Haven - Call Of The King

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Haven - Call Of The King

Post by Elwa on 15th December 2010, 00:16

By Elwa

+ Contents +

- Legal Stuff
- Version History
- About this walkthrough
- Walkthrough
Prologue: The Collapsing Cave
1. The Adventure Begins
1 - 1. Virescent Village
1 - 2. Lift Ride
1 - 3. Virus Mines
1 - 4. Seismech Area
2. Saving Chess
2 - 1. Moonhauler Escape
2 - 2. Darkwater Station
2 - 3. Darkwater Village
2 - 4. Darkwater Village - Extinguishing the flames
2 - 5. Darkwater Lake
2 - 6. Darkwater Lake - Jump and Run
2 - 7. Darkwater Castle
2 - 8. In front of the Overlord
... to be continued ...
- Special Thanks

+ Legal Stuff +

This walkthrough is copyright 2010 by Elwa. It may not
be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any other web site
outside of www.gamecheater.org. It may not
be distributed electronically outside the Gamecheater's web site.

+ Version History +

Version 0.1 - 07.12.2010
Just the launch. There is not much in this walkthrough. Just
legal stuff and a walkthrough through the first two levels of
the game. This version was created in about two hours. There
will come more, much more.

Version 0.2 - 08.12.2010
Completed walkthrough through the first two chapters of the
game. Got through four of the big levels and found three
runes. I did some minor corrections in spelling. More to come
in the next days.

+ About this walkthrough +

I know that this might not be a perfect walkthrough for this
game. If you don't like it please give me some advice per e-
mail about what to improve. My e-mail is gamecheater@live.no.
As you may see I am from Norway so my spelling could be bad
sometimes since English is not my mother tongue. But I hope
this will not create problems at all.

One word about the content of this file: I will post a
complete walkthrough and I will try to post all the secrets
(all locations of keys and runes). But for that I might need
your help as well. I will post requests at the message board.
Everybody who posts info will be quoted in this FAQ, of

And now: I hope this will help you to get through the game
since some of the later levels are quite difficult and tricky.
Enjoy this great game!

+ Walkthrough +

Prologue: The Collapsing Cave

You have to get through a collapsing cave. There is nothing to
worry about, just keep running and double-jump over the holes.
Collect some of the Catana on the floor.


1 - 1. Virescent Village

It is your first job to find three COGWHEELS. But first turn
right. Behind a rock you will find the first KEY. Destroy the
barrel with an energy attack.
Recharge and take out the two guards. Go to the river and step
on the plate before the bridge. You will be taken to the other
side where you will find the first WHEEL.
Walk around and take out the guards. They have the second KEY.
Near the town?s well you find four red barrels and an energy
barrel. Carefully destroy the red ones, then the energy barrel
with an energy jump (it is a little difficult but manageable).
KEY 3 is yours!
For the final two keys you need the shield dragon. Destroy the
red barrels in town. One of these should look different: The
flame at the opening is not constantly red, it changes the
colour all the time. Inside is a shield dragon. Make sure that
you have some shield energy left. Then press the shield button
in order to make the dragon follow you. Guide him to the tree
burning barrels. If you are near enough the dragon will
destroy them - KEY 4.
Now take the dragon to the river canyon. There is a cage.
Imprison him and get on the cage. You see the KEY flying in
the air. Navigate the cage to the KEY and take it.
Now with you having all the KEYS return to the bridge. Stand
under the energy field you used to cross the canyon, jump and
press attack. You will now be taken to the other side again.
Now walk past the houses, you will find another transport
field. Use it to get to the locked barrel. Destroy it with a
jumping attack and you will get the first RUNE.
Now return to town. Go to the well, turn left. You will see a
strange mechanism. It must be filled with shield energy in
order to make it working. Energy balls are placed around the
hill nearby. Or simply jump into the lila barrel and jump out
again (without making a huge jump which makes you loose all
your energy again).
Once you have put 5 energy balls inside the machine it starts
working. Use it to be taken to the second WHEEL.
Return to the well area and take the next path (left). You
will find an area with a shooting artefact. But destroy the
barrels here, first. They contain much nicer artefacts. Go to
first-person-perspective and shoot all the barrels and mines
on the other side off the valley. Once you have finished you
should get the third WHEEL.
Return to the well area and take the last passage you did not
use before. It leads to the mine. Inside, use the COGWHEELS in
order to enable the lift. Enter it.

