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[edit] Stage 1
Stage 1 mapTo complete this map, collect the balloon in the top-left corner.

To get there, you need to head upward and enter the door, press the switch to activate the star platforms, return at the top-right of the map, and reach the top

Stage 2
Stage 2 mapHead to the first door, which is above.

In this room, jump up to search for the invisible spring on the map. Spring yourself up onto the upper platforms. You can take door A to advance faster for the map, or take door C for a bonus.

Pick up the item for a left for an orb-attack. Head to the right, if you want, you can collect the item crying for help for an extra life. Activate the star switch and exit through the door.

Head up to the next door.

In this room, raise the star switch by standing on it and pressing up. Swim down below and come up the otherside and exit.

Reach the top and collect the last balloon.

[edit] Stage 2 boss
Stage 2 bossSix enemies will arrive from the bottom before self-destructing into shooting bullets horizontally; move up or down to dodge. Shortly thereafter, a large green enemy will arrive and taunt you.

This enemy will move up and down the screen, and try to move towards you to the left or right. To defeat it, head to the left and shoot it when it's on the same level as you. Fly under or above it as soon as it changed it's up/down direction.

When the enemy is low on health, it will bob up and down faster. However, it will only travel left or right at the same speed.

Getting killed by the boss restores it to full health.

[edit] Stage 3
Stage 3 mapHead to the spring on the right, jump up and collect the balloon. Return to the balloon you bypassed and take it, and go through the door above you.

Jump up into the gap covered by the wooden beam and screw, and head down the left area, grabbing the balon. Climb back up on the right until you reach the top. Jump, and smash your way down the bricks.

You should now appear at the top, perched on a screw. Charge downward, collecting the acorns as they appear on the map. Get the baloon and head through the doorway.

Continue to the right. The first set of floor traps will only rise upward when you are above them. Go to the right via the top path, and head slightly back to activate the circle switch. Continue to the right; these floor traps will self-destruct, shooting two bullets when they reach your level; jump to avoid them. Collect the balloon, and activate the star switch while deactivating the circle switch.

Head to the top left to enter the final section. If you didn't disable the circle switch, you will have to redo the previous section.

In the final section, you can reach the 1up by jumping up and walking over the top of the map. Otherwise, head downward to collect the last baloon.

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