Xena Warrior Princess

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Xena Warrior Princess

Post by Murtagh on 13th July 2009, 08:58

Xena Warior princess
for Playstation
by Murtagh (gi.devil.faen@gmail.com)

| Xena: Warrior Princess for Playstation (US) |

1) Version History
2) Game Infos
a) Weapons and attacks
b) Strategies
c) Characters
d) Cheats
3) Walkthrough
a) Road to Oebalus
b) Trouble in Oebalus
c) The Pirate King Pactolus
d) Isle of Kronos
e) On the Trail of Gabrielle
f) Valaran's Castle
g) Valaran's Secret
h) The Labyrinth
i) The Renegade Amazon Village
j) Rivers of Blood
k) Lost Temple of the Titans
l) Dyzan's Lair
m) Road to Hades
n) Traps of Charon
o) Hades' Castle
p) The Village of T'ir Na
q) Rescue the Seer, Fei
r) The Lyre of Orpheus
s) The Three Sisters
t) The Challenge
u) The Temple of the Pinnacles
4) Level Prologues
5) Ranking
6) Review of the game
7) Disclaimer
8) Contact Info and Legals

1. Version History

1.0 - Aug 25, 2004 - First version... Just wrote it as I played the game,
my review, and tips
1.1 - Sept 23, 2004 - added tips, more descriptions on the characters

2. Items, Hints and Tips
a) Weapons and attacks

- You have basically 3 moves; sword bashing, kicking and your
trusty Chakram.
- Learn combination; X+[] - is a 360° spinning attack; []+O - 360°
kick attack; X+O - groin kick
- face your enemy and press []+triangle will give you an 'air walk' attack;
it's pretty cool.
- Try the various combination attacks given in the booklet
- Do yourself a favour and do the training and get to know the controls;
especially the chakram.
- You can scout with the chakram if you're not sure what's ahead
- Pay attention to the surroundings
- Look for a sword to appear in the top left corner; if one appears, you
have an enemy coming towards you
- Be sure to read road signs and scrolls! They give valuable hints and clues
on what's coming up
- Karma meter is indicated by the chakram on the bottom right; when filled Xena
is given double-strength attacks
- Remember to save! Press O during the 'Result Screen'
- Enable analog mode on your control and use the right analog for movements
and left analog for camera (it's easier then using L2 and R2)
- Special items like 'Hand of Zeus' and 'Super Chakram' does not carry
over to the next level. Be sure to use them when you get it!

b) Items

- Scrolls; hints and clues of what's coming
- Blue potion/Health vase; recovers health
- Resurrection Jewel; allows Xena to continue from where she is defeated
- Sword upgrade; increases Xena's attack
- Armour upgrade; increases Xena's defense; maximum 4
- Frost biter(blue orb); freezes enemy that Xena strikes
- Golden Shield; gives Xena temporary invincibility
- Hand of Zeus(green orb); Xena shoots lightning bolts from her sword
- Promethean blade (red orb); causes enemy that Xena strikes to burst into
- Super chakram; eliminates ALL enemies on screen

c) Characters

- Our legendary heroine; originally a warlord intended on vengence against
the world but Hercules changed her ways and now she fights for good.
However, everywhere she goes there is always a reminder of her dark past.

- Xena's loyal companion... unfortunately has a tendency to be the target;
she is the Queen of the Amazon by the Rite of Cast. Also known as the
'Battling Bard of Poteidia,' Gabrielle is known for telling stories and
using her staff skillfully.

- The God of War; Xena's #1 fan and constant reminder of her dark past. Tall,
dark and handsome, Ares have always tried to get Xena back to his side.

- God of the Underworld and actually a huge fan of the warrior princess for
bringing him souls.

