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Post by Chris on 26th February 2010, 21:23

Weapon Attachments
Grenade Launcher (Assault Rifles only)
Grip (Increases accuracy - Light Machine Guns and Shotguns only)
Rapid Fire (SMG only)
Red Dot Sight
Silencer (Shots do not show up on enemy minimap)
ACOG Scope
FMJ (Increases damage)
Akimbo (Hold two weapons simultaneously - SMG and Machine Pistols only)
Holographic Sight
Heartbeat Sensor
Thermal (A scope which highlights enemies in white)
Tactical Knife (Pistols only)
Extended Mags

Frag – Cookable fragmentation grenades.
Semtex – Timed sticky explosives.
Throwing Knife (lvl. 7) – Throw it and pick it back up.
Tactical Insertion (lvl. 11) – Choose where to respawn.
Blast Shield (lvl. 19) – Increased explosive resistance.
Claymore (lvl. 31) – Anti-personnel mines.
C4 (lvl. 43) – Remote-detonating explosives.


Perk 1

Marathon – Infinite sprint. (Pro: Mantle faster.)
Sleight of Hand – Faster reloading. (Pro: Faster aiming.)
Scavanger (lvl 13) – Resupply from dead bodies. (Pro: Extra mags.)
Bling (lvl 21) – Two primary weapon attachments. (Pro: Two secondary attachments.)
One Man Army (lvl 45) – Swap classes while alive. (Pro: Swap classes faster.)

Perk 2

Stopping Power – Increased bullet damage. (Pro: Extra damage vs. enemy vehicles.)
Lightweight – Move faster. (Pro: Faster knife speed.)
Hardline (lvl. 9) – Perks require one less kill. (Pro: Deathstreaks require one less death.)
Cold-Blooded (lvl. 25) – Undecetable by UAV, air support, sentries, and thermal. (Pro: No red name or crosshair when targeted.)
Danger Close (lvl. 33) - Increases explosive weapons damage. (Pro: Extra air support damage.)

Perk 3

Commando – Increased melee distance. (Pro: No falling damage.)
Steady Aim – Increased hip fire accuracy. (Pro: Hold your breath longer.)
Scrambler (lvl. 17) – Jam enemy radar near you. (Pro: Delays the explosion of enemy claymores.)
Ninja (lvl. 29) – Invisible to heartbeat sensors. (Pro: Move Silently.)
SitRep (lvl. 37) - Detects enemy explosives and tactical insertions. (Pro: Makes enemy footsteps louder.)
Last Stand (lvl. 41) – We haven’t actually unlocked this yet, but we assume it is similar to the Last Stand from CoD 4, which allows a player, upon his death, to take a few shots with his secondary weapon.


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