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Call of duty: Black Ops

Post by Elwa on 20th December 2010, 21:07

Call of Duty: Black Ops Strategy Guide. For Everything You Needed to Know
By: Elwa

This walkthrough contains opinions, words, and phrases some readers may be
offended by, if you are a pussy stop reading.


This walkthrough will cover the three main pillars that make up Call of Duty:
Black Ops. It covers Multiplayer, Campaign, and Zombies. Along with that it
also contains Cheats, helpful tips, Easter Eggs, and much more. If you have any
questions, complaints, help, or other tips, please, be free to email me anytime
at I hope you find this walkthrough helpful.

Bully: Scholarship Edition Walkthrough:

Table of Contents
Easter Eggs/Other


This section covers the entire campaign, including where all of the hidden
Intel is located. Here is a list of the story missions.

Operation 40
Executive Order
The Defector
Project Nova
Victor Charlie
Crash Site

Operation 40
This is the first mission and where the storyline starts, and Treyarch sure
made one hell of an entrance. You are Alex Mason. You wake up to find yourself
strapped to a chair, being interrogated by some guy behind a one-way mirror. He
asks about some numbers, some swear words are traded between you two, then
finally you get to start the mission.
It starts in some bar in Cuba during the Cold War, and the Bay of Pigs
invasion. You are accompanied by Carlos, Bowman, and Woods. Carlos stays with
you for the first part, and is no longer with you when you cut to the next
scene, but we'll get to that later. Anyways, some dude comes in all high and
mighty, so Woods decides to smash a bottle in his face, and stab a knife in his
hand. Once Woods does that, you will pull out your pistol. Make sure you get
control soon, don't wait for an hour trying to look down your sight to shoot
the guy fumbling for his pistol across the room. Just aim and shoot. Just like
riding a bike. Well after you kill the man across the room, Carlos will throw
you a good machine gun. Wait until your teammates break open the door, then run
out. Make sure to take cover immediately, because the police will be on your
ass (based on Veteran Mode). Shoot the police as fast as you can. Whenever a
new vehicle appears, keep shooting at it until it blows up, it will kill
whoevers inside and will buy you time. You will be out in the street for a few
minutes killing the police until you are told to run into the alley to get in a
car. During the fight, make sure you always have cover, because those pigs are
swarming the street. Anyway, after the fight, run through the alley (hurry your
ass up because reinforcements come and they are shooting up the place with some
big guns) and get into the car. It's a breeze from here on to the end of the
first part of the mission. It will tell you to reverse, and to drive. That's it.
Now for the second part. This part is a little more complicated, but very epic
and fun. You start on a cliff with Bowman and Woods. Hook yourself up to the
zip line they have set up, and slide down it to the other end of the cliff
where Woods and Bowman silently take out two guards. Follow them for a while,
then kill a few guards here and there. It's pretty simple from here. Kill some
guys, go into the house, and then you start busting into the rooms. The first
room you burst into there's going to be a nest of guys, shoot them up in slow
motion. The second room has Castro in it. Shoot him in the head while he's
using a woman as a human shield using your pistol and get a nice trophy of
achievement. After he dies, the woman will try shooting you up, but you'll make
quick work of her. Woods will shoot the door to the left and two guys will fall
dead. After that there's another shootout upstairs while the whole place is on
fire. After the shootout upstairs, run down the staircase and go outside where
the whole Cuban army is waiting for you. It might be a little hard getting
outside with all of the gunfire, just make sure you don't sprint outside and go
prone for cover because you might dive over the cover and get owned by the
Cubans. There's going to be an RPG behind the cover, use it to take out the 50
cal. in the tower. After you take them out, run through the sugar field, and
rappel down the cliff. Rappel as quick as you can because if you don't, Veteran
Mode decides you aren't worthy of life and kills you. Run your ass as fast as
you can through the airfield to the airplane waiting for you (Veteran Mode also
loves killing you during that as well). Get in the airplane and get on the
turret. Shoot any vehicles, soldiers, or turrets firing at you. After a while
they realize they can't lift off because the runway isn't clear. Well, since
Mason is a complete boss he jumps out of the moving plane to get on a turret to
destroy the vehicles blocking the path. Do it quick you're going to be tight on
time. After that there's a cut scene showing that you really didn't kill
Castro, and you are then sent to Vorkuta. Hell of a beginning, right? Yeah,
well the next level is even more badass.

You start off getting in a fight with a Russian guy. That Russian guy happens
to be Viktor Reznov. Remember him? He was the Russian leader that led you
(Dimitri Petrenko) in Call of Duty: World at War. Dimitri also makes an
appearance in this game in a later mission. Anyway, a Vorkuta guard comes to
break up the fight. While Reznov keeps him busy, you hit him in the head with a
rock. It turns out Reznov and you are friends. You have an 8 step plan to
escape Vorkuta, the prison you are in.
Step 1: Secure the Keys
Step 2: Ascend from darkness
Step 3: Rain fire
Step 4: Unleash the horde
Step 5: Skewer the winged beast
Step 6: Wield a fist of iron
Step 7: Raise Hell
Step 8: Freedom
Reznov will take the unconscious guard's keys and step 1 is complete. You then
require a knife and will start step 2. Run with Reznov up to the elevator. You
will have to stab one guard with the knife, and that's about it. Down the
tunnel you're going to meet Sergei, a total beast at life. Reach the elevator
with Reznov and other prisoners and wait until you get to the top. At the top
Sergei takes an axe and slaughters a guard. Pick up the guard's gun and move
with the group to the large metal door. Stand to the side with Reznov as the
group of prisoners open the door. As soon as the door is opened, the whole
group is shot dead. Run with Sergei and Reznov behind a coal cart. While they
push the cart, shoot any guards that try to kill you. Make sure you're behind
the cart at all times, and follow Reznov's warnings to hear if any guards are
coming. After that go with them into the building. Run up the stairs to find
two prisoners waiting for you with a big ass slingshot. You need to take out
the three targets. Remember to hold it back for a long time, aim high, and if
you do it in 3 shots you get a trophy/achievement. If you have the Wii version
there will be a crossbow instead, and four targets (Rain Fire). After you're
done there, go back down and grab the shotgun from the ammo closet. There's
going to be another shootout. Take advantage of any cover you can find, and
steal a dead guard's AK47 if you prefer to use it over the shot gun (Unleash
the Horde). After the shootout, you're going to be lead onto a balcony. Quickly
grab the harpoon gun, and shoot the hovering helicopter (Skewer the Winged
Beast). It will crash, also giving you a way to hop over the railing of the
balcony and allow you to proceed to next step. You will go into another
building, after killing some guards, they will try to close the big door to the
flamethrower (which Reznov needs). Sergei will hold up the door as you slide
under it, but the door will eventually fall on him. Run into the small control
room and open the door again. Sergei has died but that doesn't stop you.
Continue with Reznov, shooting up all the guards. Never forget cover. It is
your best friend while playing the campaign. Eventually you will get lead into
a small garage. Reznov will grab the flamethrower, while you and two other
prisoners have to kill 3 heavily armored guards (Wield a Fist of Iron). Go for
headshots to kill them quickly. After that go with Reznov and cover him while
he opens the metal door to the ammo bunker. To the right there should be a
small metal wall with a slit in the top. Use it for cover. This part is pretty
sketchy but as long as you stay behind cover you should be fine. After Reznov
opens the door, grab the mini gun (hell yeah) and Raise Hell. Basically be a
boss and own everything and anything in your path. Eventually they're going to
throw tear gas and Reznov will have to save you from the smoke. You're then
going to find yourself in a garage with Reznov. Get on the motorcycle and fly
through the window. Use your shotgun (L1/LT or whatever), and shoot any bastard
that gets in your way. Then Ride up to a moving truck and jump on. Reznov will
get the wheel. Use the turret on the back to kill the pursuing motorcyclists,
drivers, and helicopter. After that Reznov will tell you to jump onto the
train, do it (Freedom). Reznov doesn't come, he stays inside of the truck while
you escape.
Mason: "Step eight, Reznov, Freedom!
Reznov: "For you Mason, not for me"

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Re: Call of duty: Black Ops

Post by Elwa on 20th December 2010, 21:08

You don't need me to walk you through this one. If you do, then you need to
stop reading this walkthrough, and go into a corner and scribble in a coloring
book for a while. The whole mission is basically a cut scene. There are many
Easter eggs, though so be sure to check that out later in the guide.