- Xena's enemy; Kalabrax is an evil sorceress who practiced the art of black
magic and uses it to control the world.

d) Cheats!
For Invincibility - Up, Up, Up, Circle, Square, Up, Right, Left
For Maximum Shield and Attack - Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square,
Square, Up, Up, Up

3. Walkthrough

a) Road to Oebalus

You start off on a road with a scroll in front of you. Approach
the scroll and read it (hurry to Oebalus). It is very important to read
these scrolls as they give you vital info on what's ahead. Once pass
the scroll, you'll hear a voice and footsteps. You can take this pirate
out with your chakram or bash him with your sword. Then read the scroll
on the side (throw Chakram with R1 and X). Keep walking along this pass
and find another post. There is a pirate near here. Take him out and
continue until you meet 2 pirates. They will approach you individually.
After taking out the 2 pirates, you will reach a bridge and another
pirate will approach you. I found the chakram very handy here. After
crossing the bridge, another pirate will attack you. After approach the
signs that says "Welcome to Oebalus. Population: Dropping like flies."
Be cautious after, there will be 3 pirates waiting for you. Followed
by 2 more pirates to the left. I like to use the roll and sword
spinning attacks (R1+direction+square or R1+direction+X).

b) Trouble in Oebalus

Right off the bat, you will have a pirate after you and a fleeing
woman. Approach the scroll to the left (use chakram to save hostages).
The object of this level is to save hostages. You must save 4 of them.
Once you cross the small wooden bridge, you will here "Help! Someone
save me!" use your chakram to take out the pirate and pick up the blue
potion for health. After another pirate will approach from the left. If
you venture just a bit further, another pirate attacks you from the left
where the scroll is (save 4 hostage to open main gate). Also pick up
the super chakram powerup that's behind the scroll. You will hear
another "Help! Save me!" Turn right and use your chakram to take the
pirate out. Then pick up the 2 blue potions on the ground.

Approach the hill but becareful because there will be arrows shooting
from different places. There will be a hostage to the right. So, take
him out with the chakram and pick up 2 blue potion if needed. Becareful
when turning around, there will be 2 pirates coming towards you. After
that take out the last required hostage straight ahead.
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Re: Xena Warrior Princess

Post by Murtagh on 13th July 2009, 08:58

Walk a bit further and you will see a peasent running and a pirate
coming towards you. Take out the pirate but watch for flying arrows.
There will be 2 hostages behind the cart. If you want kick the cart and
it will cause the boat to sink. Behind the house (where the cart was),
there is a Golden Shield. then Head up the road and you will hear "Please,
no!" Take out the pirate and take the blue potion. The road sign says,
"Exit to Main Town Square." Keep walking and you will see the key as well
as a voice that says, "Don't just stand there. Get her!" There will be 3
pirates waiting to attack you. You can easily take them out with dive roll
attack and spinning attack. Approach the gate to end the level.

Tip from Rafi Rizvan (rafirizvan@hotmail.com)
"When u kick the cart and sink the ship u can actually do a running jump
and land on the ship where an inclined board takes u to the top of the
ship where u'll find an Invulnerability shield!
Then u can exit by going a little furthur and jumping of the top corner
and land on a clearing in the wall which connects the first half of the
game and the second with the ship. There also is a health potion. You can
take it - jump to the other side and walk down the inclined pathway and
go back to the area where u can exit to the gate.

It took me quite a few tries before I could land on the ship."

c) The Pirate King Pactolus

Head left right away to read the scroll (seek higer ground). Then turn around
and head right to "The Fisherman's Wharf." There will be a crate tied up
so hit the string to release crate. Jump your way across to the shark.
For some amusement, go hit the shark Wink Keep moving and jump to higher
ground. Once you get to the top, turn left and get the armour upgrade. Then
approach the cart and give it a few good kicks. Enter the opened gate and
there will be a hostage to the right. There's also a blue potion to the left.
So, take out the pirate with the chakram first. Venture a bit further and you
will have 2 more hostage situation. Remember that your best weapon is
your trusty chakram. Pick up the potions that are on the ground. And then
follow the path and there will be 3 pirates waiting for you with a 4th coming.
The Pirate King will be watching on the hill. The sign directs you to
the Main Town Square. There is a blue potion on the opposite side.
A bit further are 2 hostage situations, and there will be a 3rd pirate.
Save the hostages, pick up the key beside the house and approach the gate.

