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Dark Messiah Might & Magic

Post by Gjest on 26th May 2009, 21:11

Starts the game with the parameter-console, eg:

"C: \ ****** \ Dark Messiah of Might and Magic \ Dark Messiah of Might and Magic \ mm.exe \"-console

Then opens the game with [~] - or [^] key, the console, give in this

sv_cheats 1, a

and so is the cheat mode is active. Now typing On:

noclip: Through Walls
god: God Mode
notarget: Invisibility
mm_player_skills_grosbill 1: All spells and abilities
mm_player_add_skillpoints x: X = number (eg 10 for 10 Skill Points)
mm_player_add_adrenaline 100: add adrenalin
mm_player_time_to_add_mana 0: Infinite Mana
arrow_unlimited 1: Infinite arrows
give x: produce weapons, for example, where x can be


Tip for Level 3

Forges out a long sword in the cave where you have to steal the stone

There is a blacksmith.

1. Iron in the pot
2. Rotate the pot over the fire
3. Bellows and choosing to wait until the iron melted
4. Iron in the form of cast
5. Water drauf
6. Blade into the glow plug and wait until it glows
7. Then on the anvil and hammer with the edit
8. Knauf fasten

Gathered under Mitfilfe of


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