Executive Order
You start out with Woods, go with him for a bit, and you'll find out that
Weaver has been compromised. Continue with Woods and you approach 2 Russian
soldiers. Sneak up behind the left one and ram a knife into his skull with the
melee button. After that carry his body over to the side, where you steal his
uniform. Continue up the path and you will meet Bowman and Brooks, killing two
more Russians. Then walk with them to a building. Wait for Bowman and Brooks to
lead the two soldiers away from the door. Woods will break the door with his
foot. Go in and melee the first guy you see, smashing his head into a glass
recorder thingy. Immediately after that go through the crack between the two
recorder things and kill the soldier stand there, Woods should take out another
on left of the door. Remember to check the stairs to the left, sometimes
another soldier comes down. Now this next part may get a little aggravating.
What I did was throw a smoke grenade at the very top of the stairs, and used it
to run up, and take cover. Kill the soldiers up there, it may take a few times.
There is another room you need to do that to as well. You can do the smoke
grenade thing, or you can wait for them to come down, which may take a while.
Either way they have no mercy on Veteran mode and will completely shoot you
down, remember to be careful were you decide to stand or crouch, the smallest
crack they will shot through and kill you. After that, go up the ladder to the
roof. Melee the guy looking over the rail, you will push him over the railing.
Quickly look to your right and shoot the Russian standing there, there will
also be a Russian standing behind you with an itchy trigger fingers, so beware
of him too. Then the fun comes. Woods hands you an explosive-tipped crossbow.
Aim down at the tam requiring your cover and shoot any vehicle or soldiers that
come. Then use the crossbow when prompted to shoot a zip line into the window
where Weaver is being kept. Zip line down and burst through the window. Quickly
shoot the man who has the gun to Weaver's head before taking out the second guy
in the room. Here's where you may get pissed off. Run across the ledge with
Woods and take cover behind the above-ground pipe. Go prone and take out the
Russian's across the gap while shooting under the pipe. Climb up the ladder
with woods, take cover, and take out the other guards. When I played there was
a Dragunov sitting on the ground, so I was like, "Oh hell yeah," and took that
mother. Shoot down the Russians across the way, so after shooting down the
Russians (remember to get behind cover ALWAYS), you're going to approach a
wall, where you plant C4 and blow it up as a rocket blasts off in the distance.
Apparently you had to stop the rocket from blasting off. Whoops. Take the
Valkyrie rockets conveniently placed to the right of you in an electrical box
or something. Use it to blow the shit out of the rocket. Remember to aim for
the bottom of the rocket, not the side. Here's where the mission start to suck.
Well, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. It doesn't suck, it FUCKING sucks.
Bad. You go into some underground tunnel and get ass raped by nonstop enemy
waves. The ONLY fucking way to get out of there is a shit ton of smoke grenades
and cover. Always. Yep that's it. Simple, right? Wrong. You WILL get owned
multiple times. I will do my best to help you though. There will be one
checkpoint that you will restart to so many times you will get sick of Black
Ops in a second. You have to go through a hall or two before you get to it.
You'll know exactly what I'm talking about when you play the level. The
checkpoint is right before a hallway. A Russian will run through the hallway,
kill him. I also recommend you take an AK47 from the ground somewhere. AK47 and
Dragunov is what I recommend you have as your two weapons. After the hallway,
there will be a right turn into a room. You will know this room immediately
because a Russian dives from nowhere and flips over a table, using it for
cover. You can kill him before he flips over the table, but I wouldn't.
Remember to throw a few grenades here and there to take out the guys in the way
back. After you clear the room, there will be another hallway. The entrance to
it will be in the back left of the room. Use smoke grenades for these
motherfuckers. The waves are never ending, so guess what that means. Yes, you
have to keep pushing forward, nonstop until you reach the end. No joke. At one
point there will be a door in the right wall of the hallway leading into a
control room. There will be about 4 Russians in there. Kill the first as he is
visible from outside the room. The second as he comes from the upper part of
the room (you'll see what I mean), and the third will carry a shotgun, so kill
him quick. He will come from the lower part. Take your time under cover in the
room for a while before you go back out. Throw a smoke on your way out to
ensure your survival when you leave the room. Across the hallway from the exit
of the control room to the left a little will be a doorway to a locker room, go
in there and survive a few seconds for a checkpoint. When you get to the
checkpoint the never ending waves will stop. After you kill the remaining
people, it will be very still and at the end of the hallway there will be steam
coming from the ceiling. What you want to do is go into the indent in the wall
with a door in it (you cannot open) on the left wall, right before the steam
starts. When you do that about 4 heavily armored dude with gas mask will come
from the steam, stay in the indent and shoot them quickly. Then run into the
steam and the mission is finally over. Good fucking luck.

This mission gets annoying too. In the beginning you are listening to Fortunate
Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival (awesome song, but wasn't recorded until
1969, the mission takes place in 68') while Woods drops in from a helicopter,
some shit goes down, your jeep flips over, the NVA invades the base, and some
more stuff I'm too lazy to explain. But basically the only part you may need
help on is when you, Woods and Hudson go down a ladder to the hill that the NVA
has taken over. A soldier informs Woods about how their getting owned on the
hill. Woods will go, "Marines, hold your positions! Let's fucking go!" or
something like that. Don't fucking go. If you fucking go, you will get fucking
owned. What you want to do is stay behind the short wooden wall. Take out as
many NVA as you can see as quickly as you can. Going down the hill to meet up
with Woods and Hudson is a gamble. It's about a 60/40 chance you'll make it
down the hill and to cover alive. If you do, look to your right, there will be
an ammo bunker with some NVA swarming it, kill them all and sprint into it.
Sometimes there's an NVA inside the bunker in the corner, watch out. There are
grenades on the shelf/window in the front of the bunker. Go out of the bunker
and take cover. Here's a fun part, you need to sprint and jump down into a
ditch. Yep. You will most likely die 1000 times before you get it right. Sprint
and jump into the ditch/bunker right in front of the cover by the ammo bunker.
Don't dolphin dive, you will probably get owned. After you chill and heal down
there (Watch out, the NVA likes to shoot at you through the windows in the
bunker. Look outside of it and two more NVA will be there, take them out, then
when the coast is clear…well, as clear as you can make it, get your ass over
the ditch and to the barrel full of napalm sitting on the ledge. Run up to it
and press the action button and Mason will set off the napalm and send it down
the hill. As soon as you regain control of Mason, go prone and crawl backwards
so you don't get shot up, then get back to the cover. Continue down the ditch
and you'll see another barrel. Do the same thing, and remember to go prone. By
the way, you get a checkpoint after each barrel (thank god). So then make your
way down the path to the burnt hill. I can't give you any tips for this really
other than to stay under cover as much as possible and pray Veteran Mode has
mercy on your soul. At the top of the hill when you get up there, you're going
to get bombed and will get knocked down with nothing but a revolver as your
weapon. You'll see an NVA soldier attacking Hudson, and Woods coming behind him
to kill him, but his gun jams. The NVA will almost kill Woods, but then you
whip out your trusty Python in time and shoot him. Then you come to the next
part. Get on the back of the jeep and you can either use the noob tube or heavy
duty machine gun to take out any straggler NVA soldiers. At some points you
will have to use Valkyrie Rockets to shoot down tanks. If you use six rockets
on all six tanks, no more, you will get an Achievement/Trophy. And it's the end
of the mission from there, and just how it started, it fades out with Fortunate
Son playing in the back.

The Defector
This mission takes a break from the one-checkpoint frustration missions that
the past two were. You will be rappelling down from a helicopter and will crash
into a building with Woods. He will take an enemy's gun, shoot him, and another
person with it (boss). He will hand you it, it's a SPAS-12 (even though the
SPAS-12 wasn't invented until 1979-2000). When you use it, it turns into a
beast, called Dragon's Breath. It basically destroys anything in it's path, and
sets guys on fire when you shoot them. After going through some rooms with your
team, you will come to point where you have to breach a door. An enemy will
jump on you, but Reznov will jump out of nowhere and kill him. Reznov is
referred to as "The Defector" by the interrogator (he isn't, the real Defector
is dead, sitting up against a desk, holding files with a bullet in his head in
the room you meet Reznov in). Reznov tells you that Dragovich is going to
attack America. After that, you go outside with your team and Reznov. This part
is a little difficult, but not too hard. Just call in airstrikes on buildings
and a tank at one point. The end of the mission is where it gets intense. You
and your team are trapped, at a dead end waiting for an evac. What you want to
do is go to the back right and up a ramp onto a ledge, another soldier will be
standing there. That's your best chance of surviving. One wave will attack,
then when the second wave starts, a boat evac comes. Sprint as quick as you can
to the very back, where the huge metal fence used to be, and jump onto the
boat. Mission accomplished.