1 - 2. Lift Ride

I will just write down where you can get hurt:
- left: Water
- left: Fire
- right: Water
- right: Fire
- left: Water
- right: Fire
- right. Water
- right: Big boulder

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Re: Haven - Call Of The King

Post by Elwa on 15th December 2010, 00:17

1 - 3. Virus Mines

Get down. Kill the big monster near the lava waterfall to get
the first KEY. In order to kill it get behind the monster.
Now walk along the lava river. You have to cross it using the
platforms on the river. With some timing, this should be
possible. Jump over the second river as well and carefully
take out the red barrels around the WHEEL. Pick it up. Then
explore the area with all the machines, it should not be a
problem to find the second WHEEL.
You noticed the big platform always rising and sinking? Use it
as an elevator and make your way to the green barrel. The last
jump requires some timing, but it should not be that problem.
Use the two COGWHEELS in order to make the cart operating.
Jump into it and push the buttons displayed on the screen.
Take your time and since there are only two different buttons
you should soon get used to it.
Jump until you find a blinking barrel. Destroy it and the
others. In one barrel there should be a shield dragon. Guide
it to the very edge of the last platform (the right corner)
and jump over the gap. Now go to the very edge of the platform
you are standing now and use your shield. Hopefully the shield
dragon will come to you. Use it to destroy the burning barrel.
You will get KEY 2.
Now you have to pass two machines throwing boulders on your
path. A good method avoiding being hit is that: Wait until the
first machine stops. Then run.
Pick up the artefact. Now simply cross the room but watch out
not to get into the light of the robot in the center of the
In the next passageway you will find more robots. This time
just wait until they stop hitting around with their arms and
pass them.
In the next room take out all the guards on the floor. You get
KEY 3. Now pick up the green artifact and quickly shoot the
monsters with the shields to receive KEY 4. Now get around the
big machine. On the other side there is a path to the reactor.
In order to take it out simply hit all the four red energy
cells in the corners.
A new path will appear. Take it to arrive in a cave. Take out
the guards here and jump in the water in order to pass it
You are in a big hall now. The bridge will collapse and you
will have the opportunity to swim. It is a strange experience
in this game since Haven wants to dive all the time. You have
to use the X-button in order to get to the surface again.
On one of the platforms there is a strange mechanism. You need
5 energy units in order to make it working. Energy cells are
on another platform. Go and fetch them. Once the mechanism
works use it to get to the other side of the bridge.
NOTE: If you want to get the rune in this level, read on. If
not, skip the next paragraphs.
A lightning bolt will block your path. Wait until it is gone,
then move on. Look around and you will notice some barrels on
the other side of the room. Jump onto the construction in the
center of the room, then to the barrels. Use an energy jump to
get the last KEY. Return to the place where the lightning
bolts are. Now pick up five energy balls, pass the lightning
bolt and jump to the central platform once more. Now turn left
and you will see a construction which uses lightning bolts.
Jump around the column to reach it. Once this item will
operate you will be able to return to the side of the bridge
where you came from.
Return to the room which was completely dark. Pick up a light
artefact. You now have to find 5 RED FEATHERS. Two of them are
in barrels in the dark room (make a jump attack to destroy
them). Two are in the air (use the purple barrels to reach
them). The last one is in the passageway you didn?t explore so
far (there are three exits in the dark room). This passage
leads to some kind of bell. Hit it with square button.
Now there is a little flying passage. Avoid all the floaating
mines, they are deadly! Once the flight is over explore the
platform and you will find the locked pot. Destroy it and you
will find the second ARTEFACT! Congratulations! Fall into the
lava and return to the area with the lightning bolt.
REGULAR WALKTHROUGH (continued): Pick up the shooting item and
pass the lightning bolt. Turn right and shoot all the
monsters. Then pass the tunnel.
In the next room quickly jump from pillar to pillar. Be fast
since they will collapse! Jump into the hole on the top

1 - 4. Seismech Area

Oh no, more action: Run through the tunnel. Don?t stop or you
will be buried under the lava. Double-Jump over the hot
barrels. Don?t worry: This passage looks more dangerous than
it actually is. After several tries you will get through it
only in order to fight a ...

Ooooh, this guy is huge! You are standing on one of the
platforms in the lava. Seismech will have two attacks: First
he will hit a platform and make it temporarily disappear. Then
he will try to hit Haven. Then he will repeat the first
attack, and so on. It is quite simple to avoid death. Just
keep moving and collect some of the missle items. When he
attacks you have to get behind the robot and shoot this
blinking round spot at his back. If you hit there will be an
explosion. In order to defeat him you have to hit him five
times. You will manage to do this after several tries, believe

After the fight you have to leave the area. Get up some kind
of a halfpipe. Watch where the crystal balls are and try to
avoid them. The hearts on the way should prevent that you die.

