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The Elder Scrolls 4 : Oblivion

Post by Gjest on 26th May 2009, 20:49

Becarfull with the cheats they are a lot.

Press the tilde key to open the console then typ ein the command. And now have fun
with over 500 codes

Gameplay cheats:

tgm God mode
tcl Toggel No-Clipping mode
coc x Teleporte to place x
modpcs x,y Add y points to ability x
modpca x,y Add y points to attribute x
kill Kill targeted character
unlock Unlock targeted door
tfh Toggle Help
help List all passible console commands

Helpfull resources

player.additem 0000000f 9999999 9999999 gold
player.additem 0000000a 9999999 9999999 skeleton keys
player.additem 0000000b 9999999 9999999 skull keys

You can replace the 9999999 with any reasonable number.

With the following codes you get one additional item of it. You also here can
alter the number with a reasonable number, the "1" is only an example.

player.additem 0002299C 1 ElvenCuirass ARMO Elven Cuirass
player.additem 0002299D 1 ElvenGreaves ARMO Elven Greaves
player.additem 0002299E 1 ElvenGauntlets ARMO Elven Gauntlets
player.additem 0002299F 1 ElvenBoots ARMO Elven Boots
player.additem 000229A0 1 ElvenShield ARMO Elven Shield
player.additem 000229A1 1 ElvenHelmet ARMO Elven Helmet
player.additem 000229A2 1 SteelCuirass ARMO Steel Cuirass
player.additem 000229A3 1 SteelGreaves ARMO Steel Greaves
player.additem 000229A4 1 SteelHelmet ARMO Steel Helmet
player.additem 000229A5 1 SteelBoots ARMO Steel Boots
player.additem 000229A6 1 LowerShirt01 CLOT Blacksmith's Apron
player.additem 000229A7 1 LowerPants01 CLOT Blacksmith's Pants
player.additem 000229A8 1 LowerShoes01 CLOT Rough Leather Shoes
player.additem 000229A9 1 LeatherBracer ARMO Leather Bracer
player.additem 000229AA 1 LowerShirt02 CLOT Dark Green Shirt
player.additem 000229AB 1 LowerPants02 CLOT Laced Leather Pants
player.additem 000229AC 1 LowerShoes02 CLOT Stitched Leather Shoes
player.additem 000229AD 1 MiddleShirt01 CLOT Brown Shirt
player.additem 000229AE 1 MiddlePants01 CLOT Light Brown Linens
player.additem 000229AF 1 MiddleShoes01 CLOT Pigskin Shoes
player.additem 000229B0 1 UpperShirt01 CLOT Green Brocade Doublet
player.additem 000229B1 1 UpperPants01 CLOT Green Silk Garment
player.additem 000229B2 1 UpperShoes01 CLOT Green Velvet Shoes
player.additem 000ADD4E 1 ImperialDragonBootsHeavy ARMO Imperial Dragon Boots
player.additem 000ADD50 1 ImperialDragonCuirassLight ARMO Imperial Dragon Cuirass
player.additem 000ADD51 1 ImperialDragonGauntletsHeavy ARMO Imperial Dragon Gauntlets
player.additem 000ADD52 1 ImperialDragonGreavesHeavy ARMO Imperial Dragon Greaves
player.additem 000ADDA2 1 ImperialDragonHelmetHeavy ARMO Imperial Dragon Helmet
player.additem 000ADDA3 1 ImperialDragonBootsLight ARMO Imperial Dragon Boots
player.additem 000ADDAA 1 ImperialDragonCuirassHeavy ARMO Imperial Dragon Cuirass
player.additem 000CA152 1 UniqueWeapHatred WEAP Battleaxe of Hatred
player.additem 000CA153 1 UniqueStaffApotheosis WEAP Apotheosis
player.additem 000CA154 1 UniqueWeapAcid WEAP Akavari Sunderblade
player.additem 000CA155 1 UniqueWeapAkavari WEAP Akavari Warblade
player.additem 000CA156 1 UniqueWeapBlindness WEAP Bow of Infliction
player.additem 000CA157 1 UniqueClubSubmission WEAP Truncheon of Submission
player.additem 000CA158 1 UniqueWeaponKorbansSaber WEAP Captain Kordan's Saber
player.additem 000CA159 1 UniqueWeapCleaver WEAP Destarine's Cleaver
player.additem 0001FED0 1 EmperorGauntlets ARMO Emperor's Gauntlets