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Re: Call of duty: Black Ops

Post by Elwa on 20th December 2010, 21:09

This mission is epic. You start out torturing Dr. Clark, you do some cool
torture stuff like breaking a window, putting a piece of broken glass in his
mouth and punching him in the face. If you look in the distance out the window,
you can see a Spetsnaz soldier run across a rooftop, then weaver will look out
the window and pull out his gun, curiously. After that the Spetsnaz will break
through the windows. What you want to do is throw all your grenades down the
hallway, breaking all of the Nova 6 canisters. Make sure to get them all, after
that, turn to your right and go into a little office place. On the bench there
should be an Intel, and if you turn around and look on the opposite bench,
there will be a large tape recorder thing, if it is open, hold the action
button, if it's not, you didn't get all of the Nova 6 canisters. Restart the
level. Now, if it is open and you pressed the action button, your screen should
shake, that means you did it right. Leave the office place and go up the escape
ladder. Remember to do it quickly so you don't die from the Nova 6 gas. Use
only your dual pistols so you can get an achievement/trophy. Continue down the
hall with Weaver and Clark, you will eventually get to a rooftop. Run across
and to the right and get to the right corner of the roof. Sprint and jump off
of the roof, it will put you in slow motion as you are falling. Shoot the gas
barrel on the opposite roof. It will explode and take out the Spetsnaz on the
roof so you look like more of a badass. Wait until Weaver and Clark get there,
they will move a fridge and will expose a weapon stash. It has the G11,
Kiparis, and even the Grim Reaper. But that's not the best weapon there. You
probably are wondering why you had to get that dumb tape from the recorder in
the beginning. Well, if you take a left as soon as you get into the stash,
there will be and open recorder (if you did it right) press the action button
and it will close. After the screen shakes, the fucking Thundergun (a Wonder
Weapon, like the and the Ray Gun, Wunderwaffe DG-2, Winter's Howl, and Monkey
Bomb) will come out of the wall. It creates a wave of air that owns anything in
it's path. I recommend you don't use it, though, not only does it not have much
ammo, but if you do you won't get the achievement, "Double Trouble". You will,
however still get the achievement if you use the dual wield Kiparis which can
be found in all three of Clarks weapon stashes you will get to throughout the
level, you most likely will not run out of ammo. The mission is straightforward
from here, may be a little difficult at times, but you most likely won't need
me. Email me, though if you do need help.

Project Nova
Yes. Oh my fucking god. Yes. This mission, yes, this mission right here brings
your ass back to '45. I think I'm going to cry from shear happiness. Long have
I missed fighting in WWII. Not only that, but you play as Reznov, and get to
see Dimitri, the boss that you played as in World at War. Oh, and there's more.
You get to use the PPSh-41, (my all-time favorite Call of Duty weapon, from all
the series) MP40, Mosin Nagant, STG-44, MG42, Sten, Tokarev, legit RGD-33
grenades, and yes, my old friend the Panzershreck. Oh, it also has the World at
War soundtrack. Not cool enough? Oh well you can also call in mortar strikes,
fight side-by-side with Dimitri, kill Nazis that aren't zombies for once in 3
games, and fight the British for the first time in any CoD game. I am stunned.
Treyarch never seizes to amaze me. Also the level is easy enough that I don't
need to give you any tips, so you won't get any majors spoilers, but there are
some major ones though. I am sad that Chernov is not there, but it is obvious
why he wasn't because of what happened to him in WaW. It is good to fight for
Mother Russia once more.

Victor Charlie
Okay, this mission's beginning is epic. Basically Mason is a boss the whole
first quarter of the mission. You start in a crashed helicopter, and two VC
come to the front window, shoot them quickly with your pistol. Then the chopper
will sink underwater. Renzov will come from underwater and open the door. Swim
up to the boat floating on the water, take the guy standing on it. Use him as a
body shield while killing a bunch of VC with his weapon (boss). Continue the
mission, slicing open VC necks and blowing shit up. When you get to the point
where you need to blow up the semtex, and you will have to get into a shootout
with the VC, there is a way to skip past throwing a grenade into a spider-hole.
If you go left directly after blowing the bomb up, you will be at a small hut.
Kill all the enemies around you, then walk forward. You should be at a large
porch that connects to another bigger hut. You can crawl in prone under the
deck. It take a long time, but the checkpoint at the end is worth it. Keep on
killing VC, and at one point Bowman will want you to use the Grim Reaper (M202)
on the ZPU. Keep the Grim Reaper and continue. Then you are wanted to take care
of the 50 cal. MG across the way. If you use the Grim Reaper you get a
trophy/achievement. Continue the mission and you'll get to a rat hole. You,
Renzov, and a guy named Swift go down into the tunnel, this part is pretty
cool, and it has a lot to do with the story, you will understand why at the end
of the game. Renzov takes a separate path than you and Swift do.
Mason: "God, Renzov, you nearly took a bullet!"
Renzov: "No one fights alone. I will work my way around"
Mason: "Alright, move quietly."
Swift: "What the Lick me's wrong with you? Mason, you need to keep your shit
Swift then gets taken out by a VC and you need to continue the tunnel until you
meet up with Reznov again. When you do, you'll continue through the tunnels. At
one point, there is a left turn, take it. When you do, follow the tunnel and
there should be an Intel resting on the right wall. The mission is
straightforward from here. Escape with Reznov and jump onto the helicopter with
Woods and Bowman.

Crash Site
You start at a base with a bunch of soldiers walking around. Walk over to the
boat with Woods and Bowman. A young dude will already be on the boat, you will
drive it. Symphony for the Devil by The Rolling Stones will start to play (also
an awesome song, even though it was released months after the mission takes
place). Take out all of the things marked while you drive the boat. Keep the
machine gun going at all times, it will never overheat so you can use it as
much as you want. There really isn't much more that's too difficult about this
level, but if you need help, feel free to email me.

This level is badass and challenging, but to be honest there really isn't
anything you need my help with. I recommend you use the explosive crossbow as
much as you can until you get the trophy for 30 kills with it. That's all I can
really say.

This mission has "boss" written all over it. You start off at a table with
Bowman. After he refuses to play Russian roulette, his head gets smashed in
with a lead pipe by a VC. Then Woods gets dragged in. He pulls the trigger, but
doesn't die, when it's your turn, you take the gun on the VC, killing him,
taking his piston and using him a shield from the rest of the VC. Boss. Then
you and Woods continue the level owning everything in your path. You eventually
see a Russian trying to escape. Hill him, then go up the ladder with Woods
outside. Kill the VC surrounding the helicopter, and get in it with Woods. Fly
the chopper around, killing the marked VC enemies. It may get annoying and
frustrating, but there's only one way to do it, there are no hints or anything
I can give you. Shoot. And Kill. And don't die. That's it. When you eventually
land the chopper, you will go into a cave where Reznov and other US soldiers
are in cells. After you take to Reznov, you can hear Woods say, "Mason, what
the Lick me are you doing?" Continue the mission with another shootout, but this
time it's never ending waves so you have to keep pushing forward until you get
to Kravchenko's office. You can see Kravchenko pacing back and forth in his
office through bullet-proof glass getting angry during the shootout. Woods and
Kravchenko will fight, when you get up there, you will be on the ground because
Kravchenko attacked you and kicked you. After Woods stabs the Russian, he will
pull all the pins out of his grenades in a final act of death. Wood will then
tackle him out the window so Mason doesn't die in the explosion. You lose
consciousness for a moment before Reznov helps you back up, then the mission ends.

Holy shit. This mission is not only difficult and frustrating, but it's got a
"no fucking way" kind of ending. The beginning is straightforward, take the
hatchet, hill the guy, kill the guard, avoid the spotlight, and stick with
Reznov. Easy. When you get in the facility, you are going to want the stick to
cover and move fast. Be aware of your surroundings at all times because a
Russian is going to come from fucking nowhere and kill you. You have the
ability to get a trophy from killing seven monkeys in less than ten seconds
called "I hate monkeys". Basically you kill a bunch of Russians, then you get
to Steiner's office. This part is awesome in so many ways. You both rush in
there, after you knock Steiner around a bit, Reznov yells, "My name, is Viktor
Reznov, and I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!" And boom, shoots him in the head, right
before Hudson and Weaver burst through the window. Cool right? Well, now here's
what REALLY happened. Hudson starts in a tank. Use grenades as much as you can,
and try to refrain from using the machine gun, it overheats quickly and is very
annoying. Shoot grenades over each corned before you turn them, also be careful
because you just have a regular health amount, the fact you're in a tank makes
no difference to the amount of damage you can take that you usually do on foot.
Here's a pretty cool, but aggravating part. The Russians unleash the Nova 6 gas
throughout the town. Use your heat sensor scope to kill enemies. Hang back as
often as possible and let your tem go fist, stay out of the line of fire, if
you are shot enough, or one head shot, your suit will rupture, exposing you to
Nova 6 and killing you. You will eventually go into the building that Renzov
and Mason entered and you see the path of destruction they made. You will go
and see only Mason, dressed in Reznov's clothes, about to kill Steiner. As you
and Weaver try to break the glass separating you two, Mason yells, "My name is
Viktor Reznov, and I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!" As you two break in, Steiner is
shot by Mason, then Mason shoots Weaver before getting knocked out by Hudson.
Holy shit, that just fucking happened.

Holy shit, again. This is a cut scene basically. But a very cool one. Also,
when you're in the middle of the level, pause the game and look at your
objectives. Yeah.