Once you enter 2 pirates will head straight for you. After taking those 2 out
head for the scroll (hit Pactolus with a low blow X+O). There is also
a blue restoration gem to pick up. As soon as you finish reading the scroll
2 pirates will head towards you. Pactolus will automatically head towards
you. Remember to use X+O on him. After finishing off Pactrolus and his goons,
pick up blue potions that are lying around and you will see a cut scene.

d) Isle of Kronos

Once you land, the cyclops will throw large boulders at you. Avoid them and
head away from the boat and pick up the scroll (Escape beach). Right where
you picked up the scroll, make the cyclops throw a boulder towards you and
you will be able to pick up a sword upgrade and a blue potion. There is a road
to Valarian's Castle, like before, get the cyclop to throw boulders at this spot
to open up the path. Take left route and jump across to pick up the resurrection
gem. Watch for loose rocks. Walk up towards the path and Ares will appear.
After the cut scene, the scroll gives you a hint on how to defeat the cyclops.
Head right on the path to Valarian Castle. Once you turn the cyclops appear.
Remember to aim for the eye with the chakram! Once you hit the eye, the
Cyclops will start rubbing his eyes. This is your signal to head towards the
left hand. Hit the fingers and once all 4 fingers are loose. He will fall to
his death.

e) On the Trail of Gabrielle

When the level starts, 2 or 3 warriors will head straight for you. There is
also an archer on top of the hill. Take him out with the chakram. Head a bit
further and few more warriors will attack you along with an archer standing
right behind a road sign (Join the Army!). Jump to the top of the hill and
take out the warrior with the chakram. There is an archer on the far end
so take him out with the chakram. When you head towards the scroll (Valarian
soldier has one weakness), you will hear "Look! It's Xena!" There are 2 paths.

Path A: The one of the left has 4 warriors patrolling plus an archer near
a bunch of cows (you will see them if you scout on the hill with the scroll).
There is also a super chakram behind the tree. At the end of this path,
there will be about 4 soldiers waiting for you.

Path B: The path straight ahead has 4 warriors patrolling and an archer
standing near the cow (same as path A). There is a blue potion on a ledge if
you turn left. If you want, you can use your chakram on the cow and you will
hear "mooo."

You will come to another fork path; the Beehive and the Bridge.

Go to the bridge and you will find a troll standing guard at the bridge. If you
turn around theres a scroll behind the tree (trolls are afraid of bees). Head
back and this time go to the Beehive. 2 archers are standing there but you
can ignore them. What you want here is to head towards the tree. The bee will
come and attack you. Use your roll dive attack and guide the bees to the
trolls. The bridge will break apart as soon as you walk on it. So run across
and the level comes to an end.

f) Valaran's Castle

As soon as it begins, you will see a warrior across the bridge. Go ahead and
take him out with the chakram. But before you go on, turn around and you will
see a super chakram. Just to the left of the bridge is a scroll (break down
the castle gate) Right after you cross the bridge, 2 warriors will head
towards you with a 3rd not far behind. Just a bit further another warrior will
approach you. And just as you kill this warrior, 2 more will come and you will
hear "Destroy her!" Do navigate this path carefully because it has lots of
tight turns. There will be another 2 warriors when you hear "Who's that?" After
finishing off those 2, one more warrior will attack you and the catapults will
start flying. The sign reads the army recruiting office and just as you finish
reading the sign, the wall behind you will break down and more warriors will
head towards you. Go inside this building and find an archer along with a
scroll (break down drawbridge), armour upgrade and resurrection gem.