player.additem 0001FED1 1 EmperorGreaves ARMO Emperor's Greaves
player.additem 0001FED2 1 EmperorHelmet ARMO Emperor's Helmet
player.additem 0001FECE 1 EmperorBoots ARMO Emperor's Boots
player.additem 0000552C 1 EnchClothingRobeShieldGrand CLOT Aegis Robe
player.additem 0000552D 1 EnchClothingPantsFortifyMagicka CLOT Fortify Magicka Pants
player.additem 00005530 1 EnchClothingShirtlShield CLOT Vest of Warding
player.additem 00005519 1 EnchClothingRobeShieldPetty CLOT Robe of Deflection
player.additem 0000551C 1 EnchClothingRobeShieldLesser CLOT Robe of Warding
player.additem 00005527 1 EnchClothingRobeShieldCommon CLOT Robe of Protection
player.additem 00005529 1 EnchClothingRobeShieldGreater CLOT Robe of Defense
player.additem 00048981 1 EnchClothingPantsAcrobatics CLOT Acrobatics Pants
player.additem 00048982 1 EnchClothingShirtlLightArmor CLOT Light Armor Vest
player.additem 00048983 1 EnchClothingShirtMarksman CLOT Marksman Quilted Doublet
player.additem 00048984 1 EnchClothingShirtMerchantile CLOT Mercantile Black Outfit
player.additem 00048985 1 EnchClothingShirtSecurity CLOT Security Russet Felt Shirt
player.additem 00048986 1 EnchClothingShoesSneak CLOT Sneak Blue Suede Shoes
player.additem 00048987 1 EnchClothingShirtSpeechcraft CLOT Speechcraft Green Brocade
player.additem 00048989 1 EnchClothingShirtResistDisease CLOT Resist Disease Burgundy
player.additem 0004898A 1 EnchClothingPantsResistFire CLOT Resist Fire Burgundy
player.additem 0004898B 1 EnchClothingShirtResistNormalWeapons CLOT Resist Normal
player.additem 0004898C 1 EnchClothingShirtResistPoison CLOT Resist Poison Blue &
player.additem 0004898F 1 EnchClothingShoesWaterwalking CLOT Waterwalking Gold
player.additem 00048990 1 EnchClothingRobeChameleon CLOT Lesser Chameleon Robe
player.additem 00048991 1 EnchClothingShoesFeather CLOT Feather Shoes
player.additem 00048992 1 EnchClothingPantsFortifyFatigue CLOT Fortify Fatigue Pants
player.additem 000CA10F 1 UniqueDwarvenCuirassJuggernaut ARMO Dondoran's Juggernaut
player.additem 000CA110 1 UniqueElvenCuirassLegacy ARMO Birthright of Astalon
player.additem 000CA111 1 UniqueChainBootsMerchant ARMO Boots of the Swift Merchant
player.additem 000CA112 1 UniqueFurGreavesMonkey ARMO Monkeypants
player.additem 000CA113 1 UniqueGlassBootsQuicksilver ARMO Quicksilver Boots
player.additem 000CA114 1 UniqueSteelGauntletsRasheedasSpecial ARMO Rasheda's Special
player.additem 000CA116 1 UniqueAkavariShieldTowerOfTheNine ARMO Tower of the Nine
player.additem 000CA117 1 UniqueAkavariCuirassApocalypse ARMO Aegis of the Apocalypse
player.additem 000CA118 1 UniqueEbonyGauntetsAtronach ARMO Hands of the Atronach
player.additem 000CA119 1 UniqueDwarvenHelmDelver ARMO Helm of the Deep Delver
player.additem 000CA11A 1 UniqueIronGauntletsDrunkard ARMO Fists of the Drunkard
player.additem 000CA11B 1 UniqueOrcishHelmFerocity ARMO Helm of Ferocity
player.additem 000CA11C 1 UniqueOrcishGaunletsHunger ARMO Gauntlets of Gluttony
player.additem 000CA11D 1 UniqueScrollSacrifice BOOK Chronicle of Sacrifice
player.additem 000CA11E 1 UniqueScrollPurileBanter BOOK Document of Purile Banter
player.additem 000CA11F 1 UniqueScrollFireNexus BOOK Annal of the Fire Nexus
player.additem 000CA120 1 UniqueScrollStorms BOOK Stormrider Scroll
player.additem 000CA121 1 UniqueClothingHoodDruid CLOT Cowl of the Druid
player.additem 000CA122 1 UniqueClothingShirtArtisan CLOT Apron of the Master Artisan
player.additem 000CA123 1 UniqueClothingShirtBard CLOT Vest of the Bard