Now that Mason remembers where the Nova 6 is going to go down, you, Weaver, and
Hudson lead an attack on the ship. You start in a helicopter. Keep the machine
gun going at all times and use your rockets as much as you can. You will crash
the chopper after shooting down an enemy attack helicopter. Then continue the
mission. Pretty straightforward. You will get to a point where you and Hudson
meet with Weaver below deck to discover that the transmitting station or
whatever is at the seabed. So yes, that mean you and Hudson go underwater and
take it out. After going through room after room, you will get to a point where
you have to enter the numbers into a keyboard, but an explosion make you lose
your balance and slip off of the platform you were standing on, but you grab
onto the edge before you fall. Dragovich emerged from a corner.
Dragovich: "You should have been my finest agent, it would all have been so
much simpler!"
Hudson: "Dragovich!" as he shoots him in the shoulder.
Mason: "It is simple, I'm going to kill you!"
Mason then grabs Dragovich's leg and pulls him over the edge. You both fall
into the water a few inches high. After you bash Dragovich's face in and drown
him in the water, you and Hudson escape. As you are swimming up from the
underwater base, you see the ship sinking under the water as Renzov's voice is
in your head. You swim up to a boat, where Weaver helps you up onto. The final
scene of the game is finished with a view of huge American boats and jet planes
flying above. No, the ending was not nearly as amazing as World at War's, or
Modern Warfare 2's, but the whole story of the campaign makes up for it. I
salute Treyarch for making a game worthy of following up MW2, and I tell any
person who hates this game because for the graphics or some other dumb reason
to go Lick me themselves. The past few CoD games really showed me what Treyarch
and Infinity Ward can create and I salute them both. I am looking forward to
Modern Warfare 3, and the other CoD games that lie ahead. Most people only
judge CoD games by the multiplayer, they also can go Lick me themselves. The
campaign is epic, and Zombies is addicting. Not only that, but CoD Zombies is
the only zombie game that I will happily play over and over. Dead Rising is ok,
and Left 4 Dead is completely overrated and repetitive. The fact the Treyarch
can make the best zombie game out there, with one of the best campaigns, and
the best multiplayer is amazing. I really hoped this helped if you were on
Veteran and got stuck, please if I missed anything, or wanted me to add
anything, or even if you just needed to extra help on a certain part, feel free
to email me, I promise I will do all I can to help you.

Well here are the Intel locations.

Operation 40:
The first Intel is in the room Woods breaks the door open to on a crate across
the room with an RPG leaning against it. The second will be after you kill
Castro, when you are on the upper floor of the house shooting guys. Woods will
take the left and Bowman will take the right. Go with bowman. There will be a
doorway in the right wall. Go in it and you will be in a room, a guy will come
in, so kill him, go into the next room and the Intel will be on the dresser
next to the door. The third will be in a small hangar. After you three run down
the hill after the sugar fields, you will quickly go through a small hangar
before running through the huge airstrip to the large bunker across the field.
Instead of running through it quickly, run to the left and up a metal set of
stairs, on the landing of the stairs the third Intel will be lying there.

When Reznov tell Sergei to open the arms lockers, you will be told to support
the uprising in the south. Run up the stairs and the Intel will be on a file
cabinet in the room. The second will be in the room were Sergei dies. In the
back right of the large room there will be a smaller room, the Intel will be on
a desk in the back. The last one will be in the garage with the motorcycles
that you and Reznov will burst through the window of. Instead of getting on the
motorcycle, go behind Reznov into the back, the Intel should be on the bottom
shelf of a small metal shelving unit.

Executive Order:
The first will be on the third floor of the guard tower on a desk in the back.
The second will be in the room you blow a hole in with C4. It will be on a
control thing in the back. The last one will be on a machine in the control
room to the left while you are fighting through the tunnels.

While you are fighting at the first shootout in the trenches, if you go up the
hill the Intel will be cleverly hidden within a bunch of green crates and
whatnot. The second will be on the window shelf in the ammo bunker. When you
finally get up the burnt hill you will get to a place where there are a bunch
of dead soldiers and you have to go through a burnt up army base. Towards the
end the third Intel will be on a wooden shelf on the right wall.

The Defector:
When you meet Reznov, he will tell you what's up and then will leave the room.
Go with him and on your first right there will be a small room with the Intel
on the desk. In one of the houses across from where the Bottom Feeder is taken
out the second Intel will be on a desk. And the third one will be where you
have to hold your position waiting for the evac to arrive. Before the enemies
star coming go to the north and take a right into a hole in the wall, there
will be an Intel on a desk in the back.

It's in Clark's office where you obtain the tape for the Thundergun, it's
explained in Numbers. The second is after you slide down the roof and go in
slow motion to kill the Spetsnaz coming from below. After you land and kill
them the Intel will be behind a sheet of metal. The last is where you and
Weaver are escaping by jumping from roof to roof. On the last roof where you
jump down, right before you slide down the wooden plank to the bottom, behind
you under the roof above is the Intel.

Project Nova:
The Intel is in the first building you go into to look for Steiner. Upstairs in
the right corner of the room the first Intel will be on the desk. The second is
in a little hangar after you use your mortar strikes, it is in a small room in
the corner. The third is on the deck of the ship that you and two others are
running off of, it is on the ground to the right just before the stairs leading
you to the rope.

Victor Charlie:
After you leave the room where you kill the sleeping VC, the first Intel will
be in the left corner right as you leave the room. The second is after you blow
the semtex. In the hut to the far north the Intel will be in the left corner
behind the table. The final one will be in the rat tunnels. There is a part
where you can go left, if you do the Intel will be on the ground in the path.
It is explained in Victor Charlie.

Crash Site:
The first Intel will be to the left of where you need to get on the boat, it
will be on a large crate. The second will be next to a big rock a few feet in
front of where you get off the boat. The third will be after you jump down from
the wing of the plane into the fiery inside of the plane. Jump down, and turn
around it should be on the ground.

The first will be on a desk in the building where you need to plant the charge,
it won't be in the same room where you have to though. The second will be where
the shootout happens in the large building and people crash through the
windows. When your upstairs go all the way around until you get to the end and
go into the small room, the Intel will be there. The third will be on a table
to the far left corner of the warehouse that has the barrels of explosives.

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Re: Call of duty: Black Ops

Post by Elwa on 20th December 2010, 21:09

In the room where Woods says: "I want that Russian dead!" the Intel will be on
a shelf by the right wall. The second will be outside where the helicopter is
located. It is on the table with a radio northwest of where you start. The
third is on the left side of the room on a crate in the room before
Kravchenko's office.

The first is directly left of where you killed the guy with a hatchet for the
first time. The second is on a monkey cage in the center place in the circle
room right before you kill Steiner. The third is where you play as Hudson, it
is in a house that is right of where your soldiers are waiting for you in front
of a door to enter a big house.

When you are at a fork in your path take a left and on top of a soda machine
there will be the first Intel. After Mason says: "The pain… oh my god!" and
leaves the morgue room, take a right, not a left and grab the Intel in the
white bucket. The last one is where Mason says: "How many times? Steiner was at
Rebirth Island, we had to kill Steiner!" The Intel will be on the desk at the
very left.

The first one is very well hidden. When you are on the deck of the ship, look
for a large metal rectangle go into it and on your way out look down and left
and the Intel will be sitting there. The next one is also well hidden. After
the locker room below deck, the next room will have a table with large boxes
under it. Go around the table and between two boxes there will be the second
Intel. Then later in the mission, when you're under the boat, Hudson will say,
"Keep moving, we have to stop the broadcast!" Right after he says that you will
enter a very tiny room with a wood desk, the final Intel will be under it.



Zombie has come to define new Treyarch CoD games. With new maps and weapons,
there's a lot more to Zombies than there used to be. I'm going to help you get
to the higher levels in Zombies so you can brag to your friends.