If you aim is good, you can stand at the bottom of this building and take
out the drawbridge chains with your chakram. Once the bridge is down, head
towards it. But you will be in an army camp. So, take out all the soldiers
and pick up anything (2 hand of Zeus, blue potion) before entering. Be
sure to read the sign!

g) Valaran's Secret

You will have some companies to deal with when the level starts (soliders and
archers). Find the scroll underneath a small stable. The scroll's intruction
is quite vague. What you need to do is turn the catapult 180° so that it is
facing the left of the white building where you picked up the first scroll.
Near the scroll are a super chakram and blue potion. There will be the 2nd
scroll where the building you just catapaulted along with, Hand of Zeus, Super
Chakram, and quite a bit of blue potion but I recommend after dealing with
all the soldiers and archers first.

To take out the archers, you may want to hid behind carts or the catapults for
protection and use your chakram to take out the archers on the top
of the buildings. There are archers hiding inside crates (I'm not sure how they
shoot but they're there). Once you have killed enough the gate will open and 2
heavily armed soldier and a man will come out. But don't take them on because
you can barely do damage to them. If there are still archers shooting arrows,
take them out first. The one you are likely to miss is the one standing on a
ledge on the right side of the gate where the heavily armed warrior came.
There are also blue potion inside the crate if you're running low on health.

The heavily armed warriors are hard but I found kicks are better attacks then
the sword. The low blow and a 3 kick combo is best but watch your health.
As soon as you're low run away. They wont chase after you. After defeating
the 2 heavily armed warrior you will be in a cut scene between Xena and

h) The Labyrinth

Head towards the sign and read it. Then turn about 60° left and you will see
a scroll (how to open torture chamber).

Now, head left and follow it (not much of an labyrinth) and at the end, you will
see a wheel and a corpse wrapped in spider web. Knock the corpse down with the
chakram and the gate will open. Go back to the starting point and head right.
You should watch for the minotaur coming towards you. Be sure to go in every
Nitch in the wall because there are upgrades. Before you head to the
resurrection gem for the final show down with the boss. Keep going to the end
and you'll pick up a blue potion. Now go back to fight the boss. Pick up the
gem and head towards the scroll (hints on how to beat the minotaur). Once
the minotaur is defeated you will head to a cut scene and the level ends.
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Re: Xena Warrior Princess

Post by Murtagh on 13th July 2009, 08:59

i) The Renegade Amazon Village

The Amazon are NOT your ally... so go ahead and give your "buddy" a good
beating. Pick up the scroll and do not let Gabrielle get hurt. Instead of the
sword, you're fighting with the staff. it make take a bit to get use to. Use
your chakram when possible because the Amazons are quite hard to beat
in close combat. There are a few blue potion that heals both Xena and
Gabrielle. There is also a Promethean Blade on the right side of the
village. There is a Frost Biter in the waterfall. Head towards a fire camp
to pick up blue potion, the scroll (hidden key) and Promethean Blade.
The key is hidden in a vase. Before you head towards the exit gate.
There are 2 guarding Amazons throwing bommerangs at the take. So,
take them out with the chakram and exit the gate.

j) Rivers of Blood

Note: You don't have to worry Gabrielle as much as you think. Just make sure
she have about 70% of her health. At times, Gabrielle will come in handy to
help Xena fight some Amazons.

As soon as the level starts, there will be two Amazons heading towards you.
Then head for the scroll (protect Gabrielle and find the Lost Temple Gate).
There is also a staff behind the 2 vases. Head across the wooden bridge
towards the scroll and 2 Amazons will attack you. Read the scroll turn
right. There will be an Amazon throwing a bommerang right beside the
Promethean Blade. I would use caution when moving ahead. These Amazons
are hard to spot and it makes thing even harder when they're throwing
bommerangs at you. There is one Amazon standing at the bridge ahead; take
her out with the chakram. And then another behind the tree and another
on the right side of the hut. (Note: There may be an Amazon in the river
- I will verify that.)

There is an Amazon hiding beside the 2nd bridge. Then head to the middle
island and pick up blue potions. There will be an Amazon standing on the
next wooden bridge. Then there's an Amazon standing on a rock ledge (turn
about 90° left). If you head towards the green orb (super chakram), 2
Amazons will attack you. The vase has a blue potion so break it and pick
it up. Just ask you walk to the middle of the bridge, You will heard
"Attack!" 2 Amazons will be standing at where you picked up the Super
Chakram. Do NOT stand at the bridge or you will be knocked off it. Go
back to the ledge and take them out at with the chakram. Once you cross
the bridge, you will be attacked by the Amazons.