player.additem 000CA124 1 UniqueClothingHoodSeer CLOT Veil of the Seer
player.additem 000CA125 1 UniqueClothingPantsSilverTongues CLOT Imperial Breeches
player.additem 000CA126 1 UniqueRingTransmuter CLOT Ring of Transmutation
player.additem 000CA127 1 UniqueClothingRobeCreativity CLOT Robe of Creativity
player.additem 000CA128 1 UniqueRingWortcraft CLOT Ring of Wortcraft
player.additem 000CA129 1 UniqueClothingHoodGatherer CLOT Mantle of the Woodsman
player.additem 000CA12A 1 UniqueRingUnseen CLOT Spectre Ring
player.additem 000CA12B 1 UniqueClothingBootsAthlete CLOT Nistor's Boots
player.additem 000CA12C 1 UniqueClothingHoodDiplomat CLOT Councilor's Hood
player.additem 0018AE4B 1 ImperialPalaceBootsARMOImperialWatchBoots
player.additem 0018AE4C 1 ImperialPalaceCuirassARMOImperialWatchCuirass
player.additem 0018AE4D 1 ImperialPalaceGauntletsARMOImperialWatchGauntlets
player.additem 0018AE4E 1 ImperialPalaceGreavesARMOImperialWatchGreaves
player.additem 0018AE4F 1 ImperialPalaceHelmetARMOImperialWatchHelmet
player.additem 0002C212 1 EnchDaedricHelmetDetectLife ARMO Inquisitor's Helmet
player.additem 0002C214 1 EnchDaedricGauntletsDetectLife ARMO Inquisitor's Gauntlets
player.additem 0002C215 1 EnchDaedricBootsFeather ARMO Boots of the Thrall
player.additem 0002C217 1 EnchDaedricGauntletsFortStrength ARMO Gauntlets of
player.additem 0002C218 1 EnchDaedricCuirassFortEndurance ARMO Cuirass of Fortitude
player.additem 0002C21A 1 EnchDaedricGreavesFortFatigue ARMO Deathmarch Greaves
player.additem 0002C21B 1 EnchDaedricCuirassFortHealth ARMO Cuirass of the Undefeated
player.additem 0002C21D 1 EnchDaedricGauntletsFortArmorer ARMO Warforger's Gauntlets
player.additem 0002C21E 1 EnchDaedricBootsFortAthletics ARMO Boots of the Taskmaster
player.additem 0002C220 1 EnchDaedricShieldFortBlock ARMO Dwarvenskin Shield
player.additem 0002C221 1 EnchDaedricGauntletsFortHandtoHand ARMO Gauntlets of
player.additem 0002C223 1 EnchDaedricCuirassFortHeavyArmor ARMO Cuirass of the Blood
player.additem 0002C224 1 EnchDaedricGauntletsLight ARMO Moonshadow Gauntlets
player.additem 0002C226 1 EnchDaedricShieldLight ARMO Moonshadow Shield
player.additem 0002C227 1 EnchDaedricShieldReflectDamage ARMO Shield of Vengence
player.additem 0002C228 1 EnchDaedricShieldReflectSpell ARMO Shield of Animus
player.additem 0002C229 1 EnchDaedricGreavesResistFire ARMO Flamewalker Greaves
player.additem 0002C233 1 EnchDaedricGauntletsResistFrost ARMO Nordslayer Gauntlets
player.additem 0002C235 1 EnchDaedricHelmetResistMagicka ARMO Mageslayer's Helmet
player.additem 0002C239 1 EnchDaedricGreavesResistParalysis ARMO Slavemaster's
player.additem 0002C23B 1 EnchDaedricCuirassResistPoison ARMO Cuirass of the Pit
player.additem 0002C23F 1 EnchDaedricBootsResistShock ARMO Boots of the Storm
player.additem 0002C244 1 EnchDaedricShieldShield ARMO Monolithic Shield
player.additem 0002C245 1 EnchDaedricShieldShockShield ARMO Stormlord's Shield
player.additem 0002C247 1 EnchDaedricGreavesSpellAbsorption ARMO Magebane Greaves
player.additem 0002C24E 1 EnchDaedricHelmetWaterbreathing ARMO Helmet of the Flood
player.additem 0003633F 1 GlassHelmet ARMO Glass Helmet
player.additem 00036340 1 GlassGauntlets ARMO Glass Gauntlets
player.additem 00036341 1 GlassBoots ARMO Glass Boots
player.additem 00036342 1 GlassGreaves ARMO Glass Greaves
player.additem 00036343 1 GlassCuirass ARMO Glass Cuirass
player.additem 00036344 1 GlassShield ARMO Glass Shield
player.additem 00036345 1 DwarvenHelmet ARMO Dwarven Helmet
player.additem 00036346 1 DwarvenGauntlets ARMO Dwarven Gauntlets