"R-4808n 37 14 06 115 48 40. I hope that you are receiving this transmission
Peter, if not then all has already been lost. You must know by now that we
failed to contain the Asylum and we had to move the experiment here. Location:
the numbers will guide you. The giant must remain *static* at all costs,
repeat, Der Riese must remain at all costs. The DG experiments continue. You're
our only advantage now. Find Doctor Richtofen and Doctor Max, they may know
what's going on. The use of 115 is dangerous at best. I'm not sure how much
longer we can continue here. We've lost most of our best *static* I hope you
get this. I hope I happen to be there too, but I'm almost out of hope. 60 54
06.96 101 55 44.94."
That was the radio message that was played in the Shi No Numa zombie map in
World at War. The numbers mean two things, one is the coordinates of Area 51,
which will be explained later, and the other the date of the Tunguska
explosion. A meteor called Tunguska exploded and landed at Shi No Numa (there
was a real meteor that exploded over Russia in 1908 called Tunguska, rumored
that it could bring the dead to life). The meteor contains Element 115, which
not only brings the zombies to life, but it also gives power to Wonder Weapons
such as the Ray Gun, and Wunderwaffe. 1938206 and 9:21 is written on the walls
in the zombie map Verruckt (WaW). The numbers are a date, 6/24/1938. On that
date a meteor blew up over Pennsylvania, similar to Tungusta. 9:21 is a bible
verse, saying: "Death has climbed through our windows and entered out
fortresses; it has cut off the children from the streets, and the young men
from public squares." A man can be seen hanging in the level Shi No Numa, he is
Peter's friend, let's just call him Hangman. Hangman lost his left hand trying
to turn on the power, because his experiments with Element 115 were getting
really sketchy. After he lost his hand and the zombie problem grew worse, he
needed help, so he tried to get Peter to contact the two doctors that also were
experimenting with Element 115 and zombies. After a while, Hangman couldn't
take it, so he hung himself. What he didn't know was that Peter DID contact the
two doctors. But they were having troubles of their own, not only were the
zombies not cooperating, but now they needed a weapon to kill the zombies. So
they made the WunderWaffe. The WunderWaffe was invented by Dr. Richtofen, Dr.
Max's (a.k.a. Maxis) partner. Maxis created the Ray Gun. There were
experimenting with zombies in Der Reise. The operation was secret and was
called "The Giant". They both created many things such as the Pack-A-Punch and
Soda Perk Machines. They also were working on the Flytrap and the Teleporter
(the Flytrap is a real thing, it has something to do with launching alien
spaceships). They kept doing experiments on machines and on zombies. As they
experimented on trying to make zombies follow commands, they were getting out
of control. Dr. Maxis recorded all of his experiments. He also tried to contact
whoever was funding the operation in an attempt to get more money so the
Wunderwaffe could be used. Maxis also was a father. He got his daughter,
Samantha, a dog, who was pregnant. Maxis then started to experiment on the dog,
and turned it into a zombie dog. Samantha walked in on him experimenting, but
before Maxis could get her away to safety from the dog, Richtofen locked both
of them into a room with the dog, killing them both. Richtofen is insane, also.
After that, Richtofen was contacted by Peter to investigate Shi No Numa and
help his friend. Richtofen went, eager to help because of the excess of Element
115 which Maxis and Richtofen were running out of back at Der Reise. Before
Maxis died he also was concerned because Element 115 was found at Area 51 in
America, so he wanted funding fast in order to beat the American in reanimation
of the dead. Richtofen got to Shi No Numa to find Hangman dead and the zombie
situation out of control. Peter also has died. His grave (Nintendo DS version
only) can be found randomly around Shi No Numa after every location has been
opened, your knife replaced with a shovel, allowing you to dig Peter's grave
and obtain a free WunderWaffe. Three others were sent to Shi No Numa to
investigate what was going on, led by Tank Dempsey so they can extract Peter
and/or Hangman. Two others came in, but it is unknown why, they are. Nikolai
Belinski and Takeo Masaki . Tank parachuted in around the same time Richtofen
and the others arrived. They decided to stick together and try to survive as
long as possible. They were eventually overrun by zombies, so they retreated to
Der Reise. After sticking it out there, they went into the Time Machine that
Richtofen and Maxis had worked on, and were teleported to Kino Der Toten
(Theater of the Dead), where Black Ops finally comes in.
Now after hours of World at War, and searching the internet, this is what I
have come up with. Now if you have read the above and think I am wrong about
any of that, you are probably right. But don't email me because I got a dumb
little piece of information wrong, I thought that it would be cool to have this
in the guide so people at least know what kind of shit's going down in Nazi
Zombies. And I'm not making any of that up, go on the internet, you will see
countless stories extremely similar to this. I just put all of them into one
story, and put it in my idea, and my own words. If you're mad about me putting
this out there, then go cry about it, but I just thought it would be cool if I
did it, and I think it's cool that Treyarch went through all of that work for a
mode in their game that doesn't get the credit that it deserves.

Kino Der Toten
Your main focus is to get as many points as possible before making your way
into the theater. There are many ways to go at this but here's what I do. You
first will want to buy a Quick Revive from the machine behind the bar. I f you
die you will come back to life. Remember to buy one every time you die, but be
careful, you only get a certain amount. That will cost you 500. (If you're with
more than one player at a time, you will get fewer points per round, and the
Quick Revive won't be turned on in the beginning) When zombies come, shoot them
five times in the stomach before you knife them, in order to get the most
points out of your kill. After the first round buy the gun up the stairs (Use
only your knife and pistol if your with other people, and move into the next
room at level 3). Always aim for headshots. ALWAYS. Not only do you get more
points, but they also die faster from headshots. After a few rounds, open the
door underneath the staircase, across from the window. Buy the machine gun on
the wall. Stay in that room for a few levels, including the dog level. After
every dog level there is a Max Ammo Power-Up. Remember that the hallway isn't
the only thing you're covering, you also need to beware of the two windows to
the left and right. Be sure to make a crawler every level after 5, giving you
time to repair windows, and in later levels but perk sodas. To make a crawler,
throw a grenade at a zombies legs, if the grenade blows close to it and if you
get lucky enough , it's legs will blow off and it will be reduced to a slow
crawl. Remember that fast zombies are fat crawlers, and the last zombie from
levels 5 and up will be slow and limping, but if you get near it or hurt it, it
will start to run, making it difficult to make him a crawler. After staying in
that room is too much, make sure you have a good amount of money, far above
5000, then leave through the back door. Also if during a wave they get too
much, open the door so you have a way to escape. You will find yourself
outside. It is hard to stay out there without getting overwhelmed, so I
recommend you immediately buy the gate leading to the next room. But the next
door from that room and you will finally get to the theater. As soon as you
enter, there will be a large switch on the wall to your right, turn it on and
you now have power. At every station where the Random Box can be, there will be
a map of the level, a green light marking where the random box is. Also, the
teleporter can now be used. The teleporter is that big huge glowing machine. Go
into it a and hit the action button, then run up the middle of the aisle and
hit the action button on the glowing pad on the floor. The teleporter is now
active. Make sure to do this before every level, if you don't, or you forget,
it will be your ultimate demise in the medium levels. Now all this should have
been done with a crawler right after you left the room with two windows. Find
the Random Box and get a good weapon. Weapon stats are right here. (If you have
the emailed version, if not, go to the weapons section further in the guide) If
you still have at least 5000 at this point you are in very good shape. Be sure
to not trade out your pistol for another weapon, and I will tell you why later.
Kill the crawler with a headshot and return to the theater, once zombies start
coming in, go into the teleporter and hold the action button. You will be taken
to the projector room. You can upgrade your weapon in the Pack-A-Punch, and you
can buy grenades. First of all, upgrade your pistols. You will get dual wield
rocket pistols. You also can get crawler using there by shooting zombie's feet.
Look out the window in the room and you will see all the zombies waiting in a
huge crowd for you. Use your pistols and kill them all. If you don't have the
pistols and went in without 5000,(which you should've done, even without the
points) take advantage of the grenades on the wall and use them instead. You
get a grenade every level for free. Then go into the main lobby and shoot up
the zombies, remember a crawler and to turn on the machine. The machine needs
to wait a few minutes to cool down after every use, and always needs to be
turned on again. After you do that a few rounds, upgrade your good gun you got
from the Random Box. Any money at that point will go to ammo, traps, and perks.
Get the Juggernaug and the Speed Cola perks. Now here's where you have to
change your game (in the 30's). Spend your money on the box, trying to get the
Thundergun. Choose which weapon to get rid of, and upgrade it to turn it into
the Zeuscannon. From this round what you need to do is run in a circle. Go from
the theater, to the lobby, to the two window room, to the alley, to the other
room, and back into the theater. When whatever weapon you kept runs out of
ammo, buy the machine gun you had a long time ago, and get more ammo every lap.
Forget about crawler, but keep getting a Quick Revive if you still can. Turn on
traps and shoot at the zombies that run into them with your machine gun, use
the Zeuscannon when it gets sketchy. Continue this strategy for as long as you can.

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Re: Call of duty: Black Ops

Post by Elwa on 20th December 2010, 21:10

I don't like this map as much as the other one, but I will tell you the basics
of it. Stay in the first room for two levels, go into the next room/hallway and
buy the gun on the wall. After a few rounds open up the elevator and camp in
there as the zombies come at you. When it gets sketchy quickly spend 250 to go
down to the lower floor. You can use this elevator to go up and down as much as
you want, but it will always cost you a small charge of 250. You will be in a
lower pentagon shaped place. I don't like staying here with a bad gun because
if you do it's easy to get overwhelmed by both sides unless you have more than
one player, but it's still not very smart. I recommend to open the lower part
and then find the large elevator and go down it to the basement. Find the power
so you can get to the Perk Machines and to the Pack-A-Punch. Also beware, there
is no dogs in this one, the Pentagon Thief is the substitute. He is a red glow
of numbers and will track you down and steal the weapon you are carrying. Make
sure if you are to fight him in the first few levels, you should take out a
crappy cheap weapon when he gets close, but a better weapon when he is far
enough to shoot. Killing him works the best using Wonder Weapons. On the lowest
floor, the third, go straight down the hallway and take a left after you pass
the crossroad, the power should be in there. You will then have to return to
the lower pentagon shaped place and turn on 4 DEFCON switches. When you do that
a portal will open up on that floor, go through it and you will be in the
Pack-A-Punch room. This room is actually better than the projector room in Kino
Der Toten because you may stay in there as long as you want. When you are ready
to leave, there will be a door in the room. All the zombies will be waiting on
the other side. A Winter's Howl or a Thundergun will be nice for the horde that
will come. Once you leave the door you cannot come back until you turn the
DEFCON switches on again. For later levels I recommend you keep using the
elevator system and activating traps as it will be extremely difficult and in
extremely later levels impossible. The Thief is a pain in the ass, but other
than that it's pretty simple and fun, but I prefer Kino Der Toten.

Dead Ops Arcade
You can unlock this by typing in DOA in the Computer Terminal. It is a fun mini
game and is a time killer. Take advantage of the "sprint" button when things
get sketchy.