There is a resurrection gem and a sword upgrade on the rock ledge. There
is a ledge beside the waterfall but I haven't figured out how to get across.

k) Lost Temple of the Titans

Pick up the staff that's in front of you and when you keep walking, 2 Amazons
will ambush you. If you jump on the little platform (with a purple patch of
flowers), you can do some scouting. I like to throw the chakram around. It a
great scouting tool without getting hurt. As soon as you get near the scroll,
you will hear "Attack!" Get ready for Amazons and bommerangs. The 2nd scroll
is at the waterfall. Take out all the Amazons before you move on.

After you take out enough Amazons, the Queen finally shows up. And will
approach you to a fight. Try to use as many combos as you can. After a bit,
the Queen will run away. Later, she will return and you can finish the Queen

l) Dyzan's Lair

You will drop into Hades and right there are 2 scrolls right beside you. They
give you hint on how to defeat Dyzan. You MUST get Dyzan into the lava pool
then use your chakram to cause stalatites to fall. I recommend going for
the left scroll first. Do NOT walk into the lava... or else your feet will
get burned. The stalatites do not regenerate so if you ran out, you're outta
luck. 3 hits will kill him. It make take a few times to beat him because
the camera angle is very poor in this level. As soon as you're done, head
for the exit.

m) Road to Hades

As soon as the level starts, an undead shows up. The undead requires to 2 hits
with th chakram before it dies or else the sword will take a bit of time to
finish of these undead. You can also knock the undead into the lava and let the
lava take care of them. After killing the 2 undead, it's some hop, skip and
jump across the laval pool. You can walk on the lava but your feet will be
on fire. Also watch for some flying, screatchy thing (I think they're bats but
they dont look like it). Along the way you will get blue potion, armour upgrade.
Eventually, you will reach a resurrection gem and the 2nd scroll. When you
Reach the platform that rises up and down, take the route on the right. Fight
of the 4 undead and hit the skull (white looking thingie) and this will release
the Golem. Remembering earlier, the scroll said the Golem is easily defeated
by lava. So, try to knock the Golem in. If you kick him enough time, he will
fall in.

n) Traps of Charon

There will be a scroll at the end of the stairs and 2 undead in the middle
island. There are 2 handle on each side. To get to the right handle safely,
there's a stalatites. Aim your chakram there and you will have yourself a nice
jumping platform. When you hit the handel it will cause some platforms on
the right to float but these platforms are timed so, you need to hurry to the
left side to hit the other handle.

Now that the archway is open, head through it. Right across the wooden bridge is
a blue potion. But you will be ambushed by about 10 undead. Watch for crawling
undead, they occur when you hit them and they fall to the ground. For some
reason, the undead also make stupid phrases like "Duh, that hurts." Very Happy

Now head to the left, more undead to kill... Once you're done, walk across the
red bridge (after killing 2 undead and picking up the blue potion and the sword
upgrade), then to the middle bridge and the last red bridge to pick up the
scroll and resurrection gem. And watch the flying things, they can really hurt
you and knock you off the platforms. But they can be blocked. Now jump to
the middle retangular platform and aim your chakram at the skull. This will
turn the platform you're standing on. Now, jump and keep walking until Ares
shows up. After the cut scene, just keep walking and the level ends.

o) Hades' Castle

Head to the end and read the sign. Aim the chakram to the other side of the
Lava pit where the bell is. Jump in. Once across be ready for a fight with
the undead. After dealing with the 2 undead, you can get the blue potion
that is on the left and right (along with Hand of Zeus). You will be at the
fork road. There are 2 blue potion on the right side, so head there first.
Now, head to the left side. There are 5 fire breathing heads. You can time
yourself or run across. But once you're across you will be confronted by
2 Golems. Lure them to where Charon dropped you off and knock the
Golems (either one at a time or both) off. Be cautious about some undead
here. Once done head back to to fire breathing heads and pick up the 2
blue potions that are at the top of the steps. Then go pick up the scroll.
Read the sign and stop on the little alter. The safe path will be shown.
So remember it. If you land on the wrong one, you will be electricuted.