+ 2. Saving Chess +

2 - 1. Moonhauler Escape

Aaaah. Finally. I love these areas. You find yourself on a
train using a big machine gun.
Soon the train will stop and you have to shoot two rocket
launchers (one to the left, one to the right). You can only
hit them when they shoot a missle. So hit them several times,
then destroy the missle. It splits into many pieces, make sure
to get all the pieces in a short time. You will get used to
this kind of enemy soon.
Sometimes there are towers to the left or to the right. There
are minethrowers on them. Take them out but don?t forget to
shoot the mines as well.
There are also some annoying fighters coming from the front.
They shoot with electric shocks. Take them out immediately!
This passage is not too long, you will pass it quite easily.

2 - 2. Darkwater Station

Another boss fight. First you have to take out the two rocket
launchers. You have done that before.
But then four rockets appear. They are your next target. You
can - as usual - hit only the rocket which is marked. Watch
the missles! The boss will start moving which makes it very
hard to hit him. Be patient.
Once the rockets are down you are able to hit the core. After
some time it should explode and you win the fight. Hooray!

2 - 3. Darkwater Village

Oooooops, I fear we have caused some trouble. Your next job is
it to collect five blue FEATHERS.
Okay, let?s try to do this systimatically. First turn right.
After a while you will find a couple of red barrels. Destroy
them. In one barrel you will find the first FEATHER, in the
other one there is a shield dragon. Leave it here for now. We
will find a place to use it later on.
Nearby you will find some stairs leading to a house. There are
more of these red barrels but you will also find a second
Go to the pier. There are some red barrels. In the last barrel
there is a FEATHER. 3 down, 2 to go.
Near the wreck there is a house. On the balcony you will find
an energy barrel with a KEY inside. Turn around and go to
another house (there is a stairway which leads to a higher
Now go to the frightened fisherman?s house (it is this house
on the island. Here you will find the last FEATHER.
NOTE: If you want to find keys, don?t use the feathers right
now. This would end the mission!
Still four keys to find. Difficult, huh? You remember the
shield dragon? Take it to town. On the left the floor rises a
little. Jump on that and behind a house you will find a
burning barrel. KEY 2 is yours.
You can reach the other keys only by using the helipack.
Now go to the pier and hit the blue ballon. Talon will arrive
and help you.

2 - 4. Darkwater City - Extinguishing the flames

First fly around and find the KEYS. One is on the roof of the
fisherman?s house. One other you will find very high in the
air on the roof of a house at the edge of the town (not the
edge where the wreck is, the other side).
And, of course, the final key is on the roof of the town
chief?s house.
But now there is a problem: I don?t know how to open the
locked pot. I already posted a request on the message board.
Perhaps somebody can help me with this.
Once you got all the keys use the rest of your power to
exercise extinguishing flames. Use the radar to locate them.
Then aim for the flames and once your crosshair becomes red
Your energy will not be enough for killing all the flames so
die first. Once your energy is full again fly around and
extinguish all the 38 flames. This is fun!

2 - 5. Darkwater Lake

This may be the easiest level of the game: Just cruise around
and destroy the five structures. There are cubwheels inside.
After that drive to the castle (the green spot on the radar.

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Re: Haven - Call Of The King

Post by Elwa on 15th December 2010, 00:18

2 - 6. Darkwater Lake - Jump and Run

This is a little tricky: You have to collect five red
FEATHERS. Jump to the left platform, then to the center one
(this one does not sink). Turn around and pick up the second
FEATHER. Quickly jump back to the safe platform. Now the real
fun begins: You have to get the final three FEATHERS in ony
try. Watch how the platforms move, then make the four jumps
necessary to reach the shore. Be patient, this passage is
short. Now hit the red bell.
The next passage is a little annoying. You have to make the
platform swing. This requires perfect timing. Walk to the left
and before reaching the end of the platform press the attack
button. Now walk to the right and press attack. Once the
platform swings a little time your walks so that you will hit
the wall at that moment when the platform reaches the lowest
point. It will take a while until you get the timing but just
don?t break your controler. This passage is managable!
Enter Darkwater Castle!

