when the next platform is paused at the
bottom and yours is rising. So jump across to get a new objective and a nice
little battle against the Neimoidians. If you want too you can just stay on your
platform and use your Force Powers to take them out from a safe distance.

Throwing around the Neimoidian Bodyguard doesnt work out too well, they'll just
stick to the wall and fall down. So use Force Lightning on them, unless there
happens to be another enemy around, then you can just toss them into each other.

Once you get on the platform you'll have to deal with 2 turrets and several
enemies, you dont even have to finish them off, just do what you can and you'll
eventually get a brief cutscene and you'll be done the mission.

04 - Size Matters Not
The Clone Troopers have betrayed the Jedi and overtaken the Temple.
Searching the Temple's ruins and seperated from Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda faces an
almost overwhelming wave of Clone Soldiers.

Character: Yoda
Location: Coruscant

1. Defeat Clone Troopers
2. Defeat Clone Assassins

Finally! The level everyone has been waiting for. You get to control the Master
Jedi, Yoda!

When you first start out you wont have control, it will be an ingame cutscene
of your opposition making their grand entrance.

Yoda has no Combat Chart, so we can only assume he is not cable of Grapple and
such, so just do some button mashing.

Yoda has his good points and his bad points. His method of travel is to jump
around like a nutcase. However this is a good thing as it makes it harder for
the Clone Troopers to hit him with their blasts. This also makes him a bit wild
and hard to control, you'll quickly learn to master it though. Yodas attacks are
fast and accurate and if you start swinging there is little to no chance of any
enemy getting within reaching distance of you. So just go nuts.

This is going to be a straight out brawl. You will have little time to play
around with your attacks because there will be Clone Troopers by the dozens that
drop in from various points of the room (Windows, ceiling, hallways) and after
dealing with them for a few minutes you'll have to deal with Clone Blaze
Troopers. These guys are pretty much a joke, thanks to Yodas shortness, their
flames go right over his head and leave them open to several attacks. These guys
are quite useful when building up your skill meter as well because you can still
strike them after you've killed them. You can hit them until the point where
they start to fall to the ground.

Then the Clone Assassins will come. These guys are just plain annoying. They
stand around as you try helplessly to hit their partner. These guys are good at
dodging attacks, their only problem is that while one guy is busy trying to
dodge everything you throw at him (Which he usually does) the others just stand
at a distance waiting. Brute Force is not going to work with this, you'll need
to mix it up. Switch enemies frequently and never stop jumping. This makes you
unpredictable and has a better chance at hitting an enemy. If possible, go for
large groups of Assassins. These guys are hard to hit but easy to kill if you
can. If you get cornered by too many (which shouldnt happen) press R2 to release
a small shockwave of sorts to relieve the pressure.

After killing the last Assassin of the inital wave, use whatever Force you have
left to heal, because another Assassin is about to join your party. Since you
wont be able to switch up your enemies anymore, just jump away, let him stalk
towards you and when he gets ready to do a dash attack, jump forward and hit him
before he can hit you. You can only get one hit in this way, but its easier than
just trying to get a lucky saberstrike to no avail. Or just lure the Assassin
close to you and use R2 (If you have the spare Force Power) to greatly weaken

Once you defeat him you will be done. Congratulation on surviving the onslaught.

05 - Episode IV Death Star
After many years Darth Vader and Ben Kenobi come face to face once more.
By engaging Darth Vader in combat, Ben Kenobi allows Luke Skywalker to escape
certain death.... but at what cost?

Character: Darth Vader
Location: Death Star

1. Defeat Ben Kenobi

This scene took place in the original Star Wars movie, A New Hope. So dont be
freaked if it seems familiar. We all know how this one turned out, so you pretty
much have to win or you risk corrupting the Star Wars universe! >_>

Aggressive as Ben Kenobi is, his attacks are pretty weak. You will get hit alot,
but if you consult your Combat Chart every once in awhile you will realize that
your moves can put Ben Kenobi to shame any day of the week. So make good use
of your Force Powers, and try not to play with Force Choke too often, its just
a waste for the damage it does. Unless you just planned on using Force Lightning
while he was laying on the ground.

The only piece of advice I can give you to make this fight even shorter than it
is (Which is really pointless, I mean come on! You're Darth Freakin' Vader!) is
to always have L1 pressed down, Ben Kenobi really likes to use his damn Force

Once you are done this brief fight, enjoy your little blast from the past.

9. Last Words

That marks the end of this game, brief in its gameplay but heavy on the action,
I hope you enjoyed playing the game as much as I did while writing this FAQ.

I'd write "May the Force be with you" but I'm not that much of a nerd...


10. Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I put the cheats?
When you load your game, go to Settings -> Codes.

Is Yoda unlockable in Duel Mode?
No, the only time you can play as Yoda is in a special mission called
Size Matters Not.

How do you unlock the Death Star level?
You have to beat the last level and the alternate last level. (Level 17)

How do you turn off cheats?
Cheats are not saved, so just restart the game.

Whats the reference to Pulp Fiction?
If you play as Mace Windu, before he fights his taunt is "I will strike you down
with great vengence" which is an obvious reference to his charactor in Pulp
Fiction "... And I will strike down upon thee with great vengence..." -Credit
to Ryan Terch (Hangman) for this nice little fact.

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Re: Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith walkthrough

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