At the end of the path, you will see the 2nd scroll. But before going there,
You might want to pick up the blue potion that is on the left route. Once
you pick up the second scroll (dousing flames). Be very careful of those
ghost figure (wraith). They can kill you with one touch. Now, douse all 7
green lit torches with your chakram. Once all 7 are doused the Wraiths
disappear. Head to the door and pickup the sword upgrade.

p) The Village of T'ir Na

You will slide down the the bottom of the hill where a guard is standing there.
Take him out with the chakram along with a 2nd guard on the left. Then proceed
to the scroll (cross tol bridge). There are 2 road; left side will take you to
the toll bridge and the right side will take you the the bridge control.

Take the route on the right and watch for guards. Find a house that has a sign
in front of it and you will see a lever. This will cause the bridge to come
down but fall into the pit.

Now head back to the left route. The 2nd scroll (sneak up attack) is on the
left route and there will be a frost biter right behind it. Do no try to take
out the guards with sword, try chakram whenever possible. Or dive roll attack.
Once you're done finishing off the guards, jump across to the other side where
3 guards will ambush you. Take them out and walk along the path until you slide
down the hill.

q) Rescue the Seer, Fei

You slide down to the village and there will be 2 guard patrolling near the
scroll (protect the seer). As you keep walking along the wall, you will see
the 2nd scroll (seer held captive). Just as you're done reading, you will see
2 guards at a small bridge. There will be a gate and a sign. The sign points
to the town centre. Walk a bit further and you will pick up the super chakram.
I recommend going around town and taking out all the guards before trying
to save the seer. There is also a Hand of Zeus. Do not use these powerups
until you're protecting the seer. When you hear "Help me" You will have
found the seer. To protect the seer, the dive roll attack is quite handy. Stay
behind the seer a bit and lure the guards towards you. Use your super
chakram and Hands of Zeus when needed when the seer reaches the gate,
the level will be over.

Note: low blows (X+O) works great on these guards... hahaha
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Re: Xena Warrior Princess

Post by Murtagh on 13th July 2009, 09:00

r) The Lyre of Orpheus

When the level starts, you slide down like the previous level then you wll be
attacked by 3 gaurds. Deal with them and pick up the scroll. Also try to get
the golden shield. Now head up the hill and pick up the scroll (ice spell)
and the blue potion.

Walk a bit further and you will fight the boss, the Sorcerer. He has the ice
Spell and fire spell. You should do cartwheel to avoid those. When his
energy is depleted enough, you will be able to hurt him. Once he's defeated
head up the stairs where more guards are waiting for you. Head right along
the snowy path all the way to the end and pick up the blue potion. Now head
back to the temple and go to the left side. You will see a blue crystal. Break
it with the chakram and the temple door will open. You can forget the blue
potion unless you really need it. Now head for the temple door (the side
doors on the right).

In the temple you will fight the Sorcerer again but instead, you need to match
the stone piece with the corresponding piece on the wall. But watch for his
lighting attack. If you have saved up your golden shield. This will be the best
place to use it. When all the symbols are matched, he would be electrocuted.

s) The Three Sisters

This level is almost like the training level.

Read the scroll that is in front of you (watch for gorgan). The gorgan will
appear when you reach the platform. Use the chakram to hit the gorgan then run
towards her and attack. When she regains her sight, run for cover or else Xena
will be turned into stone. Repeat until the gorgan is dead and the gate will

Beyond the gate is the 2nd scroll (dryads). The dryads can be taken out with
the chakram with one shot but because they fly in the air. It might take some
practice to hit the dryads. Try using the rock to bouce the chakram. After
getting rid of the dryads, you will reach the 2nd platform and face the 2nd
gorgan monster. First, head for the resurrection gem and like before use the
chakram against the gorgan. When the gorgan is defeated, break all the
vase and pick up all the items.