player.additem 00036347 1 DwarvenBoots ARMO Dwarven Boots
player.additem 00036348 1 DwarvenGreaves ARMO Dwarven Greaves
player.additem 00036349 1 DwarvenCuirass ARMO Dwarven Cuirass
player.additem 0003634A 1 DwarvenShield ARMO Dwarven Shield
player.additem 0003634B 1 OrcishHelmet ARMO Orcish Helmet
player.additem 0003634C 1 OrcishGauntlets ARMO Orcish Gauntlets
player.additem 0003634D 1 OrcishBoots ARMO Orcish Boots
player.additem 0003634E 1 OrcishGreaves ARMO Orcish Greaves
player.additem 0003634F 1 OrcishCuirass ARMO Orcish Cuirass
player.additem 00036350 1 OrcishShield ARMO Orcish Shield
player.additem 00036351 1 EbonyHelmet ARMO Ebony Helmet
player.additem 00036352 1 EbonyGauntlets ARMO Ebony Gauntlets
player.additem 00036353 1 EbonyBoots ARMO Ebony Boots
player.additem 00036354 1 EbonyGreaves ARMO Ebony Greaves
player.additem 00036355 1 EnchEbonyCuirassResistPoison ARMO Viperbane Cuirass
player.additem 00036356 1 EbonyShield ARMO Ebony Shield
player.additem 00036357 1 DaedricHelmet ARMO Daedric Helmet
player.additem 00036358 1 DaedricGauntlets ARMO Daedric Gauntlets
player.additem 00036359 1 DaedricBoots ARMO Daedric Boots
player.additem 0003635A 1 DaedricGreaves ARMO Daedric Greaves
player.additem 0003635B 1 DaedricCuirass ARMO Daedric Cuirass
player.additem 0003635C 1 DaedricShield ARMO Daedric Shield
player.additem 000977BC 1 ArenaChainmailHelmet ARMO Chainmail Helmet
player.additem 000977BD 1 ArenaOrcishShield ARMO Orcish Shield
player.additem 000977BE 1 ArenaFurShield ARMO Fur Shield
player.additem 000977BF 1 ArenaLeatherShield ARMO Leather Shield
player.additem 000977C0 1 ArenaMithrilShield ARMO Mithril Shield
player.additem 000977C1 1 ArenaElvenShield ARMO Elven Shield
player.additem 000977C2 1 ArenaSteelShield ARMO Steel Shield
player.additem 000977C3 1 ArenaSteelLongsword WEAP Steel Longsword
player.additem 000977C4 1 ArenaSilverMace WEAP Silver Mace
player.additem 000977C5 1 ArenaSilverShortsword WEAP Silver Shortsword
player.additem 000977C6 1 ArenaIronBow WEAP Iron Bow
player.additem 000977C7 1 ArenaSilverLongsword WEAP Silver Longsword
player.additem 000977C8 1 ArenaIronWarAxe WEAP Iron War Axe
player.additem 000977C9 1 ArenaAkaviriLongSword WEAP Akaviri Katana
player.additem 000977CA 1 ArenaDwarvenClaymore WEAP Dwarven Claymore
player.additem 000977CB 1 ArenaGlassWarHammer WEAP Glass Warhammer
player.additem 000977CC 1 ArenaElvenBow WEAP Elven Bow
player.additem 000977CD 1 ArenaElvenLongSword WEAP Elven Long Sword
player.additem 000977CE 1 ArenaEbonyMace WEAP Ebony Mace
player.additem 000977CF 1 ArenaEbonyWarAxe WEAP Ebony War Axe
player.additem 000977D0 1 ArenaEbonyBow WEAP Ebony Bow
player.additem 000977D1 1 ArenaIronLongsword WEAP Iron Longsword
player.additem 000977D2 1 ArenaSilverBattleAxe WEAP Silver BattleAxe
player.additem 00098417 1 EnchRingResistDiseaseJadeTopaz CLOT Ring of Fortitude
player.additem 00098418 1 EnchRingResistDiseaseJadeRuby CLOT Grand Ring of Fortitude
player.additem 00098419 1 EnchRingResistFireBrass CLOT Base Ring of Firewalking
player.additem 0009841A 1 EnchRingResistFireBrassPearl CLOT Ring of Firewalking
player.additem 0009841B 1 EnchRingResistFireBrassTopaz CLOT Grand Ring of Firewalking
player.additem 0009841C 1 EnchRingResistFrostSilver CLOT Base Ring of the North
player.additem 0009841D 1 EnchRingResistFrostSilverRuby CLOT Ring of the North
player.additem 0009841E 1 EnchRingResistFrostSilverSapphire CLOT Grand Ring of the


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