2 - 7. Darkwater Castle

So this is the Overlord?s castle. This is a strange place
Get through the first room and kill the flying guard (hit its
head to get the first KEY. Now load up your shield energy and
use it at the device next to the green barrel. Recharge your
shield energy and use the device. Run through the room with
all these cannons at the walls and collect shield energy in
order to keep the shield up. Hurry through the next room and
press the switch. Now return to the first room (there is a
shield device right before the passageway with all the
Now take the other exit. You are in a passageway with many
flames coming out of the floor. Make sure to check at every
corner that the further way is safe. There are guards at two
points. Only enter the passage when they do not see you!
You arrive in an interesting room. Use the purple ceiling to
get on the other side. Push the red button, then run to the
right exit. Here you find three barrels and a shooting item.
Pick it up, jump on the button and hurry straight through the
room. The forcefield will be activated soon so double-jump the
last few meters. Now quickly shoot the three guards and the
cannon above the passageway.
You arrive in the room with the generator towers. Here you
have to do some pretty long jumps to reach the exit. Good
Once you get through, take out the guard. Fill up your shield
energy and use it at the device. Pick up some more shield
energy. Then use the platforms to get to the next part of the
room. A lightning bolt blocks your way. It will vanish for
some moments after a while, hurry through it. Use the platform
on the left to pass the mines and break the shielded barrel.
If you need shield energy, hit the green spinning top. Now use
the platform to get down. Jump to another platform and exit
the room.
Careful here, it is hot. But no sweat, just a little timing to
get through this room. Don?t waste your time with the guard,
concentrate on the path with all these fireballs flying
around. Try to find out where the fireballs are landing and
avoid them.
In the next room first turn left. Behind this fat ugly monster
(I think it is invincible) there is a shielded barrel
containing a KEY.
Now go to the platform with the lots of mines. There is an
elevator platform behind. Use it and use the next one as well.
Jump to the next room.
This one is actually easier than it looks. Don?t touch the
poisonous water, jump from platform to platform. If the water
is gone you can use the ground as well. Take your time and you
should be safe.
Now you are in a ventilation chamber. Jump on the rotating
ventilation platforms and use the platforms at the wall to
climb up. When you do so the second time it becomes more
difficult: The barrels on the platforms are time bombs! Hurry
up! An easy level will follow, then it is the final store. Hit
the barrel on the very last platform and you will get a KEY.
Proceed, you will pass the locked barrel. Don?t worry, you
will find the last two KEYS very soon...
Fall down the next room. You will find a yellow barrel with a
shooting item in it. If you want to get the last two KEYS you
have to shoot all the guards in the next room. This is a lot
of fun, believe me. Once you have done that collect the last
two KEYS and use them with the locked barrel you saw before.
Your next job is easy: If your shield energy is full, cross
the giant room and load up the device behind the giant hall.
Not enough engergy, huh? No problem. Return to the room where
you found the shooting item. Press the red button and hurry
upstairs. Enter the purple barrel and simply JUMP outside. You
are full of energy now and now you can load up the device
completely. Then step on the glowing plate.
Yeah! Super Monkey Ball! I love this passage. First follow the
path and get used to the controls. Collect the energy cells,
you need them in order to survive. When the path splits up
turn right, it is easier. You will return to the main path
after a while. Follow it down and you should fall into water
eventually. Find the four COGWHEELS here! Two are on the
botton of the water, the third one is in the next room on the
surface. When you enter the room after that one turn left to
see the last one. No sweat. Follow the path and you will enter
the prison area of the castle.

2 - 8. In front of the Overlord

Yes, another boss. I love them. But that you have to fight the
Overlord that early in the game is strange...
First of all: Hit all the machines filled with energy in order
to destroy all the barriers. Once they are all down go to the
Overlord. When he lowers his platform you are able to hit him.
Do this four times.
Gosh! The central barrier fell. Now there are red energy rays
as well. First exit the inner area and check the devices which
store the power supply of the barriers. Hit them all again.
Then go to the Overlord and hit him when he is down. Do this
The next phase is easy. Jump on the new platforms and chase
the Overlord. Try to hit him four times.
The final phase: First check the devices outside the center.
Then jump on the platforms again and chase the boss. But take
care of the red energy rays. Hit him four times to finally
finish him off!

... to be continued ...

+ Special Thanks +

To me for writing this FAQ ;-)))

This point is for everybody who will help me writing this FAQ.
Everybody who helps me will be quoted here.

End of FAQ

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Re: Haven - Call Of The King

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