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Post by Gjest on 26th May 2009, 20:56

In the My Documents folder is a "Battlefield 2142", in this folder to open it
Under the folder "Profiles".

Here you will see the folder "001"

In this folder is a file named "Profiles.con" to find which one
Backup and open the editor.

Here is the entry:

LocalProfile.setEAOnlineSubAccount "your name"

The name of the soldier be edited offline as this is not possible otherwise.

Furthermore, the entry may be:

LocalProfile.setRank x

the rank can be edited using the x is the rank number, which his

0 recruit
1 Private
2 Private 1st Class
3 Silver Gunner
4 Gold Gunner
5 Corporal Silver
6 Corporal Gold
7 Lance Corporal Silver
8 Lance Corporal Gold
9 Master Corporal Silver
10 Master Corporal Gold
11 Sergeant Silver
12 Sergeant Gold
13 Master Sergeant Silver
14 Master Sergeant Gold
15 Sergeant Major Silver
16 Sergeant Major Gold
17 Sergeant Major of the Army
18 Chief Petty Officer Silver
19 Chief Petty Officer Gold
20 Warrant Officer Silver
21 Warrant Officer Gold
22 1st Lieutenant Silver
23 1st Lieutenant Gold
24 2nd Lieutenant Silver
25 2nd Lieutenant Gold
26 Captain Silver
27 Captain Gold
28 Major Silver
29 Major Gold
30 Lieutenant Colonel Silver
31 Lieutenant Colonel Gold
32 Colonel Silver
33 Colonel Gold
34 Commissar Silver
35 Commissar Gold
36 Field Commissar Silver
37 Field Commissar Gold
38 Field Marshal Silver
39 Field Marshal Gold
40 Brigadier General
41 Major-General
42 Lieutenant-General
43 Supreme Commander

The extras such as the "Player Abilities" or the "Items" will be
however, not available.


No desire for constant reloading of the weapons? Or again when reloading
were surprised by the enemy? These problems are a thing of the past. Search
the folder of the weapon (such as eu_ar_rifle) in

... \ BattleField2142 \ mods \ bf2142 \ \ handheld \

(or in the directory where you installed the game). Then simply
*. tweak the file to your desktop copy the check to "write protected"
wegmachen and with the editor. Now just behind the line
ObjectTemplate.ammo.magSize the existing number by -1 replace (if
does not exist just below the line ObjectTemplate.ammo.ammoType 1 Introduction)
and save.

The original file from the folder, delete (may take some time) and the
changes file (may take longer).


Kein Bock on the intro videos (too long or something else)?

Go to

% Installation folder% \ mods \ bf2142 \ movies

(eg D: \ Program Files \ Electronic Arts \ Battlefield2142 \ mods \ Bf2142 \ Movies)

There five empty text file (right click> new> text file) and
all. BIK files (except titanium Tutorial.bik) in a subfolder
(Right click> New> Folder) to move. Then the text files in

- Dice.bik
- EA.bik
- Intro.bik
- Legal.bik and
- Legal_na.bik


Thereafter its start much faster.


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