Perk-A-Cola Machines
These cola machines get you perks that will help you in Zombie mode
Juggernaug: It costs 2500 points, increasing your health to 4 hits instead of
2. Probably the most important perk in Nazi Zombies
Quick Revive: This also is a very important perk. It allows you to revive
teammates x4 quicker, costing 1500. If you are playing solo, it will let you
get back up when you're down. While your down it also gives you dual wield
Pack-A-Punched pistols in case there are too many zombies to handle.
Double Tap Root Beer: I say this perk is a waste of 2000 points. It increases
the rate of fire between bullets shot. It makes you drain your ammo VERY fast.
If you are using shotgun or similar weapon it may be helpful, but still I don't
recommend it.
Speed Cola: This perk is probably the second best perk under Juggernaug. It
allows you to build barriers and reload faster. It is very helpful, especially
when using a China Lake or some sort of rocket launcher. Buy Juggernaug before
so you don't waste your 3000 points.

Pack-A-Punch Machine
This machine is extremely important, especially in the later levels of Zombies.
It will upgrade any gun (including Wonder Weapons) and double it's ammo
capacity. It will give the gun an extra attachment like a red dot or something,
increase the damage and rate of fire for. The machine costs 5000 to use. All of
the gun's stats when Pack-A-Punched are located in the Weapons section.

Random Box
This is a wooden box found in every Nazi Zombie map. It costs 950 and will give
you a random weapon. The box in most cases will give you better weapons than
the ones you can find on the walls. It is almost always worth the 950
investment if you get a good enough gun. It also is frustrating, giving you a
sniper rifle or a pistol, but that's what the risk is all about. After a few
uses, a teddy bear (Samantha's old toy) will come out instead of a gun, moving
the box to a different location around the map.

Power Ups
Insta-Kill: Kill zombies with one shot with any weapon

Double Points: Double points earned by repairing windows and killing zombies

Max Ammo: Give you maximum capacity of ammo you can carry. Reload your weapon
before you get it

Nuke (Ka-Boom): Kills all current zombies in the map, not the ones still coming
through the windows. It also gives 400 points to every player.

Carpenter: Fixes all windows

Fire Sale: Reduces price of the Mystery Box from 950 to 10 and makes the box
available in every possible spawning point for a limited amount of time.

Death Machine: (Can only get in Five) Gives unlimited ammo for 30 seconds, but
no one can be revived during the 30 seconds

Bonfire Sale: (only in Five) Same as fire sale, but also allows instant access
to the Pack-A-Punch room, and lowers the price from 5000 to 1000.


I knew at one point I'd have to write about this. This will take A LOT of work,
but I hope it pays off by helping you guys.


"Noob faggot camper!" Yes, you will hear douchebags say this repetitively
because they can't think of any other words to call you. Yes, campers are
annoying. And yes, you have done, continue to do, or will camp. Don't pretend
you don't, because everyone does. Now don't worry, not only will I give you
good camping strategies, but also good strategies for killing those campers.
First thing you're going to want to do if you're camper is get a claymore. I
recommend this over any other equipment, it is very useful, but also can only
be used once per death. Set the claymore in a hard to see, or a place where
someone will not look most likely. Good camping spots are either high places
with a window, or a hot area for enemy movement. High areas are a necessity if
you are sniping. I also recommend the CZ75 as the secondary weapon to any
sniper so you can have an automatic weapon as well as a sniper rifle. Use quick
killstreaks such as an Attack Helicopter or a Spy Plane, because you need to be
on guard at all times. Now when you camp you are basically sending out a "Hey,
motherfuckers, I'm a camper faggot so come up here and stop me" message to the
enemy. Even if an enemy has no intention of going towards the way you are
camping, they will accept your challenge and will do everything in their power
to kill you. So that means after you're done shooting out the window, set up a
claymore by the entrance to your camping spot and keep your sight aimed at all
times. I recommend going prone (a.k.a "Drop Shot") and lie in wait for your
unsuspecting victim. In many cases they will throw a flashbang or some other
sort of tactical grenade in there. When they do, and you're blind, aim up a
little and throw a semtex. They will not see it coming. Make sure when you do
you stay in the place you were before while you were aiming at the door, so the
grenade goes into the door. Whenever you kill the enemy(s) going after you,
change your location in the room. They will most likely watch the kill-cam and
see where you are so they are ready. Surprise is the key. After you run out of
good locations to hide in the room, a fun thing to do is go outside and wit in
the bushes, or maybe go downstairs under the table. People get PISSED. It's
fucking hilarious. Anyway, when you die, which you will eventually from running
out of ammo, flashbang, lucky shot, etc. you want to go back to your old
camping spot because it is very likely your killer is waiting there for you.
Here are some tricks on how to kill the campers now. Campers are clever and
frustrating. The only way to beat a true camper is to be smarter and even more
frustrating. Flashbangs through the windows are useful, but they could do
exactly as I taught you. I recommend you throw one tactical, get in position,
still out of sight, then throw a second. Remember as soon as you enter the
room, just shoot. You will have more luck in killing him than having to locate
his position and aim down your sight. Shooting from the hip is also useful so
you can point your gun at the enemy once you do locate him, while you are still
shooting. A fun way to kill a camper is to throw everything you have on your
bet through that window. That means throw a tactical, then a lethal, then
another tactical. If your enemy didn't die, get your ass up there and blow his
head off as fast as you can. Use and RC XD as well, those are hilarious. When
he finally dies, don't go into his spot, that's what he'll be expecting. Lie in
wait in the bushes or something. Then when you kill him a second time from the
bushes, he's going to go to the bushes, notice you are not there, then return
his spot, thinking you left. But alas, you were waiting for him, and now the
claymore you have laid at the top of the stairs is responsible to the severing
of his legs. Oh, what fun you can have with campers. Shotguns are a good way to
piss people off and kill them quickly if you hit them right. RPG's are good for
shooting into the camper's doorway or window, they get annihilated and pissed
off at the same time. Have a nice fucking day .

Here is a list of every weapon, attachment, Black Ops, including Wonder
Weapons. Any weapon that is Classified in Multiplayer can be unlocked after all
other weapons of that category have been bought. All rifles cost 2000, and all
pistols cost 1500.

Assault Rifles

M16 (Level 1)
Enfield (Level 5)
M14 (Level 9)
FAMAS (Level 14)
GALIL (Level 20)
AUG (Level 26)
FN FAL (Level 32)
AK-47 (Level 38)
Commando (Level 44)
G11 (Classified)

Sniper Rifles

Dragunov (Level 10)
WA2000 (Level 10)
L96AW (Level 27)
PSG1 (Classified)

Submachine guns

MP5k (Level 1)
Skorpion (Level 7)
MAC-10 (Level 11)
AK74u (Level 17)
Uzi (Level 23)
PM63 (Level 29)
MPL (Level 35)
Spectre ( Level 41)
Kiparis (Classified)

Light Machine Guns

HK21 (Level 1)
RPK (Level 6)
M60 (Level 21)
Stoner63 (Classified)
Minigun (Care Package Only)


Olympia (Level 1)
Stakeout (Level 8)
SPAS-12 (Level 24)
HS-10 (Classified)
KS-23 (Not in Multiplayer)
Ithaca (Not in Multiplayer)


ASP (Level 1)
M1911 (Level 2)
Makarov (level 4)
Python (Level 18)
CZ75 (Classified)
.357 Magnum (Not in Multiplayer)


M72 LAW (Level 1)
RPG-7 (Level 12)
Strela-3 (Level 30)
China Lake (Level 48)
M202A1 Grim Reaper (Care Package Only)

Assault Rifle Attachments

Extended Mags (500)
Dual Mag (500)
ACOG (750)
Red Dot Sight (750)
Reflex (750)
Masterkey (750)
Flamethrower (1000)
Infrared Scope (1000)
Grenade Launcher (1000)
Suppressor (2000)

Pistol Attachments

ACOG (750)
Snub Nose (750)
Speed Reloader (750)
Dual Wield (1000)
Upgraded Iron Sights (250)
Full Auto (2000, Only for CZ75)

Lethal Grenades

Frag Grenade (Free)
Semtex (1000)
Tomahawk (1000)

Tactical Grenades

Willy Pete(Free)
Nova Gas (750)
Flash Bang (750)
Concussion (750)
Decoy (750)

Alternate Ammo

Dragon's Breath Shotgun Rounds (Not in Multiplayer)
Explosive Tipped Crossbow Bolts


Camera Spike (2000)
C4 (2000)
Tactical Insertion (2500)
Jammer (2500)
Motion Sensor (3000)
Claymore (3000)


Ballistic Knife (1500, Level 15)
Crossbow (2000, Level 33)
(World at War weapons, listed in Project Nova)

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Re: Call of duty: Black Ops

Post by Elwa on 20th December 2010, 21:11

Custom Reticles

Line with dot
Arrows Horizontal
Arrows Vertical
Arrows with dot
Circle within a circle
Circle with dot
Circle with Crosshairs
Circle with inner line
Circle with outer line
Circle with arrows
Circle with triangles
Outer crosshairs
Small crosshairs
Large crosshairs
Diamond outline
Square outline
3 dots
Outer triangles
X with dot
Ying yang



Wonder Weapons (Nazi Zombies and Numbers Only)

Ray Gun - Porters X2 Ray Gun
The ultimate classic zombie killing weapon. One-hit kills until around wave 17,
then needs to be Pack-A-Punched
Winter's Howl - Winter's Fury
A new Wonder Weapon. Freezes zombies and hurts them. Very useful in later levels.
Thundergun – Zeuscannon
Oh man, what a beast. Great for taking out large crowds when things get sketchy.
Monkey Bomb
Also classic. Always take it from the random box, because you don't replace a
current weapon, and it is very useful for getting zombies away from you.