Advance to the 2nd gate to fight the last gorgan. She is hiding in the small
entrance. This time you will have to deal with the gorgan AND a dryad. After
the gorgan is defeated, the 3rd gate will open.

Beyond this 3rd gate is 3 dryads, so take them out. You might want to try just
throwing your chakram and let it hit the dryad or stand your back against the
temple ruins. This will force the dryads to be in front of you. After defeating
the dryads, jump on the the hexegonal platform.

t) The Challenge

Head for the scroll (lyre is the key). The first orge is to your left. there are
a total of 5 orges to fight. And they all use the same strategie. Play the lyre,
kick the orge off the ledge (eaiser said then done). On the 3rd orge, you may
want to make a trip to Alter of Zeus.

After you have defeated all 5 orge, head to the sign post where the pipes are
coming out. Ares will appear and after he's gone, go read the scroll (strike
the tones). Your answer is the lyre. Once you hit the right tone. Ares' voice
tell you to use the lyre to open the gate. Jump onto the alter and play the

u) The Temple of the Pinnacles

Head for the scroll on the left then right. The 2 guys will run towards you and
attack you.

What you want to do is kick, low blow, slash and dive roll attack on these 2
guys. Once those guys are defeated, Kalabrax will come after you. Just hit
her like you did against the 2 guys. There is a golden shield behind the alter
so, pick it up but save it for later. Also, stay close to Kalabrax because if
you're far she will use her magic on you.

When Kalabrax is defeated, she will turn into a tarus. All you need to do is
direct him to the pillars - dive roll, jumping left/right and/or cartshell to
save your time. Timing is EVERYTHING. Now will be the time to use
the golden shield. When enough pillars have been broken, the temple will
collapse. You should head towards the alter and hid for safety.

Congratulation, you have finished the game... enjoy the ending. Wink

4. Level Prologues

Coming soon...

Road to Oebalus
Trouble in Oebalus
The Pirate King Pactolus
Isle of Kronos
On the Trail of Gabrielle
Valaran's Castle
Valaran's Secret
The Labyrinth
The Renegade Amazon Village
Rivers of Blood
Lost Temple of the Titans
Dyzan's Lair
Road to Hades
Traps of Charon
Hades' Castle
The Village of T'ir Na
Rescue the Seer, Fei
The Lyre of Orpheus
The Three Sisters
The Challenge
The Temple of the Pinnacles

5. Rankings

Technically is your stats.
Mine is Deity Razz

Time - 2h:16m:08sec
Enemies defeated - 317
Hostages Saved - 13
Items Collected - 204

6. Review of the game

Ok. So, I have finished the game. What do I think of it? It's certainly not the
greatest I've ever played but it wasn't the worse. Being a fan, I think I would
be pretty happy with the result. You do get the feel of what Xena is about.

The gameplay is great. Although, some people may find the game too straight

The graphics is ok but considering this is Playstation (original) is quite nice.

The sound could be better. Probably could have gotten RenPic and/or Joseph Lo
Duca to compose the music for more authenticity. But you do hear the Xena
theme in there. Otherwise, the fights and ambiance of the game is quite good.

The only problem with this game is sometimes it's too easy and at another time
it's quite hard. It would take 6 to 10 times to pass a level. But it has a good
variety of difficulty.

I would definitely recommend any Xena fan to get one if they already own a PS1.
However, it is not worth going out purposely to buy the console for this game.


7. Disclaimer

The game actually have a disclaimer! But I will have to play it again and write
it down.

8. Contact Info and Legals
Murtagh (gi.devil.faen@gmail.com) - I welcome and mistakes and correction
that I've made to the guide (please subject Xena PS1).

Feel free to distribute and share this walkthrough but do not take
anything without asking. Thanks!

Xena: Warrior Princess: FAQ/Walkthrough by Murtagh
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