Call of Duty 4 Modern warfare

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Call of Duty 4 Modern warfare

Post by Gjest on 11th June 2009, 20:08

Zombie Mode
Entry Location:
Pause the game before entering this code.

up down up down left right left right - Zombie mode

Fastest Airstrike Ever
Tips on how to get the Fastest Airstrike Ever.

Download Radar
Tons of great downloads for cheats, guides, original maps, bizarre mods and more from CoD4 Download Radar.

Sniper Video Guide
Never get sniped again or learn all the best places to hide. Find all the best sniper spots with our video guide to sniping.

Golden Weapons
Golden Weapons are purely a cosmetic enhancement.

Golden Ak-47 - Complete all Assault Rifle challenges.
Golden Desert Eagle - Get to Lv.55.
Golden Dragonuv - Complete all Sniper challenges.
Golden M1014 - Complete all Shotgun challenges.
Golden M60 - Complete all LMG challenges.
Golden Mini-Uzi - Complete all SMG challenges.


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