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Grand Theft Auto 3

Post by Gjest on 26th May 2009, 15:26

gunsgunsguns - All Weapons
ifiwerearchman - Extra Money
gesundheit - Full Health
morepoliceplease - Higher Wanted Level
nopoliceplease - Lower Wanted Level
giveusatank - Tank
bangbangbang - Destroy All Cars
ilikedressingup - Change Costume
itsallgoingmaaad - Crazy Pedestrians
nobodylikesme - All Pedestrians Attack You
weaponsforall - Pedestrians Fight Each Other
timeflieswhenyou - Time Advances Quicker
madweather - Very Fast Game Clock
boooooring - Faster Game Play
tortoise - 100% Armor
skincancerforme - Clear Weather
ilikescotland - Cloudy Weather
ilovescotland - Rainy Weather
peasoup - Foggy Weather
anicesetofwheels - Invisible Cars
chittychittybb - Flying Car
cornerslikemad - Improved Car Handling
nastylimbscheat - Gore Mode
mcaffenweapon - Electric gun


Grand Theft Auto 3

In Portland Harbor there are 3 places that will give you loads of money.

1. Bring a cap car,an ambulance (medic car), one tank, fbi car, swat car and any
public sevices that you may think of and bring them in the harbor in an area left of were
you enter from the street and just let the cars there.
2. Bring securicars to the dock door 2 to get money.
3. Also in the left of the harbor there is an garage that has a list of cars next to the entrance.
Bring all the cars is the list and when ever you will need any of those cars you wil come ang
get them from here (unlimited times.)!!!You have to complete the list to get cars from there.!!!

Here are some cheats and some secrets of GTA 3.If i will find more cheats i will post them.


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