harry potter and the philosophers stone cheats

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harry potter and the philosophers stone cheats

Post by Aragorn on 2nd July 2009, 21:54

PlayStation / PSOne - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Cheats

How do I get the Peacock feathers at Ollivander's in Diagon Alley?

Inside one of the white boxes along the sides of the walls is an invisibility token. When you see a peacock, grab the token and run up behind it. It will run away but keep behind it and grab one of the tail feathers. The two other feathers are harder to get because the token does not reappear.

However do it the same way and try to surprise the peacock, also try to learn the pattern the peacock follows - this may make it easier.

During detention how do I defeat the turtle in the forest?

Wait till it turns it's back then dodge the fire and hit it three times with a Charged Flipendo Knockback Jinx to kill it.

How do I get past Filch & Mrs Norris in the Forbidden Corridor?

Wait until Filch has his back turned clmb up onto the bookcase. Don't climb onto the ledge until Mrs Norris is walking with her back to you.

Then jump on the ledge and keep closely behind her. All the while you are behind her she won't know you're there. Keep behind her until you reach the invisibility token. Grab that and take a running jump across to the bookcase with the key on it. Get the key and then jump down go to the door, unlock it and leave.

How do I defeat the third chess game?

To complete the third game of chess in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’️s Stone play as white and move diagonally left twice, then move to the left, then to the right and finally down. Follow these moves and you should have no problem winning this chess game.

How do I defeat the Devil's Snare?

Stay where you are and use a Flipendo Knockback Jinx on any outside vine which is alight. Don't hit the ones which are not alight as this will make the dead ones regenerate.

When you have knocked them all out, a larger vine will appear. Keep running round quite near it and then use a charged Flipendo Knockback Jinx when it goes to attack you. Continue with this attack until the vine has lost lots of health and then use an Incendio to finish it off.

How do I defeat Voldemort?

Avoid his green orbs, and occasionally undo the ropes he puts on you by pressing SQUARE.

You need to cast a charged Flipendo at the columns to make them fall on him, once he has removed the columns you will need to use The Power Of The Mirror. Charge up the mirror and when Voldemort is either infront or behind of it repeat the charge so that it attacks him.

Watch out for those green clouds and then repeatedly press SQUARE until you see the words "Hurt Quirrel" on the screen at which point you need to press CROSS. You need to press CROSS quickly or you'll not be able to hurt him.

Just keep repeating that until you beat him.

Where can I find all the Witches and Wizards Cards?

(001) - In the Gryffindor Tower - bookshelf closest to the Fat Lady.
(002) - In the Great Foyer - bookshelf closest to the Gryffindor Tower.
(008) - In the Grounds - the secret passage found near the first Puffskein (discoloured wall).
(017) - In the Grounds - the secret passage found near the Quidditch Pitch (discoloured wall).
(019) - In the Grounds - the secret passage found near the Ground Portrait (discoloured wall).
(035) (037) (041) - Quirrel's Trap - learn Verdimillious, then it is in the bookshelf in the side door.
(047) - In the Dungeons - rescue Raymond's cat.
(048) - In the Great Foyer - bookshelf against the wall.
(062) (069) (072) - In Gringotts - Get all the gems in the Knuts vault (65), all the gems in the Sickles vault (55) and all the gems in the Galleon vault (65).
(082) - In the Forbidden Forest - Up the hill to the right before you find the Unicorn.
(083) - In the Corridor - in the bookshelf between the Portrait Room and the Attic.
(096) - In the Grounds - the secret passage near Gargoyle Gate entrance (discoloured wall).
(100) - In the Hospital - beat Quirrel to all the cards and Ron will give it to you.
(101) - In the Grounds - in the Ground Portrait

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