If you want your emblem to be creative, you should use opposite colors. Make
mirror images of two things but with opposite colors. My old emblem used to be
a man in a black suit with a holding a gun to a man in a white suit pointing a
gun at the black suited man. The white suited man had a black background, while
the black suited man had a black background. Doing things like that makes
people pay attention to you, and it looks fucking awesome. Try to refrain from
making penises. People tend to avoid other people who like penises carved onto
their weapon…

Clan Tags
Here are some cool, funny, immature, and offensive clan tags:

[nail] – Nail
[][][] – Boxes
[-_-] – Serious
[/oo\] – John Lennon
[/--\ - Yoko Ono
[NAZ1] – Nazi
[clan] - Clan
[ohno] – Oh No!
[dbag] – Douche Bag
[Ying] – Ying
[Yang] – Yang
[='.'=] – Bunny
[hobo] – Hobo
[iCod] – Get it? Like iPod?
[DUI]- Death Under Influence
[lolz] – Laugh Out Loud
[cod7] – Black Ops
[ops] – OPS
[gta4] – Grand Theft Auto 4
[9/11] – I'm gonna piss off ALOT of people
[WAR] – We Are Retards
[Grim] – Reaper
[AIDS] – Below
[HIV+] – Up and Down
[STD] – Above
[FAIL] – Country Music
[FTW] – Dragon's Breath
[WIN] – Chuck Norris
[Me>U] – I is Better
[\|/] – Explosion
[NAM] – Vietnam
[xXx] – Porn
[Porn] – xXx
[TRON] – Legacy
[.][.] – Tribute to Pervs
[DARK] – Evil
[EVIL] – Dark
[BBQ] – Barbeque
[>><<] – Center
[O.O] – Big Eyes
[KKK] – Ku Klux Klan
[FCUK] – Hmmm…
[PS3] – PlayStation 3
[XBOX] – Xbox
[360] – Degrees
[GNR] – Guns N' Roses
[p__q] – Weird Face


Lightweight: Faster movement
Lightweight Pro: No falling damage

Scavenger: Picks up ammo and lethal grenades from dead enemies
Scavenger Pro: Doubles starting ammo, picks up tactical grenades

Ghost: Undetectable by Spy Planes
Ghost Pro: Undetectable by aircraft, infrared and sentries. No red cross-hair
or name when targeted

Flak Jacket: Reduce Explosive Damage
Flak Jacket Pro: Deflects fire damage, resets fuses on toss-back grenades

Hardline: One less kill for killstreak
Hardline Pro: Allows player to randomly choose another reward from a Care
Package once

Hardened: Increase bullet penetration
Hardened Pro: Increase damage to enemy killstreaks. Reduces flinch when shot at

Scout: Hold breath longer
Scout Pro: Switch weapons faster

Sleight of Hand: Reload faster
Sleight of Hand Pro: Faster aiming

Warlord: Have 2 attachments on a primary gun
Warlord Pro: Carry one extra lethal and tactical grenade, except Willy Pete

Marathon: Increases sprint duration
Marathon Pro: Unlimited print

Ninja: Quiet movement
Ninja Pro: Enemies become louder, player becomes completely silent

Second Chance: Survive lethal damage and use a pistol while downed, cannot be
Second Chance Pro: Increase bleed out time. Teammates can revive you

Hacker: Detect enemy equipment
Hacker Pro: Booby trap Care Packages, turn enemy equipment friendly, invisible
to Motion Sensors

Tactical Mask: Protect against gas grenades
Tactical Mask Pro: Reduces the effects of enemy flashbang and concussion
grenades, reveals position of a flashed or stunned enemy.


3 Kills- Spy Plane, RC-XD

4 Kills- Counter Spy Plane, SAM Turret

5 Kills- Care Package, Napalm Strike

6 Kills- Mortar Team, Sentry Gun

7 Kills- Attack Helicopter, Valkyrie Rockets

8 Kills- Blackbird, Rolling Thunder

9 Kills- Chopper Gunner

11 Kills- Gunship, Attack Dogs


Firing Range



Death to Dictators
Take down Castro with a headshot.
Ensure your squad escapes safely from Cuba.
Slingshot Kid
Destroy all slingshot targets in 3 attempts.
Give me liberty, or give me death
Escape Vorkuta.
Receive orders from Lancer.
A safer place
Sabotage the Soviet space program.
Tough Economy
Use no more than 6 TOW guided missiles to destroy the tanks in the defense of
Khe Sanh.
Looks don't count
Break the siege in the battle of Khe Sanh.
Raining Pain
Rack up a body count of 20 NVA using air support in Hue City.
The Dragon Within
Kill 10 NVA with Dragon's Breath rounds.
SOG Rules
Retrieve the dossier and the defector from Hue City.
Heavy Hand
Use the Grim Reaper to destroy the MG emplacement.
Up close and personal
Silently take out 3 VC.
Double Trouble
Use only dual wield weapons to escape Kowloon.
Broken English
Escape Kowloon.
Never get off the boat
Find the Soviet connection in Laos.
Guide the squad through the Soviet outpost without them getting killed.
Russian bar-b-q
Incinerate 10 enemies with the flamethrower attachment in the POW compound.
Some wounds never heal
Escape the past.
I hate monkeys
Kill 7 monkeys in under 10 seconds in the Rebirth labs.
Crack the code.
Double Whammy
Destroy both helicopters with one TOW guided missile from the deck of the ship.
Frag Master
Kill 5 enemies with a single frag grenade.
Sally Likes Blood
Demonstrate killer economic sensibilities by taking down 3 enemies with a
single bullet.
Unconventional Warfare
Use the explosive bolts to kill 30 enemies in the campaign.
Closer Analysis
Find all the hidden Intel.
Date Night
Watch a film clip with a friend.
In The Money
Finish 5 Wager Matches 'in the money'.
Ready For Deployment
Reach rank 10 in Basic Training.
Hands Off the Merchandise
Kill the Pentagon thief before it can steal your load-out.
Sacrificial Lamb
Shoot at or be shot by an ally with a Pack-a-Punch crossbow and kill six
zombies with the explosion.
Insert Coin
Access the terminal and battle the forces of the Cosmic Silverback in Dead Ops
Just ask me nicely
Break free from the torture chair.
Eaten by a Grue
Play Zork on the terminal.
Vehicular Slaughter
Destroy all enemies on vehicles during the prison break.
Lord Nelson
Destroy all targets and structures while making your way up the river.
Mr. Black OP
Enter the Soviet relay station undetected.
With extreme prejudice
Get to the POW compound in the Hind using only rockets.
Light Foot
Escape the ship with 2:15 left on the timer in Veteran.
No Leaks
Make it through the NOVA 6 gas without dying on Rebirth Island.
Stand Down
Complete the campaign on any difficulty.
Cold Warrior
Complete 'Operation 40', 'Vorkuta' and 'Executive Order' on Veteran difficulty.
Down and Dirty
Complete 'SOG' and 'The Defector' on Veteran difficulty.
It's your funeral
Complete 'Numbers', 'Project Nova' and 'Victor Charlie' on Veteran difficulty.
Not Today
Complete 'Crash Site', 'WMD' and 'Payback' on Veteran difficulty.
Burn Notice
Complete 'Rebirth' and 'Redemption' on Veteran difficulty.
The Collector
Buy every weapon off the walls in a single Zombies game.
Easy Rhino
In Dead Ops Arcade, use a Speed Boost to blast through 20 or more enemies at
one time.
Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.
Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked

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Re: Call of duty: Black Ops

Post by Elwa on 20th December 2010, 21:11


In order to do cheats, you need to access the computer terminal. In the main
menu, where Mason is strapped into the chair, and your options are on a TV,
press R2 and L2/LT and RT repeatedly and Mason will break from his restraints
and will be able to walk around the room. Walk around the chair and press the
action button by the computer terminal. Here are the cheats.

DOA - Play the super-awesome top-down Smash TV-style Dead Ops Arcade minigame

3ARC INTEL - Unlocks all the Intel in the game for viewing (Disables Closer
Analysis Trophy/Achievement)

3ARC UNLOCK - Unlocks all levels and Zombie Mode levels

ZORK - Unlocks Zork I: The Great Underground Empire (an incredibly great text
adventure from 1980) which you can play on the console

HELP - Gives you a list of commands to interface with the console -- you can
check mail messages and perform other mundane functions, some of which are
listed below

DIR - Gives a list of audio files and pictures which you can open with the CAT
command (e.g. CAT NoteX.txt)

RLOGIN - Log in with username and password (full list of logins below)

FOOBAR - Gives the weird message "Fee Fie Foe Foo!"

