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Heroes of might and magic III - Complete

Post by Elwa on 31st July 2010, 18:23

Heroes III Cheat Codes

INSTRUCTIONS: When playing a game press TAB, type the CODE and press ENTER.

Codes below only work for HOMM3: The Shadow of Death and Heroes 3: Complete.

Starting off with Monthy Phyton and the Holy Grail (original cheat codes set), moving on to Star Wars in Armageddon's Blade, the Shadow of Death brings to you... The Matrix cheat codes!The following are cheat codes. You will get a message saying "Yourname: Cheater!!!"

nwcredpill Immediate victory, ranks you a "Cheater!!!" in the "Land" column.

nwczion Build all buildings in your castle including the grail building.

nwctrinity Hero gets 5 Archangels in each empty army slot.

nwcagents Hero gets 10 Black Knights in each empty army slot.

nwclotsofguns Hero gains all war machines (Ballista, First Aid Tent, Ammo Cart).

nwcthereisnospoon Hero gets spell book, all spells and 999 current spell points.

nwcneo Hero gains 1 level-up.

nwcnebuchadnezzar Hero gains unlimited movement.

nwcfollowthewhiterabbit Hero gains maximum luck for the rest of the game
(shows "Cheater! +maximum" in the luck menu).

nwcmorpheus Hero gains maximum morale for the rest of the game
(shows "Cheater! +maximum" in the morale menu).

nwcoracle Reveals the grail puzzle map.

nwcwhatisthematrix Reveals the whole map.

nwctheconstruct Gives 100.000 gold and 100 of each other resource.
The following codes are not cheats. You will not get "Yourname: Cheater!!!" message.

nwcbluepill Immediate loss & head chop video. Easier way is just pressing "Esc" Smile

nwcignoranceisbliss New code - hides world map.

nwcphisherprice Brightens colors. When typed second time does nothing, but works on 3rd, 5th, 7th time etc... No way to reverse it I guess Smile

ping Used in multiplayer to determine latency (ping) of other human players. Lower number is better. Ping over 1500 is bad.

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