ALICIA - Loads "Alicia," a virtual therapist

WHO - Gives a list of login names for use with the RLOGIN function. Basically
it is an access to people emails and files. (See the list below)
Dr. Adrienne Smith | ASMITH - ROXY
Bruce Harris | BHARRIS - GOSKINS
D. King | DKING - MFK
Frank Woods | FWOODS - PHILLY
Gregory Weaver | GWEAVER - GEDEON
John F. Kennedy | JFKENNEDY - LANCER
Joseph Bowman | JBOWMAN - UWD
Jason Hudson | JHUDSON - BRYANT1950
Richard Helms | RHELMS - LEROSEY
Richard Kain | RKAIN - SUNWU
Richard Nixon | RNIXON - CHECKERS
Terrance Brooks | TBROOKS - LAUREN
T. Walker | TWALKER - RADI0
William Raborn | WRABORN – BROMLOW

Enter the RLOGIN DREAMLAND command to login to an account with MJ12 access.
Here are the logins and passwords for MJ12 access:




- In the beginning of the Operation 40 the song playing in the background is
"Quimbara" by Celia Cruz, though it was made in 1974

- If the player jumps to close to the plane's propellers in Operation 40,
he/she will die and the screen will say "Watch your head"

- Woods has no tattoos in Operation 40. He gets them over time

- Mason uses the same first-person model as Nikolai Belinski in Black Ops
Zombie Mode

- In Vorkuta, once exiting the elevator, go to the desk near the gate, Look at
the books on the floor. It will say Edward Richtofen on one of them.

- There was a real uprising in Vorkuta in 1953. Inmates refused to work from
July to August which ended in an estimated 66 killed

- The meeting with Kennedy takes place 12 days before his assassination on
November 22, 1963

- The metal detectors near the entrance of the Pentagon have Treyarch logos on them

- After passing the man at the desk and entering the hallway with all the
Distinguished Heroes and Leaders portraits on the walls, the portrait of the
soldier next to the portrait of the doctor on the left wall is of Major John
Plaster, Treyarch's lead consultant from S.O.G. Two other portraits are CSM
Eric L. Haney (retired), one of the founding members of the U.S. Army's Delta
Force, and Lt Col. Hank Keirsey (retired), Treyarch's Military Consultant. Also
the man at the desk bears a strikingly close resemblance to Gordon Freeman from
the Half-Life series

- In U.S.D.D. One of the pictures in the Distinguished Heroes and Leaders hall,
on one of the pictures on the left it will say "Battle of Midway" and there
will be a picture from the single-player level Black Cats from World at War,
also there is a picture of Sgt. Roebuck to the right and a picture on the
Sherman "Crocodile" in the level Relentless.

- In U.S.D.D., one picture shows a screenshot from Blowtorch and Corkscrew. The
player can see Roebuck, Polonsky and Miller from WaW.

- In one scene in the intro interrogation cut scene of U.S.D.D., you can see
that Mason went under a polygraph examination. The agency security official who
apparently tested him was named C. Miller, who was American character you could
play as in WaW

- While in one of the office rooms in U.S.D.D., Mason will look at a blond
woman named Sarah who Weaver is trying to hook Mason up with, discussed in an
email in the computer terminal

- When Kennedy is in slow-mo the TV monitors in the background show images of
his assassination and funeral. Also, for very few frames, the T.V. cuts to the
Seinfeld episode "The Boyfriend". Not only that, but when Kennedy is in slow
motion, if the player looks to the second monitor from the left in the top row,
it will display Lee Harvey Oswald's mug shot briefly

- As you see the third person view of Mason, Hudson and McNamara walking
through the metal detectors, press the "fire" button and the screen "you have
shot a civilian" will show up

- The real Soyuz 2 did not launch until 1968, 5 years after the mission
Executive Order

- When Woods encountered the two suspicious Russians after going into Russian
uniform in Executive Order, he responds by saying, "Ah, damn dogs...Yes...Yes"
in Russian

- When the player meets with the Marines on the hill after destroying the
T-55's is SOG, there is a Marine who is having a panic attack. You can shoot
him and bullet holes will appear but he will not die

- Several times during the mission, it is possible to find a Pvt. Lamia. This
is a reference to Mark Lamia, head of the Treyarch studios

- During the level it is possible to come across a U.S. Navy Corpsman pulling a
wounded marine, the Corpsman's name is Sgt. Pepper. It is a reference to the
Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (awesome album)

- During The Defector, Reznov uses a Commando. However, during a flashback of
this level during Revelations, Reznov is holding an AK-47, which cannot be
found anywhere during The Defector, which is strange, especially since the NVA
is using the Belgian-made FN FAL instead of the more realistic AK-47

- At the end of Numbers when you are escaping across the rooftops, Weaver says
"...need immediate extraction!" but the subtitles read "distraction"

- If the player looks to the left of where Clarke was being tortured during the
introduction of Numbers, on the windows, they can see that he has scribbled
various numbers and math equations on the glass. Also, just before the Spetsnaz
assault, odd numbers and shapes of various languages are written on his face
during the close-up, but disappear after Weaver pulls out his SPAS-12

- When the player regroups with Dragovich outside the ship in Project Nova, if
the player looks to the right, they will see Kravchenko executing German
prisoners. When Kravchenko attempts to execute the last POW, he will find that
he is out of ammo, forcing him to get the knife from the Soviet that's with
him. Kravchenko will then cut the prisoner's throat

- In Project Nova, when you're walking through the ship's corridors towards the
end of the mission, there will be a dead German hanging from the roof. You can
shoot the rope and make his body fall

-In Project Nova, just before you enter the ship, you can see Nevski jump out
of the way of a falling block of ice

-The PPSh-41s in Project Nova have regular magazines instead of the World at
War drum mags

- The VC that Bowman killed in Victor Charlie may still be partially alive,
because his fingers are twitching

- Before "Sympathy for the Devil" plays on the radio in Crash Site, the man
dedicates the song to a Sgt. Blundell. This is a reference to Jason Blundell,
who worked on the game

- Nova 6 is made with Neodymium, Rhenium and Argon

-The man who does Mason's voice has an Australian accent

-If you attack Reznov while holding the tomahawk in Rebirth, the blood will
come out of Mason. It slowly appears under Mason, and if you move backwards
right after attacking, the blood spatter comes off Mason, not Reznov.

-Nova 6 is green, not orange. The gas mask in Rebirth makes it seem orange.

-In Rebirth, if the player shoots the device hanging from the top of the
chamber in the room that leads to the room that Steiner is in, the chamber
doors will close and release Nova 6 gas, which kills the monkeys in it and
anyone unfortunate enough to be in the chamber. This includes the player if he
is inside, and since this rule applies to the enemy as well, it is strongly
recommended that the player stays clear of the chamber

- After the player punches Hudson in Revelations, if you go to the right of the
torture chair you can see a small T.V. that still is recording the torture
chair, but it shows Mason in it closing his eyes

-The computer terminal is not there in Revelations

-While diving underwater in Redemption, the soundtrack of Bioshock can be heard
in the background

-It is very possible Mason killed JFK and blamed Lee Harvey Oswald. It is
hinted throughout the whole game

-In Kino Der Toten, you can turn on a secret heavy metal song while playing
Zombies. You need to hold the action button on 3 pieces of a meteor throughout
the level. One piece is in the Lobby, it is on a small table/pillar thing in
the corner near the window under the stairs. Another is in the room after the
Alley, on the bookshelf near the window in the back of the room. The last one
is in a pile of turned over clothing racks in the Dressing room. Each emits a
deep alien humming sound.

-You can also turn on Eminem's "Won't Back Down" by holding the action button
on 3 ringing telephones in Five. One in the Pack-A-Punch room, one in the first
room next to the Quick Revive, and one at the bottom level on a desk.

-By shooting off every head of the mannequins in Nuketown in a fast time,
"Symphony for the Devil" will be played over the speakers. The mannequins are
not also always in the same spot, they change every game.

-On the mailboxes in Nuketown, WOODS, MASON, O'BRIEN and many more names are

-You can drive the RC-XD through the small holes in bottoms of certain walls in
all of the multiplayer maps. In Nuketown you follow a track on the outside of
the fence, ramp off of a rock, and enter the other side of the map.



This was extremely fun to write. It took many hours and a lot of research and
playing to finish. Including having to beat it on Veteran, which was a pain. I
would like to thank
That website is amazing and this walkthrough probably wouldn't be possible
without it. I recommend visiting this website to any CoD lover. I would also
love to thank Treyarch and Infinity Ward for killing my brain cells the fast
few years. Every dead cell was worth it. Also, another thing. If you are
reading this guide on the internet, you probably know that it looks like shit,
the formatting's weird, I can't tell this from that, etc.
Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any
questions, comments, concerns, or you simply need help. I love getting fan
emails.. If you have anything you want in the
guide, email me about it. After I get enough new things for an update, I will
add it to the guide, maybe clean up a few things here or there.

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Re: Call of duty: Black Ops

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